May The Forced Marketing Integration Be With You

May The Forced Marketing Integration Be With You

As a “Star Wars” mega-fan, Stephen will buy any and every product associated with the franchise.

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20 Responses

  1. Kira1Lawliet says:

    God, he really does eat a lot on this show.

  2. Kate says:

    I would legit like to work in props on this show. Hahahaha.

  3. Fin Kaiser says:

    Literally a Star Wars ad for HP played before the video started

  4. PretenderWho says:

    I really love the fact, that HowtoBasic has his own tv show

  5. 18807BB says:

    Frank Reynolds would be proud.

  6. Ben Hamilton says:

    Everyone knows Anakin had no father

  7. Vicente Rodriguez says:

    clone war and galactic civil war more than one war.

  8. Jake Garcia says:

    I would buy those eggs

  9. Zapkido Volnutt says:

    Death Egg merchandise?! Eggman would be proud.

  10. Jari Wilkman says:

    Missed opportunity for a “Sunny Side” joke.

  11. RunRobotRun911 says:

    Anyone else see the ad of that guy asking out a girl to go on a date with
    him to The Force Awakens using R2-D2

  12. LordOf TheBricks says:

    I have 1 question for Steven he would never answer on: STAR WARS or Middle

  13. Numb3r4 says:

    What?!?….Star Wars….Covergirl….What?!?

  14. artistafrustrado1 says:

    & yet the StarWars eggs are more related to the movies XD

  15. Mr. D says:

    Disney will fuck up this franchise so badly, I hope people will start to
    consider in a few weeks to burn down the Disney headquarters. #fuckdisney

  16. Double2Edged says:

    I think Stephen is on a mission to eat something every episode

  17. blabla tv says:

    well it’s called Stars War in France! La guerre des étoiles

  18. volkermuller55 says:

    I like how he doesn’t even try to have a message anymore he just has fun

  19. TurnTableStudios says:

    Why he didn’t say Gal-EGGS-y, I’ll never know.

  20. cartoonfreak9 says:

    I saw Star Wars apples at the store this weekend?