McDonald’s AARP Initiative, Bumble Safety Feature & Tech-Savvy Chimp | The Daily Show

McDonald’s AARP Initiative, Bumble Safety Feature & Tech-Savvy Chimp | The Daily Show

McDonald’s reaches out to AARP for staffing help, Bumble tries to combat unwanted dick pics, and a chimpanzee figures out how to use Instagram.

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88 Responses

  1. Ae Norist says:

    McDonals: Killing people young by feeding them trash, and then looking for old people to work for them.

  2. Bob Pyle says:

    Lmao! Count on McDonalds to enlist AARP to promote their cradle to grave minimum wage plan.

    • Liz Kly says:

      Americans have been fully corporatized.

    • Michael Barrett says:

      +Howard Kerr haha don’t be so quick to judge, we all judge man. And I do differentiate between and realize that some like to get out of the house although we don’t always know which is which of course. You and I both know who im talking about sir. The person who looks like they should be in a rocking chair sleeping but they are handing out biscuits at Mickey d s!!!! You’ve seen them you know so don’t try and whitewash me sir

    • Michael Barrett says:

      +Liza Tanzawa he’s probably on some board of directors

    • Michael Barrett says:

      +Howard Kerr sir I sincerely hope you don’t have to work when you’re 80 and have arthritis like your dad did. The only thing you should be doing is what you want when your that age. Don’t be brainwashed.

    • Pajyama Jyam says:

      Bob Pyle ???⚰️

  3. fork at the end of the road says:

    “Oh wow cocoa, thanks for following me… and cocoa would reply, ..DICKK PICC”

  4. Star Cherry says:

    I’d be super worried if a chimp was holding my phone!
    Don’t drop it!

    • Wait What says:

      Star Cherry it’s ok the chimp isn’t Linus tech tips

    • Shell Master Tortwag says:

      I would too, to be fair, but I think I’d also stop dead in my tracks after a few key realizations XD

      Phase A: “Darn it my chimp is holding my phone! I should make sure he doesn’t drop it.”

      Phase B: “…He’s holding it pretty… solidly, actually.”

      Phase C: “Wait is he- is he _swiping?!”_

      Phase D: _observes in quiet astonishment_

  5. Star Cherry says:

    Well now the question
    “Are you going to work at McDonald’s all your life?”
    Has a whole new meaning

  6. vivek nagulan says:

    That Chimp when it learns to use Twitter will be our next President and trust me no one will be surprised

  7. Emma XTC says:

    For real what is it with men and dck pics? Has that ever in the history of ever, has that ever worked on any woman?

    • Smiling Dog says:

      Do we really think ALL women think the same way? That’s pretty much sexist. There are prudish women, there are women with healthy sex lives, there are women who want to see a mans dick every chance they get for fun and there are women who just want to see a dick and decide if they want to fuck it. So, how can anyone say “women don’t like dick pics”? That’s discounting the diversity within the gender.

    • 4philipp says:

      Holly B it’s because opinion is shaped by those who cry loudest. Go to a club next Saturday. Watch how woman are displaying their goods. You don’t see men do that. On dating sites, it’s all about looks. You’d never read the profile from an ugly dude. Those guys who feel a dick pic increase their chances are doing the same as girls having their ass and titties hang out. One day you May be more into it then on another.
      Personally, I do not send dick pics on dating apps, or any apps, text or email. I also don’t make home porn for my own enjoyment. People are into different things.

      Bottom line, if woman don’t want to dress less sexy, don’t expect dick pics to disappear from dating sites.

    • Jill Short says:

      Testosterone is so stupidity-producing that men forget–over 7 billion people on the planet, over 3.5 billion dicks–HOW SPECIAL CAN YOURS BE?

    • Savannah Jones says:

      jdsd744 it sounds like there was something wrong with her mentally. The lack of impulse control is troubling.

    • Savannah Jones says:

      4philipp that doesn’t make sense- you’re comparing male genitalia to random parts of women’s anatomy, the only comparable thing would be if they were sharing pictures of their vulvas. A man could post shirtless pics, be well toned in a tight shirt, etc, just like a woman can wear a tight dress or short skirt. Some, and I mean just SOME woman may REQUEST a dick pic to judge whether or not that’s what they want to have relations with, but sending an unsolicited dick pic to someone is presumptuous and frankly immature. If you think you can’t get a girl without flashing your junk, you’re either selling her short, or you’re after the wrong girl.

  8. Newton Sparetire says:

    They want old people so they can get away with paying them less

    • Moonlit says:

      Yeah. Can you imagine older workers fighting for a $15 minimum wage from the fast food industry?

    • David Hollenshead says:

      I know and it is very sick. I remember the mentally challenged kid from my high school, and how after graduation McDonalds hired him, but would fire him just before 50 weeks, because of the requirement for medical coverage for full time workers & paid two week vacation required by law. 
      So he worked for years without medical coverage or paid vacation, at nearly minimum wage…

  9. Alfred Cain says:

    Chimps using iPhones? Pah! My cat meows at me to change the channel so she can watch Rizzoli & Isles reruns. She wouldn’t dirty her paws using the remote.

  10. James Volk says:

    I’m tired of hearing the economy is booming. ITS NOT! Its booming for the rich! All the jobs out there are of menial labor positions with stagnant wages

    P.S. GDP & Stockmarket is little resemblance of the actual economy & social-economic progress of Middle Class America

    • Israa Al Maimani says:

      +g mun22 speaking from Oman; middle east third world country; i get free education even higher btw we can choose to go abroad, free roads,free healthcare .we dont pay tax but since oil is low we may pay something soon.. and yes i am a women working with Masters in Finance driving own 3 properties two cars most people here at least own one care one house fully .. America and its media spread lies about us their poor people dont even dream of our life ..

    • 4philipp says:

      g mun22 I do agree with many of your points however you are leaving out some key factors.
      – Americans want minimal government interference in their lives and businesses. So the cost of some services moves from the public sector to the private sector.
      – the US is a very business friendly place. It helps spur investment and innovation. While Europe has top talent and innovation, who are the big players in the world? Who drives innovation and development? Europe is similar in size to the US but has few companies that dominate. Granted, there are big national players but none is as grand.
      – we also have a completely different “Union” here. We believe that the president gets elected by the people, but in reality that was never the intention. The people in a state vote for their representatives who vote for president based on the states needs. The compromise here is that people vote for candidates in the primaries. If it was a true popular vote, Democrats would win much more often because people congregate around large cities and most of those are along the coast, and they tend to be more democratic. However that would leave the heartland without proper representation especially in the context of “union of equal states”. Much of the controversy revolves around the federal government yet where people can truly affect their lives is in state elections – which are much more like national elections in Europe.
      – additionally we have to consider geography. The US is so spread out with all climate zones represented that often one solution does not fit all. Solutions and needs are highly regional and a central government an not effectively make broad assumptions.

      Luckily we still do have checks and balances, even if it doesn’t always appear as such. There are elections every 2 years. Just because one party co tools congress or the senate doesn’t mean they can do as they please. As a matter of fact, Obama had both chambers for his first two years and so did Trump. And still, neither could rule supreme. We should be grateful for the status quo. While progress may seem slow to come, large swings can mostly be avoided.

      The one thing that never had such great influence though, is the internet and social media. I’m no longer concerned with the government spying on me, but rather with corporations being able to predict my moves and decision making. User data has become the most valuable commodity and whoever controls that can control the people. Sweden and Switzerland are two good examples of how they handle their currencies. Sweden being almost cashless and the Swiss embracing cash as it is difficult to trace. On that note, the Muller report has shown that Bitcoin is not as untraceable as people thought.

      In conclusion, I would say the US is going thru a time similar to that of the Weimar Republic. Lots of new voices, people wanting special representation, poor education, misleading propaganda and lots of radical views. We will have to give it time to play its course and wait for the pendulum to settle into a new acceptable normal. I do have more confidence in the system to survive and not fall into chaos like in Europe. After all, it’s the oldest strongest democracy that we have. The only curve ball comes from the outside. Another 9/11 could spell chaos and disaster.

    • Garrett says:

      ​+Jason Howell I don’t know.. you haven’t given much information, such as what you majored in, for instance.

    • Garrett says:

      +Laurel I recommend low-fee index funds and/or ETFs. Investing in your future is definitely not nonsense btw.

    • 4philipp says:

      ceciliaFX I live in nyc. I understand her appeal. Also, places like nyc are isolated bubbles with special needs.

      True equality does not exist. It’s impossible. I’m not saying discrimination is acceptable, but decision making can not be made based on equal representation. On the individual level it always has to be based on merit ( skill & needs).

      One thing in politics that we will never overcome is complacency. People vote once and think they are done. We also tend to be hypocrites, accepting a friends behavior because we know they are good but crucify the same in someone we don’t know.

      In a narrow view of the picture, solutions are simple. But taking the large picture into consideration, every time we do something good for one, we do something bad for another.

      The universe is a ying & yang – everything is in balance. You push it out of balance you have greater conflict. Good and evil need to co-exist. Exclusion is impossible.

  11. originalShorai says:

    Why is it a surprise that Chimps can use iPhones? Donald Trump has been using one to Tweet for years.

  12. Sentinel Randy says:

    The way Trevor says “DICK PIC” is hilarious ????????✌?

  13. V H says:

    I’m not saying that’s how planet of the apes starts but….its definitely how it starts

  14. Andrea Glitter-Dancer says:

    All the old people who refuse to adjust the minimum wage and say that jobs like McDonald’s are only for high school students won’t have an argument anymore.

    • Nathan Clark says:

      +Spencer Trilby I used to think like you. It’s how Capitalism is supposed to be but that’s not how it’s worked out. All you need to do is look at where the US ranks in any other metric compared to other developed nations. We have greater income inequality, worse education, worse healthcare, lower life expectancy, higher poverty, more incarceration, and less overall happiness than any number of other countries BUT we have vastly more wealth and resources than ALL of them. You seem like a smart dude so tell me, how does that add up?

    • Spencer Trilby says:

      +Nathan Clark from my experience, everything that’s government ran is piss poor and full of employees that are only working the job and don’t give a shit about fellow citizens, healthcare for active duty military and veterans for example. Public education has done nothing but create a more ignorant populace for the benefit of the ruling class. Seems as though giving government more and more power to “fix” things only digs us deeper in the hole. How are we supposed to pay for programs to put us on par with our European competitors? Tax the rich tax corporations? Tax politicians? The taxes always fall on the middle and lower class because they’re the only taxable resource that cannot relocate to avoid being taxed. Then, do you only offer education and healthcare etc. to citizens who are footing the bill, or do you offer services to everyone who steps foot in country? Where does all this revenue come from? What do you propose?

    • Spencer Trilby says:

      +Nathan Clark I understand where you’re coming from and its the same thing, its how socialism is supposed to be, but never how it turned out.

    • I-Love-CO Mountains says:

      +Spencer Trilby
      I wish I was an incel-ectual like you, Big Brain…?

    • Spencer Trilby says:

      +I-Love-CO Mountains lmao I had to look that term up, That’s funny! And I hope I can be a strong bi-curious trans carpet shampooer such as yourself when I grow up! Fight the power my friend!

  15. PrinceChris93 says:

    LOL raise the minimum wage and maybe people will join

  16. Gary Duncan says:

    There is not a shortage of workers. There is a shortage of people not willing to work for the ridiculus low pay and no benifits.

  17. Some Person says:

    “We need employees” but you won’t raise pay above minimum wage and take it from corporate bonuses? Ever hear of shooting yourself in the foot? Because current day Laissez Faire Capitalism has failed the working man…

  18. Peyton Flynn says:

    You gotta clarify that unemployment is so low because people are taking on 2-3 jobs each. It’s actually a terrible thing.

  19. chellebelle914 says:

    What a awful society that we live in where elderly people have to work at McDonald’s in mass just to survive. America is such a liar

  20. Alexis Rivera says:

    Just what old people need, low paying jobs with generally bad work conditions with ZERO benefits.

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