Matt LeBlanc Reveals the Friends Props He Stole from Set

Matt LeBlanc Reveals the Friends Props He Stole from Set

Matt LeBlanc chats with Jimmy about Friends’ return to Netflix, why you won’t catch him bingeing the hit series today and what he stole from set when the show ended.

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Matt LeBlanc Reveals the Friends Props He Stole from Set


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108 Responses

  1. Cathy Bonhof says:

    He changed a LOT in 15 years…

  2. formula fanatic says:

    I feel sad for all the friends actors.. the fame is like a double edged sword, even if they invent a cure for cancer, they’ll always be asked about friends

    • Duncan MacDonald says:

      They make $20 million a year each. This is just for the reruns.

      Matt has literally made $300 million off of friends since his last day on set.

      Hard to feel sad but I know what you mean.

    • Cari D says:

      Just you wait and see-the cast of The Big Bang Theory!

    • Cari D says:

      I think what he was saying is, that sometimes you get type cast because of that television role and it’s hard to find other opportunities because of the role you played in that wildly popular series. While they are still raking in the cash from re-runs, the frustration of wanting to breakout of that role into bigger and better things can be incredibly difficult.

    • Brad Dorcas says:

      Yep, first mention of friends and nothing but a blank look on his face about it. Can tell he’s been over being asked about it for a while now. Must make all your current work feel like it’s all for nothing but a paycheque.

    • vik saggu says:

      formula fanatic except for Jennifer Anniston

  3. bolognahomer says:

    Poor guy can’t go one interview without having to talk about Friends.

    • Chris Baybay says:

      You can’t escape the staple of your work.

    • Amity X says:

      I don’t think he minds, in fact I think he enjoys reminiscing about his time on the show. Plus, he can choose which topics to talk about and which to avoid on interviews. They probably asked him if he has any Friends story and he chose this one.
      Having watched a lot of the cast’s interviews, I think that Jennifer is the only one who doesn’t want to talk about friends.

    • The Sprinters says:

      +Pralay Aryan you can watch it on hooq as well. It’s cheaper

    • Anil Gopi says:

      Poor mega millionaire celebrity…

    • Stan loona says:

      bolognahomer Friends is iconic

  4. Carter Miller says:

    It’s honestly amazing that 15 years after this show ended it’s still as popular as it ever was when it was on air. You can pretty much watch it on tv any given night

  5. ANTI VENOM says:

    Friends is my favorite show

  6. MrMovieSoundtracks says:

    How you doin’?

  7. MaXxX FamiloV says:

    Damn it Carl !

  8. OnixTV says:

    I’ll be there for you

  9. polina p says:

    a lot of you feel bad that they all still get so many questions about friends, but I just have to say that Matt’s the ONLY one who always seems to be happy talking about it (and I love it about him)

    • polina p says:

      +prowlers haha yes!! and you can tell he’s so grateful for this show!

    • hutch says:

      +Jacob McMillan Courteney Cox is actually way more successful than him. The “Scream” movies, Cougartown was on for 7 years and she co-produces the game show Celebrity Name Game. It’s actually Aniston and Cox who are way up there, and the other 4 are pretty much tied for a distant 3rd.

    • Daniel Dineen says:

      +hutch Matt le blanc we has man with a plan top gear so that trumps cox and wat about David swimmer Madagascar movies and playing as Rob Kardashian in O.J. vs The people as Well as being on well as being on will and grace . Like Perry is famous for acting most recently as one of the Kennedy’s but i would have Aniston 1 then swimmer blanc and Cox second

    • president camacho says:

      +Jacob McMillan jennifer aniston hasn’t done anything in years. as far as being in the public eye, joey’s been the most visible one, surprising as that is. but then again, they’re all rich as shit so it’s not like they need to be famous anymore. but joey for sure has been the busiest.

    • Parker Jeans says:

      You can see at the beginning he hints that he doesnt like it because it makes him feel old but then he thinks about the money lol.

  10. Khyati Jain says:

    I saw Joey and just clicked…..

  11. DR EW says:

    I thought that’s how they measure pants

  12. Toys for Boys says:

    What’s going on with that Elvis shirt?

  13. deadpool SMASH says:

    I thought he would take Hugsy with him… at first.

  14. Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! says:

    *When you realise the actors are still earning multi million dollars per year*

    • Tasdiq Bashar says:

      +RileysFilms yeah and prowlers said over 5 years they would 100 million. 20 times 5 is a 100

    • 690PingPong says:

      Emiliana my father and his brothers was in the “Mikey likes it” life cereal commercial. The commercial was in a scene in the movie “Network” and every time that movie is played on TV he gets a check in the mail for a few bucks. It’s pretty funny he gets like a 10 dollar check

    • Ethan Richie says:

      RileysFilms yeah what you said is actually true. There’s a video I watched 3 months ago that said that exact number. I’d link it but I don’t remember the link.

    • Bianca Bumblebee says:

      Emiliana yes you are. Actors get royalty.

    • SamanthaJackson says:

      +Emiliana the first time they asked about getting paid 1mil per episode they “only” got 750.000 per episode, BUT they also got royalties. It was one unprecedent deal. They were very smart and their united front served them very well. (Just read this on a book called “I’ll be there for you”, that’s about the behind the scenes and cultural impact of the show on society)

  15. Mo Poppins says:

    The scenes with Joey and Phoebe were the funniest. They had such great chemistry.

    • stryfetc1 says:

      +MrGenexxx Paul Rudd is like Reese’s peanut butter cups….everybody likes him….he seems cool as hell.

    • Mig TheFig says:

      Oh god when she tries to teach him french. Je te coupe plow! Je te plie blue!

    • Maddy Speckmaier says:


    • JaxxStarr81 says:

      They were funny together, but don’t forget about Joey and Chandler. The best bromance ever!

    • Nancy HC says:

      My favorites were Phoebe and Ross scenes. Remember when they dated the married couple who were splitting up? When Ross was Phoebe’s backup, that one was hilarious oh and the bike episode was so funny as well.

  16. Bob says:

    This guy is the epitomy of “aging well”.

  17. Bendydick Cuckatoo says:

    imagine being the other guy on that final call back, rest of your life wondering what could have been

    • Ritwik Raj says:

      +Paul Sklar just because he was earning means he cant audition ?

    • Arazig says:

      “Dammit, I knew the cowboy boots were a bad call….”

    • lwaves says:

      +Ritwik Raj I don’t think they meant it that way. I think it was because Hank Azaria was already well known, and busy with other work, that it would be unlikely for him to go for a role that would take up so much of his time outside of that work. Of course it’s possible, just unlikely.
      EDIT: I just did a quick search and apparently Azaria was up for the role of Joey and he auditioned twice so it may well have been him. Whaddya know!

    • Wurmo says:

      +Arazig Maybe he dressed like a greaser XD

    • Noodle Bowls says:

      I love your profile name so much

  18. Sean B. says:

    Could that collar BE any higher?

  19. Suresh Mdev Hyderabad says:

    Friends is based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have and receive.

  20. Aatharv Jadhav says:

    Don’t worry Joe, you are still 29!! God does remember your pact.. ❤️

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