Maya Rudolph’s Rachel Dolezal Impression – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Maya Rudolph’s Rachel Dolezal Impression – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Maya Rudolph dons a wig and improvises her best Rachel Dolezal.
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Maya Rudolph’s Rachel Dolezal Impression – Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. david02129 says:

    Make fun of someone questioning their race identity: a-okay
    Make fun of someone questioning their sexual identity: BEHEAD THE

    You see the double standard, America?

    • TheRoflninja1000 says:

      +Ilon Warpe This isn’t about gender, she is questioning her race. I say
      sexuality as in what you identify as (and yes, gender is different than
      sexuality I guess. . .). She wants to be a black woman, that is not an
      identity crisis, she is being ridiculous. It’s like what I do to people who
      think they are werewolves, I don’t take them seriously. Again, there is no
      such thing as a racial identity crisis, she is just a fraud.

    • xXMustPlayGamesXx says:

      +david02129 You can not choose your sexual orientation. If you have, you’re
      living a lie (I’m using ‘you’ in the general sense). You can’t choose what
      you get aroused and turned on by. It’s a chemical reaction that happens
      when you see something and your brain tells you “YEAH THAT’S WHAT YOU
      LIKE”. If you want to look into it, research epimarks and epigenetics.
      That’s where sexuality comes from.
      You can’t choose to change your race – because it has zero social structure
      like Gender for instance. You might say “But then, why can people change
      Gender?” – because Gender is created by society and is not biological. Your
      Sex is biological. So a transgender woman will ALWAYS be the Sex of male –
      but their Gender would be female. You are born with race, race has history
      and culture, it’s part of you and has nothing to do with your mentality.
      That’s why it is ridiculous to question your “racial identity”.

    • Ilon Warpe says:

      +TheRoflninja1000 plenty of people have questioned their sexuality. BTW
      sexuality is different than gender identity. Why can’t she have racial
      identity crisis just like gender identity crisis? What you’ve said about
      research and mental quirk was said for gender identity or transgender too
      not many years ago.

    • Thee Adjudicator says:

      +david02129 She lied about it. Bruce Jenner did not.

  2. sarasdramaticlife says:

    There’s a difference between Caitlin and Rachel – Caitlin is not lying
    about her gender or acting like she’s faced hate before her transition,
    Rachel is acting as if she’s been hated on and basically invalidating the
    African Americans who fought for their rights

    • Ghost2Coast says:

      +sarasdramaticlife Bruce lied about his gender in the Olympics, why did he
      compete in mens sports if he/she thought they were a woman?

    • Ilon Warpe says:

      +sarasdramaticlife Bruce Jenner is a liar

    • jen jen says:

      +sarasdramaticlife Completely agree with the point about RD and sympathize
      with Jenner’s having to live a lie. But to turn his transition into a whole
      reality tv show kinda cheapens the progress that transgender people have
      made. Jenner’s story is skewed because due to fame and wealth, she is
      afforded help that is not available to others who are not so well off. I
      wonder how most of the transgender community feel about it.

  3. 2theOmega says:

    I’ve always thought that Maya was terribly unfunny, especially when it came
    to her impressions. SNL has it’s break out females (Amy Poehler, Cheri
    Oteri, Kristin Wiig) and then the “others” (Rachel Dratch and Nasim
    Pedrad). Maya was definitely in the second group. And I hate to do it,
    because I’m totally not for pitting women against each other, but I always
    felt like Debra Wilson from Mad TV should’ve been in Maya’s place. They
    were both the token black ladies, and played all the same characters- Debra
    just always did them better.

  4. Matt Spencer says:

    this video is a joke… why don’t you trans activists pull the corn cobs
    out of your asses and get on a transgender related video to regurgitate
    your tumblr talking points…. jesus fucking christ you people are fucking
    annoying, humorless cunts.

  5. pag3309 says:

    So funny just because she gets the black D every night don’t make her
    black, can you imagine if that was the case. A bunch of fat white women
    then would be black especially in the dirty south fucken what what 

  6. Maurice Townsend says:

    I would wife her fast. Never would be bored.

  7. Ver Batim says:

    Lmao, this made my day!

  8. Meow Minx says:

    Lol I love Maya!

  9. ThoughtfulThug says:

    I am a 16 year old Japanese teenage girl.

  10. Huli81 says:

    LMFAO! Love this. What did that woman expect slanging lies everywhere.
    She’s an outright liar & is getting called out for it. She could’ve handled
    this situation differently but she decided to play the stupid roll & people
    are upset when she’s treated stupid! Get over it. Maya was awesome!

  11. Sue facephase says:

    Her double chin is so cute hahaha only Maya.

  12. thezec says:

    rachel dolezal being only half more a liar than half white mixed race
    people that call themselves black
    I don’t lie about either side of me, but it’s ok for news & entertainment
    anchors to constantly refer to obama/halle berry/mariah carey etc. as
    black, either way it’s implementing that we should be ashamed of ourselves.

  13. Az A says:

    Her neck and chin are on fleek.