McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN

McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN

In St. Paul, MN, Midway McDonald’s on Snelling & University.

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20 Responses

  1. Brad Cruse says:


  2. Skullduggery says:

    Niggers gonna nig. 

  3. peekaboo2u says:

    This is why you DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS…

  4. TrueScottishGamerHD says:

    Racist comments incoming lol!

  5. UndeadGuru says:

    You have a cool sweater

  6. Scione S says:

    People here miss a lot of things. It has nothing to do with race here. It’s
    his Diva attitude. Yes, he’s gay.

  7. Randy Sager says:

    I hope the moron was arrested. 

  8. jrunberg says:

    “Rick, have you ever heard the expression the customer is always right?”

  9. Daigo Kengo says:

    First off, If you are going to film an incident, LEARN HOW TO HOLD THE

  10. Brothershadowfist says:

    Is that the Bix Nood dialect they are speaking? Just imagine what kind of
    service you would get for $15/hr.

  11. 4piglite says:

    Awesome meltdown, wow! Who cares if he can’t find another job flippin’
    burgers – this dude will have his own reality show by NEXT WEEK.

  12. Ten0chtl1 says:

    mOre like FOOOOSACHY!

  13. MrDslpltdor says:

    Tarod he be cool . His Mama have my baby ,


    yeah fuck!!! McDonald!!!! i hate that place with a passion! like Christians
    and Satan’s

  15. Droz Reich says:

    Real smart you dumb idiot. Bitching about money and now you’re going to
    have to PAY a helluva lot more than you wanted given to you. What do you
    possess, 2 brain cells? 

  16. James Shackleford says:

    McDonald’s cheaping out and won’t pay minimum wage workers their lowly
    paycheck? Not surprised at all by someone getting mad over that when you
    live paycheck to paycheck.

  17. frankie white says:

    Stupid niggers

  18. brian self says:

    this is why you should’t hire black people

  19. nolibshere says:

    You can take the monkey out of the jungle, BUT …. You can NEVER take the
    jungle out of the monkey!!!

  20. Deon Williams says:

    Lmao what was the camera man saying?