Matt Ramos vs Spencer Lee – 125 lb Semifinals – 2023 NCAA Championship

Matt Ramos vs Spencer Lee – 125 lb Semifinals – 2023 NCAA Championship

In a monumental upset, Purdue’s Matt Ramos defeated Iowa’s Spencer Lee in the semifinals of the 2023 NCAA wrestling championships.

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49 Responses

  1. BlackHair says:

    The most insane upset in wrestling history since Gable lost to Owings. We just witnessed history…

  2. Hawkeye says:

    As a Hawkeye through and through I’m gutted to see Lee’s run come to an end! But all credit to Ramos what a win man now go get the chip 🏆 👏

    • Jakob Folmar says:

      I’m from Penn state so a Lee loss is great. However that loss hurt. I’ve been watching him since he was a kid being from PA. Spencer is an animal but he had everything to lose and Ramos didn’t. Anything can happen to anyone on the mat.

    • Colin Jones says:

      Facts, he has to get it now

    • David Hughes says:

      Lee did not look good in previous match, maybe injuries, and getting tired.
      Ramos is explosive.
      Lee had a win, if he had stayed on his feet-and not shot under Ramos in last takedown.
      I think Lee gassed.
      The last takedown, Lee was almost knocked to his back when he was knocked onto his butt. After getting belly down, Lee continued trying for takedown in a bad position
      Both knees on mat (two knees on mat more stable than one knee on mat)
      Both knees on mat
      Head down
      Body lock amounted to reaching in that position

      I always say Reaching makes me wretch

      Lee probably had various injuries and he definitely gassed

      Ramos took the fight to Lee and is a monster on his feet.

      Still , Lee’s attacking style, when gassed contributed to his loss in last minute

      Congratulations Ramos for a well deserved win and not giving up hope,
      fighting till the end!

    • Jacob Justice says:

      Lee probably beats him 95/100 times… But this was no fluke, Ramos was the better wrestler that night.

    • Spartan89 says:

      @Tom Balthis agreed. Glory is a considerable favorite, but he had better take heed.

  3. MikesAvenger says:

    What a weapon on his feet. He knew to stay off bottom to start the 3rd. Take that chance with a neutral start. Smarts and confidence there. A great career for Lee.

  4. Jay.ferreal says:

    Good win, hard fought battle. He earned that win and he’s going to earn this NCAA championship.

  5. Spiritual Thoughts says:

    Ramos is lethal. I’ve not seen someone so capable of feet to back takedowns in a long time

  6. Ryan Gibson says:

    That was perfect escape and then straight onto the attack! Spencer Lee great great wrestler! But all the praise to Ramos! Great match altogether.

    • TTB says:

      @A E Wow. With the medical forfeit announced today, the semi final loss was his last wrestled loss of his career. Spencer was a very impressive, dominating wrestler. Shocked how his career ended.

    • TTB says:

      Spencer staying aggressive in last 50s with an 8-5 lead after accounting for escape and riding time point was a big mistake. He could have easily become defensive and even given up a stall point and still won. Only way he was losing was to give up back points. Shocking.

    • TTB says:

      @teebob21What do you mean about Spencer stalling? He has been an aggressive, point machine wrestler, not somebody who gets a slim lead and then stalls. So many of his matches have not gone past the first period.

    • TTB says:

      @A EProbably two.

    • A E says:

      ​@teebob21 last match of his career?… he still has 2 more.

  7. Rusty Gray says:

    Hours before this match, Ramos had an interview and said he had a plan. You can really see him execute it here.
    1) He chooses neutral in 3rd instead of bottom (Lee chose top in 2nd) because Lee’s tilt is so deadly
    2) He uses his Greco-Roman experience to full advantage. In their duel meet match earlier this year, Ramos dominated on his feet, but Lee pinned him as soon as he got on top.
    3) He uses an excellent standing Granby roll twice to get escapes into immediate counter-attacks.
    4) He is constantly pushing into Lee, then changing direction to throw him off balance. Even in the cases where this didn’t score him points, it is obviously effective, often sending Lee onto his butt or into a desperate scramble.

    I would have loved to watch Lee make history tomorrow night. He’s such an exciting wrestler to watch, and such a darn nice guy, that you can’t help but cheer for him. I wish he had gotten the happy ending he seemed destined for. But on the other hand, this feels like the first chapter in a story just as exciting.

  8. Simp Ultra says:

    I’m not gonna lie this was the best semifinal ncaa match I ever seen

  9. ThanksStJoseph says:

    Wow! I love Lee. But that was a fantastic match and a prime example of what makes wrestling great!

  10. Joe Small says:

    That move to catch Lee was amazing. I watched it over and over.

    • Ricepower30YT says:

      @wrestle4life234 yeah I agree. I was shouting, “get off your knees!” now I’m just a bum that love wrestling and know I would lose to a 125lbs champion every day even though I have 100lbs on them haha. Being on your knees is just bad overall but credit to Ramos for putting all his weight and pressure on Spencer to not allow him to get up

    • Ricepower30YT says:

      @EasterTTV VODs great point! I just rewatched the first attempt and even that was hit nicely. He wanted that all match long I think. To your point, Spencer was in a much better position to defend it

    • wrestle4life234 says:

      Basic front headlock defense states you grab the arm that is directly on the head/chin and you do your best to control it. You also get off of your knees on whichever side you’re grabbing the arm. Lee did neither of those things. I wonder why. Especially as he’s so comfortable with his fireman’s carry

    • EasterTTV VODs says:

      @Ricepower30YT I honestly think the biggest difference was Lee’s positioning before the roll. At the end of the first period he was on his feet which forced Ramos into a much more awkward position mid roll. At the end of the match he just sat there on his knees and gave Ramos the opportunity.

    • Ricepower30YT says:

      @EasterTTV VODs I had the same thought! I believe that recall played huge into the decision to roll Spencer. It’s one of those “last gas” desperation attempts that you gotta try.

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