Maui’s historic Lahaina is burning

Maui’s historic Lahaina is burning

Fire flare ups continue to plague Lahaina. Now, a shell of what it once was.

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28 Responses

  1. jen coale says:

    My heart goes out to the Hawaiian people of Maui

  2. Gordon C says:

    So sad to hear that lives were lost and many still missing.
    I have fond memories of Lahaina and my heart goes out to our Hawaiian neighbors.

  3. VK S says:

    Having lived in the islands for more than twenty seven years, what saddness to see such devastation and loss of life and property and a loss for the ages.

  4. Dodger Blue says:

    Prayers for our Brothers and Sisters in Hawaii.

  5. Russell says:

    I was there 1 year ago on yesterday. It’s crazy to think that I saw something that will never be seen again in pray for Lahaina . Stay strong.

  6. Ann Trope says:

    Praying for the injured, the dead, the homeless. ..this is horrific !

  7. Kathleen O'Neill-Saylor says:

    Prayers up for all the people and the community affected by this fire in Lanaina.

  8. Eric E Page says:

    Prayers for those who have lost loved ones, those injured, those grieving, and everyone on Maui.

  9. juls jewels says:

    Prayers for safety and an end to this catastrophe.

  10. Moo2oob says:

    Went to Lahaina on a cruise ship several years back. Enjoyed a cold beer and burger at a place on the main drag overlooking the ocean. Enjoyed the place so much, was planning to come back on another cruise this Fall. Looks like the cruise will be skipping that port. So sad. Please rebuild and restore that beautiful little town!

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