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20 Responses

  1. LoveAnn says:

    Interesting – I particularly loved your analysis and how you so carefully identified each component and how your approach going forward will be impacted by this!

  2. Arika Porche says:

    I like the highlight eye makeup but the face makeup for the matte side. The highlight on the cheeks makes you look plastic which is just not my style

  3. Moonessence1 says:

    Girl stop putting others down to make yourself feel better

  4. Amelie Rodrigue says:

    I prefer the matte version whenI do my makeup ! BUT, I will add a lil bit of highlight on my lips to plump it up! I really love this video! ❤ Un petit bonjour du Canada francophone xxx 🤗

  5. happiness is sunshines says:

    I like the matte side more. I mean both sides look gorgeous but I think the matte side,especially the eye looks soooo good.

  6. Jenni Huls says:

    I agree, the matte looks more flawless

  7. Brianna Wren says:

    Before I watched the video I loved the matte side. By the end, I liked both but agree that you looked much older (not in a bad way) with the cheek highlight. But the other highlighters made you look flawless! This was so informational. I love that you ask your hubby his opinion. I’d love to see this kind of video again but with one half of your face bronzed and the other half contoured. I’m curious in what that’d look like side by side! XOXO

  8. Kristin Hamilton says:

    I loved the video. I always appreciate a comparison video. I actually preferred the matte side [except the bronzer 😉 perhaps the shade didn’t agree with the foundation formula?]. I laughed because I honestly figured you’d go for the glowy side anyway since that’s what I have seen you prefer in many of your previous videos. And that’s okay. You have to do your makeup in the way that pleases yourself. I loved the fact that you obviously went against your current comfort zone by attempting the matte side … kudos to you!

    I would love to see another of your drugstore haul videos, we haven’t seen one in a while.

  9. Maggi Rivera says:

    I definitely see what you mean about the shimmery shade on the lid making it look like you have more lid space, but as far as the inner corner highlight bringing more attention to the eyes, I’m thinking that’s part of it, but you also used a light shade in your waterline on the highlighted side, so I’m curious as to what difference it would’ve made using a matte white in the waterline and inner corner on the matte eye. The highlighter is emphasizing texture a LOT, and you have such pretty skin, so for me, that’s making the matte side more flattering. I love the video idea! I’m so about to do the same thing with my makeup to play, haha!

  10. hxlxnska says:

    omg i always thought that highlighter makes people look older i knew i wasnt tripping lol

  11. Laura W says:

    You look so pretty with the matte look and no eyelashes! You have fabulous lashes!

  12. Erin Johnson says:

    whooo bitch too much!!! i. am. crying. when you are in a good headspace it is so obvious, you make me laugh xxx

  13. Michelle Lewis says:

    Today, I wore no highlight. Sometimes I do wear it though and usually when I have to be out and doing my job amongst colleagues and partners. I guess it just means I use it as I think will do me good or if it’s a waste because I’m behind a PC all day. Love the video! Funny about the dream. Mine are usually I dream about having meetings that I cannot think of what I’m supposed to say. That is a real fear! As an added thought, I’ve learned that by doing my powder like you’ve done in this video (with blender and patting vs brushing it) it works a lot better. Thanks for that tip. I also think the left side looks like you’d wear that out on an evening business meeting.

  14. Jessica Salazar says:

    I feel like highlight makes us look a little heavier.. watching your video it is obvious that the left (matte) side looks slimmer. I will take it easy on the highlight on the cheeks although it will be so hard lol! Thank you Jaclyn!

  15. RPALMS28 says:

    Where is your sweater from??!!

  16. Jessica Simmons says:

    Being an oily person myself, I prefer the matte side. I feel like the point of highlighter is to make you look ‘glowy/shiny”. To me, “glowy/shiny” equals oily and I try way to hard not to look oily. I never use highlighter.

  17. Solutions Nerds says:

    Thanks to subscribe to my channel

  18. Giselle Garcia says:

    6:34-6:55 she uses her own pallet and says she has not used that color on her lid!!! Girl it’s your own damn pallet and you’ve never used that color before ? I think you’re trying to through SHADE at LAURA LEE 😢

  19. Georgia Kennedy says:


  20. danielle says:

    “My bun is doing things and going places……..unlike my haters” 😂😂😂😂

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