Max on LeBron James’ free agency: He has ‘narrowed choice to two’ teams | First Take | ESPN

Max on LeBron James’ free agency: He has ‘narrowed choice to two’ teams | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman says LeBron James has “narrowed his choice to two” teams, in regards to his free agency.

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109 Responses

  1. Shay says:

    Staying home

  2. Jordan Bledsoe says:

    He’s going to LA plain and simple

  3. Mik3 Allen says:

    “I’m taking my talents to Los Angeles.”

  4. Veridian says:

    He should still go to the San Diego Spurs

  5. Da Realest says:

    LeSwept staying in Cleveland.
    #LeEast ?

  6. Veridian says:

    The JBA is lookin pretty appealing

  7. Lil Dagga says:

    Let’s be real he been hinting at LA for months now

    Wife spotted at Sierra Canyon

    His Camp recently buying houses in LA

    Magic spotted at Blaze Pizza

    Vegas betting ridiculous odds he ends up in LA

    It’s basically a foregone Conclusion but I think he gone opt into his contract for a sign and trade to LA so that pg can sign and that gives the lakers wiggle room to sign a few more assets

  8. AlwaysAKnickerbocker says:

    where are the Stephen A haters who say he says everything bad about lebron. stephen a is just real.

    • Shantal Green says:

      AlwaysAKnickerbocker well if what you stated is true, he didn’t get “real” until LeBron called him fake news

    • The Flash 2024 says:

      Shantal Green
      Stephen A is fake news

    • Kinson Cooper says:

      AlwaysAKnickerbocker …… do you realize that Stephen A quotes these same people to show how much he’s connected and to declare how much he’s trying to control the narrative… all the while never hearing from LeBron himself…. yet when it suits him, he chooses to say what he now believes is gospel….. It’s hypocrisy.

    • Maurice Mainor says:

      That man fake as shit he flip flopping every week

  9. vinul g says:

    Guangdong tigers ?

  10. OG James says:


    • CRYPTONAUT says:

      u wanna hear something else mr. OG “LEBRON GOING TO LAKERS BITCH”

    • Diane Baugher says:

      Um, it’s a video ABOUT LeBron what else we we supposed to talk about on here idiot.

    • Diane Baugher says:

      OG James lol

    • Chandler Russell says:

      OG James LeBron is the greatest active athlete on the planet (along with Ronaldo and Messi).

      This summer will be the summer of LeBron (and Ronaldo). When the best player in a sport could possibly change teams, that’s game changing. Everyone wants to know where they’re going.

    • Xo Iggy says:

      Lequeen looking to abandon her team and city again while you stupid bitches still want to compare her to Jordan the goat. Lol

  11. FozzyBear says:

    he aint going to the Lakers by himself FACTS

  12. Xavier 76th Man says:

    A LeBron offseason doesen’t annoy me the way the Dwightmare did, that was dreadful!

  13. illusionarytactic says:

    lol i dont get it tho even if he goes to the Lakers, and they still manage to sign PG they gonna get thrashed by the warriors, those yutes cant matchup to the experienced members of the warriors, how is this a good move if he wants more rings

    • Jervaughn Stewart says:

      Luke Walton wouldn’t let that happen since he is a former Warriors assistant coach. As far as the defense, it’s only bad because he carries the offense. With Kawhi and Paul George to take some load of his shoulders, the defense will come up.

    • Silk Shorty says:

      bluedutchman8907 you’re subscribed to karceno. That let me know you’re a Lebron hater and you don’t know shit about basketball

    • Baron Bolanos says:

      This is a family decision not a ring choice

    • Ultimate Warrior says:

      I disagree LeBron, Ingram, Zo,PG13 Kuzma would match up well with the Warriors death lineup might run them out the gym

    • Yeerr says:

      Joe Plummer Have you not watched LeBron play the last couple years? He doesn’t play defense anymore lmao

  14. #Dubnation says:

    Bill Russell> Robert Horry> MJ

    11-1> 7-0 > 6-0


    Dang molly is hot

  16. bobka says:

    Laker nation we coming back

  17. sac riches says:

    LeBron will do what makes him and his family happy also help his career and a team and city that will help achieve his goals

  18. Gino DF says:

    LABron would be exciting for the league

  19. Dreads And Angels says:

    Oh boy its a wrap he’s going to the rockets? now comment below keyboard warriors .?

    • Phasser says:

      oj oj Warriors wouldn’t beat the Pelicans without KD? You literally just lost all your credibility dumbass ??? You really just gonna act like GS don’t got a 2x MVP on their team who led them to 73-9 reguardless of if Durant is there or not is gonna lose to the Pelicans? LMAO. How many rings would KD be if he hadn’t joined GS? Zero. Don’t act like the Warriors NEED KD when it’s very obviously the other way around. KD’s not even the most important player on the Warriors and you’re over here saying he’s “the league” Im dead ?

    • Hani Geele says:

      oj oj lol kid getting old

    • Hani Geele says:

      oj oj it’s Anthony Davis and devin bookers league now

    • Shariff Barak says:

      Lol no bud its not KDs league what you smoking Lmao

    • Tim Crawford says:

      Dreads And Angels the Rockets is the only team that’s pushed the Warriors. So if you add James to the Rockets lineup it’s over. What’s in LA? I mean he should just stay in Cleveland because all LA has is the Ball Brothers and that’s already proved a bust.

  20. Prince Slaughter says:

    It’s crazy to me how the 73-9 Warriors pulled the biggest choke job in NBA history & were awarded the 2nd best player in the league for it lol. Just to stack the deck against an old man.

    • Chandler Russell says:

      james david manning I don’t know if you’re aware but for the most part, NBA contracts last a couple years.

      You sound like you tell people to stop whining about slavery and Holocaust.

    • Josh Aaronson says:

      Phasser Warriors fans also like to forget that the first year they only won because of injuries. Goes both ways.

    • L L says:

      Prince Slaughter bronsexuals are still mad wow

    • Ali Muhammad says:

      Prince Slaughter KD is the best to me my eye test tell me when they match KD gets the best of LeBron’ an Bron team.

    • Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #cried to KD says:


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