Mayor Pete Wants To Solve Problems For The Next Generation

Mayor Pete Wants To Solve Problems For The Next Generation

Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg believes America has failed to make progress on problems that have arisen in his lifetime, like climate change and gun violence, and he hopes to solve those problems for future generations. #Colbert #LSSC #Interviews

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97 Responses

  1. Richard Owens says:

    What a bizarre world we live in where there is actually a question as to whether a candidate, like Buttigieg, could possibly beat the most idiotic President we have ever had in the entire history of our country!

    • Prodesu says:

      It’s strange. That said, he’s definitely one of the worst candidates we could put up. We need Bernie at this point, I really believe he is the only one who can beat trump. Republicans love trump, he has a ridiculously huge approval rating from Republicans, , they won’t come out for another centrist Democrat. We need lefties to come out in droves, only Bernie can bring that.

    • Richard Owens says:

      @Christopher Chilton-Smith Donald Trump couldn’t hold down a job as the Greeter at Walmart! Who gives a damn what policies he might have, if he would be fired from ANY job for being an incompetent, self-absorbed boob?

    • Christopher Chilton-Smith says:

      @Pinkytrinky 99 A representative democracy is still a type of democracy. What do you think we are?

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      This reflects more on americans than it does for the world. The whole world cratched their head watching americans 2016.

    • Asian God says:

      @Tyler Garret you got owned lol

  2. Catherine Larcheveque says:

    i want to shrink pete into a miniature form, stick him on my shoulder, and have him act as my conscience

  3. gdragon521 says:

    He’s not my favorite, but he’s an elegant speaker, and his resume is top-notch. I’d happily vote for him over trump.

    • jpm5243 says:

      @Jarrod B Said the guy who probably voted for draft dodging Slick Willy and never served Obama… and was going to vote for never served Hillary.

    • Christian V-H says:

      @jpm5243 Trump, how to say… Is an expert at bankrupting companies (did that 4 times). He’s also fraudulent, most recently having altered weather maps to avoid admitting he was wrong about where hurricane Dorian would hit. He denies the climate crisis (because acknowledging that would hurt the industry which brings him most money). He’s a known racist, sexist (just based on what he says to his sycophants at those rallies he loves). He never follows through with his promises – he’s a liar (remember the Washington Post discussing how he’d surpassed 10000 false/misleading claims in two years). Oh and also, he’s showing signs of some mental health problems, such as narcissism, delusion and dementia…
      Oh yeah that definitely sounds like the portrait of someone fit for being president.

    • Jarrod B says:

      @jpm5243 nice deflection but did Obama DODGE the draft ??? Did any other President LIE about a weather event or About Having sex with a porn star or having a business deal in russia or charging the taxpayer to stay in there own resort on “holidays, not playing golf ” or ……….. really you are going to defend the laughing stock of the world .

    • jpm5243 says:

      @Christian V-H The current Trump organization is comprised of 500 companies and Trump has owned hundreds more, so pointing the finger at 4 is a little ridiculous.

      And the bankruptcies you mention were not failures, they were Chapter 11 to reorganize the company, and at least two were at the insistence of Trump, himself, requiring the owners of the failing company to file Chapter 11 before he would become an investor.

      With regard to the weather map… frankly you don’t know what you’re talking about… which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering your comments about his businesses. You have no evidence, let alone proof that Trump altered the map. He denied it and the rest is just fake news.

      You’re also wrong… quelle surprise!… about Trump being a “known racist.” In fact, he received an award from Jesse Jackson for hiring so many blacks and publicly praised Trump for donating space for Jackson’s Rainbow/Push project. Trump also partnered with Al Sharpton on many community projects… and as a real kicker, Trump dated a black woman for two years. LOL!

      And never follow through with his promises? Maybe you should educate yourself instead of just gobbling up wacko-leftist propaganda. Before he became president, Trump promised to fix the ice skating rink in Central Park… he did. After becoming president, Trump promised to lower taxes… and he did. Trump promised to repeal regulations… he did. Trump promised to build a wall on the southern border… it’s happening now.

      So basically, all you have are lies and baseless allegations… which is fine because no one is listening too you. But for your own sake, please educate yourself before you continue to make a fool of yourself. MAGA!!!

    • jpm5243 says:

      @Jarrod B Of course Obama didn’t dodge the draft… first, there wasn’t a draft when Obama turned 18 and second, the US doesn’t draft citizens of Kenya.

      And can you prove Trump lied about a weather event? No… didn’t think so. And frankly, I give Trump mucho props for scoring a porn star in his 60s! Clinton couldn’t do it, that’s why he had to rape women and diddle little girls aboard the Lolita Express while Crooked Hillary ran defense for him!

      And you’re wrong, yet again… quelle surprise!!!… Trump didn’t have a business deal in Russia… but Slick Willy did get paid $500K for a single speech in Moscow and his hag of a wife did give 20% of US uranium to Putin. in exchange for hundreds of millions in “donations” to the Clinton Foundation.

      And hint! hint! Who do you think paid for all of the Obamanation’s swanky vacations and golf trips… even the ones where Michael took a separate private flight? Right… the taxpayers!!! Libs didn’t whine then so we don’t really give a fuck if you’re whining now. LOL! MAGA!!!

  4. Berto Andon says:

    “Tier 1B”?

    • Jewels Star says:

      @aleprbla Wow… thanks so much! I had no idea. This is my first time watching the full American election cycle… it’s sooooo long!

    • joyce northwind says:

      @Jewels Star I think rather than being called a tier two candidate it sounds better to be called tier1B candidate. A glass 1/2 empty/half full kind of thing. He was just joking about that.

    • Jewels Star says:

      @joyce northwind I get it. He’s humble yet real. How refreshing… 😉

    • look4lec says:

      I’m sitting far away and this looks like Tier 18 and I agree. The guy is a centrist.

    • Jewels Star says:

      @look4lec Are Centrists not good? I consider myself a Centrist in Ireland… ‘Course the Muricans would class me as a “commie” European… 😉

  5. Suzette Figgs says:

    What you’re saying Mayor Pete makes good sense to me.

  6. Jill Monroe says:

    Go Mayor Pete, it’s such a honour to listen to you speak. I wish you all the best on your journey to the White House.

  7. Just Riss says:

    President Pete I love you so much! This man is everything frump isn’t. Fresh, smart, honest…..coherent.

  8. Disha Ravishankar says:

    Jon is never gonna’ let Pete live down his Miles Davis’ performance. ?

  9. Aloe Antinous Aquila says:

    fresh smart thoughtful spiritual conscious …a Human!♥️

  10. Willibirne says:

    I‘m seriously in love with this man. He is amazing! #pete2020

    • Really Now says:

      He’s got a great personality, very likable. But he’s not the best candidate, consider Andrew Yang. He’s got the most sensible & data driven solutions to the real problems of this country. ?

    • Duh Duh duh says:

      He’s married and his man will kick your ass , lol ? . Your right he’s a great man with decency.

    • lagurl1997 says:

      me too! I have the biggest crush on Mayor Pete, and just bought his book!! 😀

  11. Maartje van Caspel says:

    Two of my all time favorite men! What is not to love? ❤️?❤️

    • Adam T says:

      Maartje van Caspel Theres a lot not to love. Anyone who takes Billionaire Money cant be trusted and you know it.

    • Maartje van Caspel says:

      @Adam T I know no such thing.
      Yeah Pete has billionaires that like and support him. PRIVATE people, that can not donate more than any ‘normal’ person can.
      He does not take ANY pac money.
      Being rich does not automaticly make you a bad person: Else, Warren and Bernie would be bad persons in your eyes. 😛

  12. Greg Greg says:

    He’s smart and articulate and can speak several languages, whichever Dem wins this guy needs to have a role in the administration

    • Greg C says:

      *cracks knuckles* Adam is about to get triple Gregged. Oh & Sanders wouldn’t want you to represent him… go away.

    • Davos of Oakheart says:

      thowe624 so what if he’s a Rhodes scholar, so is Chelsea Clinton. Oxford also gave us David cameron and Boris Johnson. Real great crowd.
      Bernie got arrested for marching during civil rights. That’s the type of achievement that deserves praise.

      Also my brother is a combat vet and he told me there’s a wide range of people who join the military and it boils down to people who don’t have money for college, and those who have money but goto the military anyway. He said be skeptical because people who join the military out of their own volition either
      1 they’re extremist Christians who think America is a Christian country and want to goto the Middle East to help “spread” Christianity
      2. They just want a good excuse to shoot at people.
      3. They think it’s the best way to skyrocket their political career
      4. They’re out of options and they can’t afford college

      And the one thing they all got in common? “Oh I’m doing this for my country”

      I’m sure mr oxford is smart enough to understand the significance of military service and the affects it’ll have on voters.

    • ColoringKaria says:

      Commissioner of Closets? He would be great for that gig.

    • Erin Thor says:

      I agree COMPLETELY! Pete Buttigieg might not be at the presidential level… yet. But I would LOVE to see him either as a VP to Warren, Bernie or whoever rises to the top at the primaries. And even if he isn’t President or VP, he is young, bright, and capable, I hope they find a spot for him somewhere!

    • Greg C says:

      @ColoringKaria your joke is invalid, he’s openly gay. >.> nice try? go again… maybe say something that won’t label you a completely uneducated human.

  13. Pibe Gonzalez says:

    “Treat people of any religion and no religion equally” Thank you sir 🙂

    • Andria Houston says:

      Most of this is from Andrew Yang. I’m glad the #YangGang has changed the election. even Biden has changed his speaking. Too bad they don’t have real solutions like

    • Stephen Gleason says:

      Not religions who behead our citizens and drown Christians in steel cages.

    • Manx says:

      @Hippy Killer you really need to get back on your meds, now!!!!

    • ForTheLoveOfNature says:

      Ironically all religious people disagree and cant get along with each other though. But good luck i guess. Muslims all so despise the west to.

    • crazymiles14 says:

      Repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone and call on his name and you will be saved, he loves you and is God and died and resurrected for you he will judge all of mankind, believe on him and he will save you and give you eternal life, trust in him now while you still can <3

  14. JP Fragoso says:

    You have Pete, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie…. i swear, if next year you re-elect Trump, because you didn’t go to vote, cause there was “no good candidate”, or the nominee ate a vegetable in a way you didn’t agree with…. i swear to god….. c’mon people….

    • miller time420 says:

      @Pam Hartley buahahahahaha. Delusional much? Maga 2020

    • miller time420 says:

      @AlexRN yes it does

    • miller time420 says:

      @AlexRN worst president in US history? But Obama isn’t running this time……

    • Erin Thor says:

      jack b — LMAO! Like he would be our first gay president. LOL! And dude, please. What Buttigieg does or doesn’t do in bed is absolutely none of your business. But more importantly, if all sin is equal, and we are all sinners, and if all sin can be forgiven, why is homosexuality the big bad unforgivable sin? And think too of who you are supporting, a man whose own documented legal history shows, hell proves, 73 affairs, 5 abortions paid for, over 30,000 people defrauded, and that spent almost 4 million trying to remove his with his current, 4th wife’s, model-escort history from the Internet. Think about what you are supporting… A murderer, adulterer, and a thief. Not to mention liar, his words have been fact checked at now over 15,000 lies told during his presidency! And that’s also not including the 22 unsubstantiated rape accusations. So, you being a god fearing, religious man could not support an honest, educated, married once individual because he “sucks dick in the White House,” but you WILL support a lying cheating, adulterous, murdering, thieving rapist who is married to a ‘former’ prostitute. Dude, seriously? Please and oh I do mean PLEASE explain your logic on this issue. Go ahead… think on it before you respond. I’m going to go make some popcorn because I think this is going to be entertaining! Just start typing when you get your thoughts in order. Please.

    • Erin Thor says:

      Laura P. Vanderbooben — You think it’s unlikely that trump will be re-elected? Wake up please! This isn’t about politics, it’s a faith based argument. His base is STILL 100% behind him. Nothing he does or says matters because he was appointed by God. Yes, if there is a God, he will lose badly, and we will cheer. But don’t think for a moment that everything he does or says isn’t planned for the maximum effect to energize his followers. This whole Chinese Trade war… if you think that this wasn’t planned, orchestrated, so that trump could hammer out a trade deal with China that will make him look great in the 2020 elections, you haven’t been paying attention. Trump plays the idiot for a reason. Do NOT think he doesn’t have a chance because that is exactly what they want you to think.

  15. will crow says:

    If he doesn’t become president let’s hope he at least remain working in the future government. His ideas are sharp.

  16. John Wood says:

    Thank you sir. You’re a class act. Honest, smart, dedicated, respectful, and quite wise already… ??❤️⚖️??

    • Donee Stoner says:

      He’s awesome !

    • Adam T says:

      John Wood This guy is pandering and bullshitting you. Anyone with billionaire donors cant be trusted and you know it.

    • Brian Daniels says:

      @Adam T why? Billionaires get to contribute their $2800.00 per candidate, per election just like anyone else. Furthermore, the president is supposed to represent every single citizen without prejudice.

    • Allen Williams says:

      Billionaires can spend unlimited amount of cash to super pacs and as many super pacs as they like without having to disclose the information. Or maybe you missed the fraud supreme Court case citzens united?

    • OP 1000 says:

      Adam T .Is there a candidate without donors?

  17. tntg5 says:

    This is the man you need! Americans, you can’t say you had no choice this time !

    • Rudy Penza says:

      @Really Now : How much is Yang paying you to shill for him ?

    • Vanessa H. says:

      @Really Now Is it so hard to say: yeah, he’s not my dude, but it’s great you enjoy him? Why the stupid NO YOU’RE WRONG every.single.time? We’re in this together! Aside from that, it doesn’t look like Yang stands any chance at all, so it might just be a moot point.

    • Really Now says:

      @Rudy Penza Nothing, I’ve heard all of them talk, done the most objective research I could ever do. Yang is just far ahead of them is all.

    • Really Now says:

      ​@Vanessa H. Nah, I’m just being blunt but sure it’s great you enjoy him ?. But the statement above stating he’s the man we _need_ is just wrong. We don’t *need* another status quo dem, we need someone with real solutions for the 21st century. Pete even says dems are too focused on policies? LMFAO! Yang doesn’t stand a chance? He’s top 6, even edging Pete in the recent Quinnipiac poll ?. He’s the most google searched, youtube searched, even dominating twitter at times. The internet has real people. Too bad the DNC relies on a few old people who still answers their landlines ?.

    • Mattie L Harper says:

      Andrew Yang is more solution driven

  18. Kurdo Bakur says:

    The slogan of Mayor Pete should ‘Sensibility’. And oh boy don’t we all need that now after four years of Trump in the office.

    • Adam Gruds says:

      The fudgepacker talking about sinning slogan should be “Sensibility” lmao

    • Really Now says:

      @mike bronicki That’s too bad, that’s the kind of mentality that we need to unlearn, it is very regressive. We need to do everything we can to make sure we progress and move forward to a sustainable future & redefine work, that it’s not just about a 9 to 5 job.

    • mike bronicki says:

      @Really Now I personally am not against it, I haven’t made up my mind one way or the other. But I strongly believe it is an unelectable platform in 2020.

    • ColoringKaria says:

      His slogan should be “closet chic”.

    • Rojava Bashur says:

      It should be “im a right wing neolib who wants to kill you”.

  19. Beatle Stories says:

    Can’t deny he’s a class act 🙂

    • ColoringKaria says:

      Beatle Stories he’s an act from inside the closet that’s for sure.

    • look4lec says:

      TtThat’s a bare minimum requirement. “I describe myself as a progressive and we should have universal healthcare but you should have to buy it from a for profit insurance company. Also I dOnT WaNt tO KiCk 100 Million off their insurance when they would instead be 100% covered for free” The mental gymnastics there are something only a corporatist can love.

  20. Herb Liptow says:

    How refreshing to hear a adult conversation

    • Adam T says:

      Herb Liptow The People who own this country are relying on your Trump fatigue to elect anyone to get rid of Trump.

      Dont do that. Sanders is who we need to undo Trumps mess, not someone funded by billionaires to give us more of the same bullshit. We need Healthcare and REAL Tax funded Education. Buttplug doesnt want either of them

    • Loren Renee says:

      Herb Liptow we need this guy.

    • thowe624 says:

      @Adam T I will vote for Sanders IF he is the nominee. Will you do the same IF HE IS NOT?

    • joyce northwind says:

      @Adam T He literally said he was for health care for all but he also said if people want they should be able to buy their own insurance. If your a worker at a GM plant for instance and have been giving up pay raises in order to keep your company health insurance plan, then you probably wouldn’t want the public option because you’ve been paying for years for the one you have. This is something he’s said. He’s also said that mental health has to be part of health coverage. Too many soldiers come back and don’t get the VA care they need for mental health and he is going to change that. He thinks that many addictions problems need mental health care as part of the government program so he wants that included in his care for all who want it plan. I like Sanders but he wants to spend 16 trillion dollars in an economy that only brings in 20 trillion per year. He wants that money for education and health care. But there is military, federal workers, helping countries out to stop their citizens to not immigrate on mass, federal land and parks funding, Reservation payments, infrastructure, not to mention the national debt Trump created needs to be paid off. Sanders is selling something he cant do. As for education Pete and his husband have student loan debts too. They know the burden it creates, especially with interest rates jumping around. He wants to set one low interest rate to make it easier to pay off. As well as increasing pell grants so there isn’t as much debt. There just isn’t 16 trillion laying around for Sanders to follow through. Pete wants the person with the most votes to win. If that happened we wouldn’t even of been stuck with Trump. I respect that you vote for whomever you think is best. Just keep in mind that the reality of what can really be done in 4 or 8 yrs needs to be part of an informed vote.

    • donavon pip says:

      @Loren Renee What’s his policies?

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