Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Remember Going Full Frontal

Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Remember Going Full Frontal

Matthew McConaughey is fully nude in his upcoming film ‘Serenity.’ And it’s news to him.

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52 Responses

  1. Macestrongarm says:

    Colbert is awesome.

  2. Myra Rolston says:

    Colbert is hotter to me somehow

  3. J J says:

    He’s got that Fonzie cool vibe going on, like he’s Matthew McConaug Heeeyyy!

  4. ChapDatText says:

    Oh damn I just finished rewatching interstellar a few minutes ago and this showed up

  5. Additionally 21 says:

    Alright alright alright…

  6. ScarlettP says:

    Matthew McConaughey is such an incredible actor

  7. ScarlettP says:

    1:51 That laugh tho ???

  8. jibk says:

    Only Matthew McConaughey can make finger guns cool 5:35

  9. whattpoh45 says:

    Ever since Matthew said that he support Trump I stop watching his movies…

    • R McElhaney says:

      Matthew needs to stop supporting Trump and start supporting a conservative like Kentucky’s Thomas Massie. He could be the future of the Republican Party.

    • Vincent Krommenhoek says:

      +Juice Well said. Difficult but your right

    • whattpoh45 says:

      Mr. MCCONAUGHEY announcing in the public that he supports someone which at the time if I remember had 8 women accusing him of sexual harassment is just disrespectful to the entire society.
      There is a bigger issue for all Republicans even the one which are not a supporters of Trump and that is that with Republicans party supporting Trump is basically announcing that they are a bunch of racists and rapists.
      Therefore, at such a controversial moment for the Republican party, Mr. MCCONAUGHEY should have stood behind the moral values which some of the characters he has played as an actor have and if not provide a better moral example at least shouldn’t have said anything….

    • Eleanor Svenson says:

      Me too

    • Tamudazo says:

      I’m pretty, pretty sure he doesn’t give one single fuck.

  10. tvcharleytown says:

    That reminds me: my husband told our 2 kids about he and a friend hopping freight trains across the US at 19 in the later ’60’s. Fortunately, our kids’ inherited my “WTF? Why would you want to do something so stupid?” point of view.

  11. sbs5130 says:

    Ah, the CBS censors. Reminds me of “Schitt’s Creek.”

  12. Julia Connell says:

    Alright alright alright… -just what I need some tall lean ‘long branch’ Matthew McConaughey

  13. Spiderous says:

    This guy is the personification of charisma.

  14. Ani Imastounian says:

    I used to like him a lot, but i cant stop noticing the overflowing ego of me me me, its not pleasant.

    • Helen Patterson says:

      Ahhh…it’s just you you you. But that’s okay, you aren’t obnoxious like the guy in the white house.

    • David O Donohoe says:

      I think it was a little tongue and cheek. Colbert started it and they just kinda went with it but I think it was just a bit of fun. Go rewatch season 1 of true detective to reaffirm your faith. No denying the mans ability

    • ArtSeallion says:

      It’s an interview about him, it’s gotta be about him him him…

    • niemands rose says:

      Always drunk and/or high. Remember him high as a kite in Cannes doing some motivational speechs. Funny and sad.

  15. Anton van Boxtel says:

    Dodos. Dodos were there before people.

  16. Black Rod says:

    _Alright, Alright, Alright_

    This dude defined too cool for school.

  17. the king of cool says:

    Dude’s travel through time and space, fighting against HIV and got his own bourbon signature.

    Coolest redneck of the time

  18. K Q-K says:

    I like MM, but why is he using Cape Town to describe the location of Mauritius? It’s on the complete other side of South Africa (and Madagascar is between them anyway). That’s like using San Diego as a reference to describe where Puerto Rico is.

    • K Q-K says:

      +Helen Patterson What do you mean?

    • Helen Patterson says:

      +K Q-K
      for some folks that’s close enough.

    • K Q-K says:

      +Helen Patterson Oh I see. You’re not wrong!

      I’ve been living in South Africa almost three years now, so I can get a bit nit-picky about that sort of thing lol

    • Kevin Leugan says:

      Because a lot of people know Cape Town, or at least approximately where it is. Most people are probably not familiar with the rest of South Africa. For Puerto Rico, he could probably use Miami, Florida.

      It’s similar to how when I lived in Maine, United States I’d tell people how far I was from Quebec even though that’s in Canada. It’s because most people didn’t know any cities in Maine, or even in New Hampshire and the next major US city down would be Boston, Massachusetts, but I’m further from Boston in the South than I am from Quebec in the North.

      Despite being an entire continent, unfortunately Africa only has about 4 major well-known cities, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Cairo, and Nairobi, of which Cape Town, South Africa, and Cairo, Egypt are both exceptionally populated and exceptionally well-known. Aside from that, people not familiar with Africa and geography (of which there are MANY in America) would probably be clueless as to where you are referring to.

    • K Q-K says:

      +Kevin Leugan ​ You make a very good point, but I still find his description inaccurate to the point where it actually contributes to ignorance of geography, rather than accommodates it. Mainly because he mentions it’s near the east coast of South Africa, which is true, but then implies that Cape Town is on the east coast, when it’s not.
      Anyway, he should’ve just mentioned that it was off the east coast of Madagascar. The vast majority people have at least heard of it (even if they don’t quite know where it is), and I’m willing to bet people wouldn’t do any better in placing Cape Town on the map than they would in placing Madagascar.

      Look, I know I’m taking this way more seriously than most. It’s just that I taught geography for a couple years, and as I mentioned, I live in this neck of the woods. So little basic mistakes like these irk me.

  19. Ash White says:

    Two men who clearly like each other….interviews on this show are too short.

  20. Matt M says:

    “Secure your dangley bits” Mr. McConaughey 2019

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