We´re not interested in selling our video. Please do not send any offers because you’re wasting your time, but! If you have any proposition for more craziness or likely let us know! 🙂 (Sol Klang the McBacfliper)

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20 Responses

  1. Dan The Gengar says:

    Please, don’t this become a thing.

  2. Fernando Garcia says:

    Jordan 6’s spotted at the end 

  3. steph fex says:

    Disorderly Conduct, destruction of property, trespassing. lol

  4. daweedian84 says:

    What does ”joege hnge hnge unaga hunaga hnge snort” mean?

  5. assbitchfucky says:

    hi i was wondering if you would sell your video to me!

  6. zer00rdie says:

    Who the hell allowed a pig in the resturant!?!?!

  7. jack smith says:

    McBitches fucking up shit

  8. AudioSerf says:

    camera person turns around and walks away as if it never happened

  9. Princess Rosalina - コスモス says:

    And as each passing moment comes. It makes you wonder. How stupider will
    humanity get? 

  10. Jonny2myren says:

    Thanks for making Swedes look like a bunch of retards. Ever heard of the
    Darwin Award? You guys should probably go for that.

  11. Anti-Meta Man says:

    Which one has down-syndrome?

  12. D Stingray says:


  13. SolarSelect says:

    Only in Sweden…

  14. ² GotRice? © |Baked| says:

    Everyone’s pausing at 0:10 ….. I’m sure of it.

  15. Josh Borduin says:

    Keep pressing 5 to hear what the piggy says.

  16. Jose G says:

    lol @ the description. the audacity of these bitches outright thinking
    someone wants to buy this shit.

  17. Ar Va says:

    Stupid snatch!

  18. Kenny Lai says:

    420 shit happening 

  19. Timothy Yang says:


  20. Hit or Miss Gaming says:

    This is why the aliens won’t visit us.