The Dallas Mavericks defeated the LA Clippers, 113-103, in Game 1. Luka Doncic (31 PTS, 10 REB, 11 AST) tallied a triple-double for the Mavericks in the victory, while Kawhi Leonard led the Clippers with 26 PTS, 10 REB, 5 AST and 4 STL.

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Dallas Mavericks at LA Clippers – May 25 at 10:30pm/et on NBA TV.

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58 Responses

  1. Kimkima Official says:

    Mavs on 6.
    Thank you WonderBoy🔥.

  2. MindfulAttraction.Org says:

    As long as kriatap don’t get injured, they good

  3. Kenneth Yu says:

    Clippers thought they dodge the bullet avoiding lakers

    Luka: so you’ve chosen death

    • Jalil Johnson says:

      @Dezzilio Devellini hell yeah they would. Bball all about match ups and the clips do not match up well the mavs. They don’t have an answer for KP period. Mavs and KP gotta stay healthy. If KP goes down again , clips will win the series even with Luka going off

    • Christopher Morgan says:

      @Dezzilio Devellini they lost to the thunder in their last game, they were tanking so that they wouldn’t play the lakers

    • The klaw Clippers says:

      @King Judah tru that mavs are no joke the 4-5 matchup is even too me expect both teams to fight

    • Duce Leopold says:

      @Tavion Toole i guess the lakers barely beat the heat too then. The heat had them on their heels

    • Tavion Toole says:

      @Duce Leopold now u know got damn well if KP was never hurt or ejected we would have beat the breaks off the clippers ass let’s be fuckin honest rn

  4. Fe Olit says:

    KP on the floor without even doing nothing can make a big difference for Mavs’ game. Luka is a living Legend.

    • Eric Smith says:

      A Legend in the Making you mean

    • Phuck Youtube says:

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have to hold him to the same standard we hold Harding and Westbrook. All that good playing is nothing without a ring.

    • sukulbembe says:

      ​@Boy Dog you say that based on what?

    • lotuskowry says:

      @Phuck Youtube Luka’s 21 years old

    • Phuck Youtube says:

      @lotuskowry wait…now you people brag about him being 15 and playing against grown men professionally, you are NOT going to have it both ways. He has been playing professionally for 6 years. Miss me with that BS!

  5. Evan Weaver says:

    Guard Luka one on one: He beats you.
    Double team Luka: He finds the perfect man open.
    Nothing can stop this man

    • Roethlisberger Polamalu says:

      But that’s what every player does. They get doubles teamed and then find the open man. You kinda like……explained such a basic thing literally ALL nba players do.

      “Double team Luka he finds the perfect man open” like bro every play does that💀

    • Luka Doncic says:

      @Roethlisberger Polamalu yep but not every player succeeds doing that.

    • Norjihad S. says:

      @Roethlisberger Polamalu but not as efficient as how luka passes it to his teammates…watch him try to fake a shot then sees the open man…

    • ocho cinco says:

      @Norjihad S. he don’t understand the game, he’s a football guy

    • Edward says:

      Why couldn’t Spurs draft Luka. Damn

  6. EASYEAF says:

    Clippers: takes long way home to avoid head L.A. gang.
    Also Clippers: gets stomped out by another gang taking the long way home

  7. Life Talks says:

    Let’s not ignore how hot THJ (21) and Finney Smith (18) were this game… highly efficient outing!!

  8. BrothaNate says:

    Last Year they had to eject KP in GAME 1 … THIS YEAR NO EJECTION.. NO problem 🙂 Mavs in 6

  9. The-X-Factor says:

    A wise man from Undisputed once said, “some times you can meet your destiny on the very road you chose to avoid it.” Clippers shouldn’t have tried to dodge the Lakers.

  10. WMTV says:

    For those of you wondering why Kawhi or Paul George weren’t defending Luka. They couldn’t even if they wanted to because they switch everything in Pick and Roll and Pick and pop. Modern NBA tough for elite lockdown defenders due to all the switching. So if you an elite Ball Handling guard, you can determine who you want to guard you. All you have to do is put your primary defender in the pick and roll or pop and then with the switching you end up with a weaker match up.

    • goldeneyestryker says:

      @Dante Hyndman Luka isn’t an off ball player, his athleticism states he’s not great at it at all. He needs the ball in his hand to be the play maker/scorer. Curry is a different animal. Today’s rules make it harder for defenders to keep these players away from the ball. You see it a lot with Lebron, players will literally make sure someone else brings the ball up the court, so Lebron goes to the post to counter that. If the clippers wanted to make sure Luka has a hard time getting the ball via inbounds, they would.

    • Jahiem Johnson says:

      Ben Simmons locked him up🤷🏽‍♂️no excuses

    • Dante Hyndman says:

      @goldeneyestryker yea but consider how the entire game has evolved. Back in the 90s everyone basically stood in the same place and watched the ball handler. Nowadays everyone is constantly moving around and setting screens. It’s easier for a playmaker or a guy like curry who’s amazing at moving off ball. Basically the nba today is catered to players like curry or luka. It’s easier for them to get to an open spot or pass the ball. If you aren’t a play maker or exceptional at something like playing defense or defending the paint I can’t see what role you’d have in the nba today

    • Deke1989 says:

      @The Omen or double him from the jump. Doesn’t quite work out all the time. Luka is very smart when doubled.

    • Lyric X says:

      @Vishnu Safaya exactly. You don’t have to switch if you don’t want to switch. I wouldn’t want to guard Luka for fear of foul trouble. He’s gonna go to the hole and get his shot off by any means necessary and in today’s NBA that usually ends in a foul.

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