MAX REACTS: KEN IS BACK – Street Fighter 6 Trailer

MAX REACTS: KEN IS BACK – Street Fighter 6 Trailer

Max checks out the latest Street Fighter 6 trailer featuring Ken, Honda, Blanka and Dhalsim. Also, a healthy amount of single player features and new game modes. This one is crazy!

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41 Responses

  1. Oathkeeper0317 says:

    I love that they have unique cutscenes with them as your ‘Mentor’ to showcase their individual talents and strengths as you learn from them. Each one has a plethora of experiences and going to them means you see them at their best.

  2. Calypso says:

    As silly as it sounds, seeing the goofy “just have fun” mode gives me more confidence in this game than anything else. It just says we know the core game is gonna be good, let’s throw some extra shit in there to make it the complete package.

  3. Angel Raya says:

    I’ve never played a single SF game, but dearly beloved, this game looks absolutely incredible. The trailers are really doing a good job selling it for me.

    • mikejonesnoreally says:

      Thanks for the info that’s really good to know! You *are* who they’re aiming at. By the way? Let me please be the first to say it: Welcome to Street Fighter! 😀

    • Grav G says:

      im with you on this

    • Giorgio Verzotto says:

      Yeah looks like there will be a ton of single player content which, for someone who’s unlikely to ever get really good at the game and enjoy climbing an online ladder (like myself) is very important.

    • Binho says:

      @Nick K Thats great! Thats one of the main points!! They still need to sell after all. This captivates a whole new audience!

    • Nick K says:

      I’m not a fighting game player, but these trailers are really selling me on getting this game. Beyond it just looking “good” it looks like it has a lot of content to offer and a pretty sizeable amount of single player content to justify me buying it, rather than just gambling it on me hoping I don’t hate getting thrashed online constantly.

  4. SpikeTheLucario says:

    It’s really nice to see a new fighting game have such big focus on single-player. They really seem to understand how to appeal to all kinds of players (casual & competitive, solo & online, etc.).

    • Binho says:

      I’ve been saying this for so long. Fighting games are stuck in the 90s Arcades mindset. It’s so good to see this focus on content.

  5. bored beck says:

    Capcom is going all out.

    This is actually some pioneer, genre evolving type of revolution Capcom is doing right now with Street Fighter.

    I’m glad SNK and Capcom are on a resurgence

  6. unbindall says:

    At this point, I’m pretty sure the roster has been lacking in the “new generation” characters like Sakura and Sean because of this Masters system. Everyone in the base roster are people who are experienced enough as fighters that it would be justified in them teaching the player their moves. Don’t ask me what would convince someone like Juri to take up a protege, though.

  7. Kenjionigod says:

    I’m not used to Street Fighter having this much content, they’re taking after MK in the best way.

    • mikejonesnoreally says:

      @Kai Mobley This is going to get eyes. It’s going to get a lot of *new* players too. As you know, that action tend to set the new standard. i just hope for you guys that it makes it in before 8 is released.

    • Binho says:

      @Kai Mobley that would be a dream come true

    • Kai Mobley says:

      Now we just need Tekken like this

    • mikejonesnoreally says:

      i think they are just looking at what has been successful and worked for them before while still adding additional stuff to play with ideas! (which is all they were really doing with MvC2 and CVSNK2EO.) By MvC3U they had added the Heroes and Heralds mode, It’s very weird to say this but it’s as if they had no idea why we loved CAPCOM games so much! This gives me *so* much confidence in CAPCOM because that *was* the X-Factor. You could tell the people making this stuff were having a *blast!* Honest, i just wanna’ send em’ a Pizza and some Scooby Snacks and say Shine On Crazy CAPCOM! i hope the insanity continues! i hope that comedian from MvC2 kicks in Dizney’s door douses everybody with a giant rubber chicken/squirt gun and screams “A billion bucks for anything that wears a cape losers!” xD

    • Binho says:

      @Kenjionigod me too!! I never tought I would be hyped for a SF game.

  8. Skorp4 says:

    They have officially sold me on the game with this trailer.

    I love that what Capcom is doing with SF6 is exactly what NRS did with MK9 – completely redifing what Street Fighter is by focusing on the hip-hop urban style while also providing a full package with lots of single player content and fun extras (even having their own Test Your Luck mode!). Instead of just copying the NRS story mode like before, they are creating extra content in their own unique way that fits the game. This is exactly what SF6 needed, to be the complete opposite of what SFV was – barebones with no identity and only focusing on esports.

    • mikejonesnoreally says:

      @Binho Okay thanks! That’s another reason i might have missed it. i kinda’ stayed with that game for awhile.

    • Binho says:

      @mikejonesnoreally no, I think it was the next MK game after the vs DC one

    • mikejonesnoreally says:

      @Binho Was it before MKvsDCU? BlazBlue was loaded with fun stuff and so were the others but that’s just it, i always miss something! xD

    • Binho says:

      @mikejonesnoreally its like in Injustice and Injustice 2, but it was the first one to do the story mode that way. Blazblue had a fun Abyss mode tho

    • mikejonesnoreally says:

      @Binho i missed it because the story based stuff i was playing then was like Blazblue, Injustice and Persona and i also loved MvCU3 in spite of it’s lack of story but still how did MK 9 tell it’s story? How did it redefine Fighting Games? It still played like Mk right? (i loved how they put minigames in Injustice) What did i miss? o.o

  9. Waxabi2 says:

    Yes first time Ken actually doesn’t look bad in 3D lol I’m loving that it seems characters have more moves then ever I’m digging that! Can’t wait for this!

  10. BeroOgden says:

    Watching Max hype gives me life. Also, this is the most excited i’ve been for a Street Fighter in ages. Absolutely love the style in this one.

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