ME! Behind The Scenes: The Story of Benjamin Button

ME! Behind The Scenes: The Story of Benjamin Button

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Video Director: Dave Meyers & Taylor Swift
Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Video Producer: Dawn Rose for Freenjoy, Inc.

© 2019 Taylor Swift

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42 Responses

  1. Madilyn Schroeder says:

    oh my GOD this is so cute, i absolutely love benjamin and the fact that they met on set for the first music video of this new era makes me so happy

  2. k says:

    Imagine going to work one day and getting adopted by Taylor Swift

  3. Cami Hancock says:

    My favorite part is Taylor’s face when she finds out Benjamin is available

  4. 44GlenCoCo says:

    Taylor: Can I have him?

    Woman: He is available.

    Taylor: ?

  5. Emily Tymms says:

    girl: so here’s a cat that’s up for adoption
    taylor: yes

  6. Francesca X says:

    Benjamin Button. The newest addition to the Swift family.

  7. varvin Karun says:

    This should he called , How I got a new cat ?,not Behind the scenes

  8. Mah jimin mah laiefe says:

    Maybe taylor swift made this song for benjamin?. Hes so cute ???…..”and i promise that nobodys gonna love you like me”…..

  9. Jackie Wyers says:

    omg this is SO CUTE! Brendon Urie & Taylor are so much fun together

  10. Melissa Formales says:

    Everyone: Benjamin Button is the luckiest cat in the world.

    Meredith & Olivia : are we a joke to you?

  11. Liia Ward says:

    Brendon urie is so adorable like if you agree

  12. Tagam Komut says:

    Can I have him?
    He is available.
    Taylor reaction was?

  13. Velvet PR says:

    “You’re gonna have sisters. They’re gonna be nice to you…. eh maybe not at first.” ? Tay knows her cats well

    • 4.26 TS7 says:

      I love how her parents are literally on the set. Most celebs aren’t that close to their families like Taylor is. I love her with all of my heart.

  14. gsd715 says:

    I love how Brendon is equally freaking out because he knows he just witnessed a connection for life happen between Taylor and Benjamin Button ????

  15. Migi Nightcore says:

    A more accurate title is:

    Taylor and Brendon fangirl about a kitten for 3 strait minutes???

  16. kk292 says:

    “Dad you have to hold this kitten”


  17. Mehrin Fattaha Sejuty says:

    We swifties are always praising Tay.But look how cute Brendon is!!

  18. MusicByARII says:

    Taylor looks like a princess and Benjamin is her little prince ??????

    If anyone’s interested I did a cover of me! I’d love for Taylor to see ????

  19. Elven Avari says:

    The fact that Brendon was fangirling over the cat just as much as Taylor made me smile so much!

  20. Abby Miracle says:

    The dislikes are Meredith and Olivia from their different accounts

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