McDonald’s Chocolate Fries Review | Japan Exclusive

McDonald’s Chocolate Fries Review | Japan Exclusive

McDonald’s Japan recently released an exclusive item to Japan – chocolate fries. Let’s go and see if they’re any good. Also I forgot to mention they cost ¥399 (a bit too pricey in my view).


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20 Responses

  1. BillyGoat says:

    That looks lovely

  2. joshua Webb says:

    Damn that looks delicious.

  3. Sheila Scholl says:


  4. May Be says:

    Idk i would probably try it, if i would go to mc donalds. It seems as
    though, it is only a new way of mcd to charge more money for simple fries
    and a small pack of chocolate sauce. The fries look like they would be a
    medium size and it’s 330 yen..that’s a lot more than the normal medium size
    fries, isn’t it?

  5. daniel jaramillo says:

    If McDonald’s made animal style fries like in and out it will be the best?!

  6. The Dynast Queen says:

    Is McDonald’s and Burger King just trying to fatten up Japan cause we fat
    Americans aren’t wroth the effort anymore? CAUSE I FEEL NEGLECTED!

  7. Cameron Putt says:

    It took me a while to realize why America doesn’t have foods like this.
    It’s because McDonalds is at least nice enough to not sell even more
    extreme foods that will fatten up the damn country even more. Japanese are
    already pretty skinny, I bet McDonalds has all the freedom to sell a 2 foot
    tall Big Mac and nobody will care. If that happens in America you’ll have
    fat people saying they don’t care about the population’s health, and that
    it is ridiculous. God Japan is awesome.

  8. PSI Powered Savage says:

    We got out-Americaned

  9. cmm07r says:

    Japan gets all the good stuff. Chocolate covered fries from McDonalds and
    Ink burgers from BK.

  10. SROMAN says:

    When you realize you just wasted 2 minutes watching a grown man eat French
    fries with chocolate sauce and actually enjoyed it????

  11. The Capitalist Knight says:

    Japan will be more obese then America in no time.

  12. Jordan Jenkins says:

    of course it’s in Japan

  13. Juan Castaneda says:

    i dont give a f… if you dont believe me but i did this years ago i added
    chocolate to my fries in fact i have also ate them with mayonnaise nacho
    cheese on top if you go to a mexican restaurant and ask for fries theyll
    add cheese and carne asada or wat ever meat you want so watching this
    chocolate experiment is kind of lame. next time you visit a mexican
    restaurant try fries with carne asada with true mexican salsa verda is the
    best fries you’ll try. you’ll probably end up licking your plate and good
    luck in the bathroom.✌

  14. Theodore Bergmann says:

    This would be great with ice cream.

  15. Ufohunter007 says:

    Chocolate milkshake with French fries is much better.

  16. West996 says:

    McDonald’s please bring to Canada so I can buy ONCE! :D

  17. Saggy Flapjacks says:

    Why are they only in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

  18. fartzinwind says:

    Owls are Assholes. One took out power to Huntsville Alabama today. I’m
    fairly certain it didn’t survive it’s last act of being an asshole.

  19. Michael Aiyedun says:

    Guess who’s going to japan?
    not me I don’t have the money
    pls someone get this for me

  20. God says:

    I rather have Wendy’s frosty and fries.