Meanwhile… Canada Moose Vs. Norway Moose

Meanwhile… Canada Moose Vs. Norway Moose

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93 Responses

  1. Abdirahman A says:

    Who else likes how he says “meanwhile”.

  2. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg says:

    As a Norwegian I haven’t heard a thing about the moose statue feud. Edit: Well I’ve seen the Norwegian moose statue. But nothing about it being a feud.

    • Michael Tempsch says:

      +Angry White Guy and there’s a Swede with similar though even grander ideas; planned a 47m tall moose with restaurant inside… Got planning permission but lacking funds.
      Poured a small concrete slab just prior to the permit was about to run out, but in limbo since…

    • death13a says:

      We will built faster, stronger and more fluffier giant moose. As we will ride it into battle

    • Ottts22 says:

      +MediaFaust 🙂

    • justininvestor says:

      What’s up Ingeborg wanna hang and have a couple drinks.

    • ThW5 says:

      You see? The Norwegians have an ELK, which is superior in every way, except for not being a moose on account of not being North American.

  3. JP M says:

    The Eric joke RULES! ???

  4. Heather Bleu says:

    That T1000 version is pretty tight tho.

    • Heather Bleu says:

      Hey Doll! Great to see ya here, I hope all is going well with you & yours:)

    • Agent Fungus says:

      +Sweety How about 5.7 billion? We could build a moose 2000 miles long and 30 feet high.

    • Sweety says:

      @Agent Fungus No one wants your Moose, I mean Wall; Agent Orange said Mexico would pay for it. Now Agent Orange is holding the US Government hostage because Americans don’t want to pay for it. I said decades ago before Trump was even elected, when different Government agency were proposing a wall; that it would never get enough backing for Criminal Enforcement Agency to get funding.The only way it would get any type of funding and backing would be if it was made into an Immigration issue, except I knew like many other people even then; that the majority of people illegally entering into the USA come from over stayed School and Work visa, or used Vacation as a method to enter the USA and simply just never left the USA. The Wall will never be built, the age of technology makes the building, maintaining and physical security of a Wall; an out dated expensive and non-reliable method of securing the Boarder from the main security threat, drug and weapon smuggler. Many hundred’s of miles along the USA/Mexico boarder have a intercept time that’s measure in hours to a full day. That’s unavoidable as much of the terrain is in No mans land, the best cheapest and most effect way of protecting such a vast area is Drone’s. With the advance in facial recognition programs, drone’s could identify threats immediately and the advantages of drones; far out weigh the pro’s to a physical boarder and Officers. I could create a program that would be measured in Millions not billions, by deploying Drone stations along the Boarder. One station every 10 miles, would be 200 stations. With 3 officers working 8hour shifts at each station, you could completely monitor the entire boarder with a staff of less than 1,000 Officer. 600 officers working Camera OPs, while the Other 400 Officer are intercept Officer. Helicopter stations could be every 100 Miles, needing only 20 stations; 60 Pilots to be the entire Air Patrol staff. The Intercept time would be between 10-15Minutes, while Drones maintain permanent positioning and peruse capabilities. One time cost of 1,000 Drones and 20 state of the Art Helicopter’s. Would be chump change compared to the Billions to just begin construction of a physical Barrier, that would easily balloon to 50-70Billion, then repairs and monitoring. It’s idiotic. When a ladder and or a rope can breach any wall in minutes, a shovel can dig a tunnel that need only be as wide as the width of the Wall. You could slide a person or even a motorcycle underneath and with virtually no monitoring over literally a thousand Miles of boarder, The Wall is effectively, ineffective. Yah, maybe if you add some Moose Antler’s it might scare a few people back. LOL!! It’s your tax money to waste, go for it. ROFLMAO.

    • Tanner Denny says:

      +MediaFaust is there a Lesser Elf Valley

    • Agent Fungus says:

      +Sweety I was being facetious about the ridiculous wall. I guess that and sarcasm don’t come across sometimes with just the printed word.

  5. Sven Tempest says:

    I’ve heard of a titmouse…but a tit moose…? That’s new.

  6. New Message says:

    As a Canadian, I’m just glad he didn’t talk about the fact that we are required to make a pilgrimage to the Moose at least once in our lives, and dance naked before it, slathered in maple syrup under a gibbous moon.

  7. FriedrichHerschel says:

    Well, Eric looks like a potato, so …

  8. Jesse Torres says:

    The Trump Presidency will go down in history as a huge moose-take.

  9. New Message says:

    I loved that ‘The Cask of Hallmarkillado’ reference.

  10. New Message says:

    That Eric comparison was unfair to bland, starchy, oddly shaped tubers everywhere. Someone still wants to put the potato in their mouths, after all.

  11. Roberta Sutherland says:

    I loved the joke too!

  12. Luis Perez-Gonzalez says:

    one day he”s gonna seal you in a wall…

  13. MMCat says:

    As a woman, I thought the ‘seal you in a wall’ – joke was hilarious ?
    Looking for to work for the show

    • Raven Valentine says:

      +Jeffrey Bam I… No… It’s not just some obscure reference… It’s referencing “The cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe, which was literally required reading in my primary education. I’d also pump the breaks there on the, “NOT GOOD!” The only place that sort of phrasing and misuse of the English language is appropriate, is on the President’s Twitter.

    • Jessica Fischer says:

      +Mexican taco master It’s funny to some people because apparently it’s a reference to a classic story. It’s hilarious to me because (a) guys do this and (b) sometimes my first reaction is to worry there’s something wrong with them and I have to remember that (a) guys do this and it’s perfectly fine. So in that sense this is a joke ONLY FOR WOMEN because we all share the experience of learning that guys do this sort of thing and it might mean he’s the best man in the world and he thinks you’re supposed to just sign your name in a card or he could be a bad person, you just don’t know. The funny thing for everyone is that it’s positively absurd to go from “he got you a card” to “he’s going to murder you.” It’s a little macabre. That’s my take anyway–it’s the absurdity and unexpectedness of it that’s hilarious.

    • aditsu says:

      After reading this whole thread, the joke still makes absolutely *ZERO* sense to me. It’s a total non-sequitur. I also don’t get why it’s supposed to be funnier for women.

    • Maria Munoz says:

      Am I the only one who thought of trump, his wall, and when he told fox and friends it was Melania’s birthday and all he got her was a card

    • 123haninhk says:

      I laughed so hard, as a woman too ?

  14. Robby says:

    We have moose statue problems here in Canada, You got Trump Eh! I kinda like it here.

    • retnavybrat says:

      +K C Of the two of them, I’m not sure who has the bigger rack. Not that I ever paid attention, but Clinton never struck me as being overly endowed and you know Trump has got to have at least a C cup in man boobs.

    • james mcarthur says:

      +retnavybrat Well Ret. you know as well as I do, that continual fondling increases breast size.

    • v says:

      guessing you’re not in ontario dealing with ford’s idiotic ass ?

    • Ken Carpenter says:

      Yeah, we could really use a moose statue problem about now….

    • Cyrus Slapatich says:

      robby Yea, we’re having a housing crisis because of illegal border crossings but it just great cause we’re stupid loveable Canucks. Maybe they can stay at your house you seem to like them.

  15. Ricardo Marques says:

    This is a sad day to Canada and, therefore, the rest of the world.

    • Sean Mackey says:


    • Sweety says:

      Our Moose is Male, Norway is a female; lets put them together and see which Moose is taller. Yah, I know standing on your hind legs is cheating; but the female Moose in Canada won’t mind. Wonder what the babies would look like?

    • The Don DeLuxe says:

      Fight tooth decay!

    • Agent Fungus says:

      +Sweety Female moose do not have antlers. But that doesn’t mean the Canadian moose and the Norwegian moose couldn’t kick back and enjoy each others’ company because they’re both from sane and civilized countries.

  16. Wake N Bake Music says:

    Just remember somebody got paid to photoshop tits on a moose today. I expect this out of LWT’s staff, but wasnt expecting it here lol.

  17. april b says:

    Just want to say outside of Saskatchewan we didn’t know this moose statue existed… but now we need a bigger and shinier one. ☝?

    • dkrbuckley says:

      From winnipeg, never heard of it

    • Jessica Fischer says:

      That’s how I feel about the biggest rubber band ball that surely exists somewhere in America. I don’t care until another country makes a bigger one–then and only then does it become a national issue.

    • james mcarthur says:

      Did you know about the Goose in Wawa?

    • Sean Mackey says:

      +james mcarthur Oh yeah, I got some pics of those when I passed through in Aug from New Brunswick to Nanaimo. If I had known about the moose I probably would have stopped or not.

    • Marsh Wetland says:

      I stumbled upon it in Moose Jaw. Other than that, yeah, never heard of it, nor expected too. It looked like shit. Basically as Stephen described it.

  18. Pauly Shore says:

    You’ll never take away our anatomically correct buffalo here in Northern Canada, Norway! Only top Canadian engineers and sculptors know the dimensional secrets to those giant, metal testicles. The fact that some passersby occasionally spray paint the giant brown sack neon orange is inconsequential. It only lends to that gilded nutsack’s glory. Earlton, Ontario, Canada: There’s a Buffalo Attached to Those Things!

    • Jillian Smith says:

      Pauly Shore:  you do know that every time they get spray painted, they get one layer larger, right? This will gradually lead to MAGA: Make A Giant Animaltesticles.

    • Asura Heterodyne says:

      I love it when you see bronzed statues that have enough people touch them that they get shiny. You can see exactly where other people touched. I think there is a bull statue somewhere in my area with a patinaed body, and a shiny ballsack and nose. The nose is for families, the ballsack is for all the jokers out there.

  19. Marty Man says:

    they have a local tradition of painting the moose testicles in florescent colors (as the moose is astride a local traffic way)…the city has to repaint it every so often…
    the gag been going on since they erected the silly thing…
    ..err..the moose ..i mean..his balls came attached..

  20. Maxpaz02 says:

    I slap your momma oh yeah yeah she voted for Obama oh yeah yeah you have a pet lama oh yeah yeah

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