Matt Prater’s Dramatic 56-Yard Field Goal with a Perfect Bounce! | Can’t-Miss Play | NFL Wk 2

Matt Prater’s Dramatic 56-Yard Field Goal with a Perfect Bounce! | Can’t-Miss Play | NFL Wk 2

Detroit Lions veteran kicker Matt Prater boots it through the uprights with the help of a dramatic bounce! The Detroit Lions take on the New York Giants during Week 2 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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20 Responses

  1. Bling Bling says:


  2. Asian Sensation says:

    damn the guy has a leg!!

  3. Kasey Soroushian says:


  4. PredatorKingdom says:

    Damn Stafford and Prater on the same team? That’s no fair! LOL!

  5. Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#MaddenCursed#SystemQuartback says:

    Giants should consider going o line first 3 rounds of draft and release Marshall who was suppose to help obj make a top 5 receiving duo.

  6. poeticalvision says:


  7. BaleOfHay says:

    Prater is a beast. Glad to have him.

  8. Platinum Hustle says:


  9. Kevin D says:

    WHAT THE F#@K!!!!!!!!

  10. Apocalypsegamer says:

    Best kicker in the league

  11. Reef ひ says:

    Matt Prater > Any Other NFL Kicker 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. YoungMoneyThugz says:

    Hold this L giANTS!

  13. BingeFest1 says:

    Why does the thumbnail have the Lions wearing their home jerseys when they are on the road.

  14. iWasThe Battlefield says:

    Thank you. You’re my fantasy kicker

  15. Lions101 says:

    Giants fans got quiet after they thought it didn’t go in LOL

  16. Adam legend says:

    Amazing bounce on that field goal the goat kicker

  17. Kilo Hoyle says:

    This is what REAL football is.

  18. Adolf Hitler says:

    That’s nothing compared to what justin Tucker can do

  19. Yousir Cantknow says:

    Good for Captain Coors Light!

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