Mattress company airs offensive 9/11 commercial

Mattress company airs offensive 9/11 commercial

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20 Responses

  1. John Doe says:

    Jet fuel can’t burn the steel spring construction of a Sealy Tempurpedic

  2. Ry Rye says:

    That was actually pretty funny.

  3. omega omega says:

    fuck Americans. think 9/11 was the worst thing to have ever happened

  4. captainDANK says:

    It doesn’t matter is this offends you or not, what really matters is the
    disrespect and lack of care towards something so tragic.

  5. Murr says:

    They should have a holocaust sale next.

  6. HorkBork M says:

    MUH 9/11. MUH PATRIOTISM. MUH TURRORIST ATTACK. Get over it, Amerifats.

  7. moose2llama says:

    That was amazing…people need to lighten up.

  8. Josh Davidson says:

    I can smell the jet fuel behind those hot deals

  9. xavier hawthorne says:

    wow. it’s easy to say it happened long ago get over it, but if it was your
    child, mother, father or loved one who was their on that unfortunate day
    it’s another thing. It’s cringe worthy to think that some people will just
    dismiss things because they didn’t happen yesterday. Forget the Holocaust,
    club shooting and school shooting while your at it. It was a dreadful day
    in American history, a time where terroristic people tried to tear us
    apart, if you can’t see that, if you’re saying get over it… you mine as
    well join the other team. you truly are a disgrace.

  10. jeremiah gustafson says:

    we lost so many people to this tragedy and you want to mock our pain?

  11. German Shepherd says:

    >americans get triggered over something that happened 15 years ago

  12. ★ Copypasterino Kripperino ★ says:

    I’m offended by how fat she is. Oh wait, this is America. Never mind.

  13. free bird says:

    it’s ok trump is building a wall to put these people where they belong

  14. ASFALT21 says:

    Looool, that one guy looks muslim aswell which makes this even funnier.

  15. Anthony Owens says:

    This was an ad in Texas of all places, oh yeah they are fucked

  16. Charlie Brown says:

    Comedy belongs anywhere, even at your grandmother’s funeral. Lighten up,
    you beta cucks.

  17. J. E. says:

    jet fuel can’t melt those low low prices

  18. Ignacio Ricaud says:

    T R I G G E R E D

  19. TotalMimiSweet says:

    That shit is not even funny.

  20. YAnGo Gaming says:

    lmao who hired fiona for this commercial