Meanwhile… Do Cats Know Their Names?

Meanwhile… Do Cats Know Their Names?

Meanwhile… researchers have concluded whether cats are aware of their given names.

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83 Responses

  1. New Message says:

    “Oh thank god… you didn’t find my crack. Hm? I didn’t say anything, Mom.”

  2. John Marston says:

    Sick, I love a good Colbert character break

  3. Julia Connell says:

    my cat has many names – and yes – if she chooses, she will ignore all – and me ?

    • jwoolman5 says:

      Julia Connell – long ago, my two cats had German names. I used to tell people that they were bilingual and responded equally well to both English and German commands. But you know how well cats respond to commands…

    • Julia Connell says:

      +jwoolman5 lol – what a charming story – thank you for sharing it with me.

      I used to have two cats – Mischief and Mayhem (the neighbour’s cat gave birth to the two of them – just the two of them – under my bed).

      Mayhem died in 2012 – so I couldn’t bear to call Mischief her proper name for a long time – I renamed her for a while – plus she has many nicknames /terms of endearment – all of which she ignores lol

    • Olivia Geter says:

      Yep! My cats respond when THEY want huggies.. Otherwise, they ignore me, especially Noah. NeeHi however is a Mama’s girl.??

    • KeiraR says:

      +jwoolman5Yeah, they respond excellently to commands. If you actually spend some time with them you’d be amazed. But most people just want an ornament, never spend any time and then go “cats don’t respond to commands”. Mine could sit up, give paw, play dead (He’d fall over when I pointed at him and went “bang!”.) and much much more and when I called him he’d come running every time.

  4. Tucker Bowen says:

    Fun Fact: DC Comics character Eel O’Brien a.k.a Plastic Man also exists in a state neither entirely solid nor entirely liquid

  5. Victoria V says:

    What? No, we always *thought* that hematogen so good for health because it contains blood. But it really doesn’t.

    • Enter a name here says:

      Some of the products marketed as hematogen don’t contain any blood. Some still do, so look for those.

  6. Olga Crivova says:

    Don’t exaggerate, it never was a secret that Gematogen contains cow’s blood.

  7. River Song says:

    Yes, cats know their names. They just respond when it’s convenient for them. Some days, I call my cat and he just stares at me then walks away. Some days, I call him and he comes. Meanwhile, who pays for porn seriously?

    • Widmark says:

      My cat behaves like a dog, she always runs home when I call her name. Once I called her from down the street and she tore over to me at top speed, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like none of the people who did that study had ever met a cat before.

    • C345 OFR says:

      Are you sure you don’t just have a small dog with pointy ears and long tail?

    • KeiraR says:

      +Widmark Exactly! mine came running from where ever he was if I whistled or called his name.
      He could also sit up, give paw, play dead, etc etc. It all depends on how much time you spend with them or you can just get one because you think it’s a cool ornament and complain that it’s a stupid cat.

    • Widmark says:

      +C345 OFR Hm, frankly, you could be onto something there …

    • Khrysalis01 says:

      Well, Maine Coons are called the dog of the cat world. They are friendly, playful, funny, can be clumsy sometimes, they are talkers, they enjoy a good belly rub and a lot of them love water, especially showers.

      All in all great cats! ?

  8. winkle bird says:

    That last burn on the football player ??? I’d be crying at home if I were him

  9. LordKellthe1st says:

    Cats do know the names of their servants

  10. Noel Down says:

    That’s funny. I grew up in the Soviet Union – we always knew Hematogen contained cow blood. Was still delicious though.

    • Liisi Altsaar says:

      haha yeah it was never a secret. I ate it a lot as a kid, it is very good.

    • Jonathan King says:

      We are just really grossed out by the idea of consuming blood in America (unless it’s oozing from steak cooked rare). Blood is used an an ingredient in legitimate and tasty dishes all over the world, including up scale restaurants.

    • Khrysalis01 says:

      Yes, I love my perfectly cooked rare steak ? It’s too bad that a lot of restaurants don’t know how to prepare one, so I order one Medium Rare and hope the chef screws it up and sends me a Rare.

  11. Clifford Pierre-Louis says:

    i dont think a study was needed for the cat thing

    • Covfefe Hamberder says:

      Yeah I guess people are retarded. My cat has responded to his name since he was like 1 year old.

    • Khrysalis01 says:

      My two cats picked their own names, they didn’t like the names I gave them. So now Huxley is Buster and Shadow is Lucipurr. The grumpy looking Maine Coon cat ? in my avatar is Buster. ??

    • Covfefe Hamberder says:

      Even if I talk to someone else about my cat, the second I say his name in the convo, he looks at me like “yeah?”

    • Austin Anderson says:

      Some people even think pets don’t have feelings or personality as if they are mindless robots. It’s retarded.

    • Cody Ferrell says:

      The study probably is when cats ignore you…. Like if they are listening when they zone tf out!

  12. Hendrick Filipe says:

    Let’s face it. At this point, the Meanwhile segment is just every un-Trump related news?

    • Michael Lemay says:

      +Chris Hudson Yes, he is. Glad you agree.

    • ZM Dumpbox says:

      A lot of Daily Show alumni have often said they’ll be happy when Trump (and I assume things worse than Trump) no longer regularly commands the news cycle. This despite Trump guaranteeing job security (talking points and comedic material) on a daily basis.

    • Jess Stuart says:

      That’s a major part of the appeal. People are so tired of Trump’s bullshit.

    • Kremlin Bot#33 says:

      That’s why people love it and it’s hard to believe Stephen didn’t reveal this yet

    • Jess Wolfe says:

      That may be why it’s so popular right now. Everyone is so sick of that arse.

  13. potterpotty01 says:

    stephen is so jet-lagged he has forgotten how to read!

  14. Amber Kelly says:

    20 years ago I suggested a bouncy castle at my wedding. My fiancé said no. I was ahead of my time.

  15. Geribaldi's Games says:

    AANNNNDDD 1:25 – must keep thoughts PG…… 🙂
    And Water but solid and liquid at same time – this is called Jello.

  16. Enigma2K99 says:

    Spent almost $30,000 on porn? You’re doing it wrong, son!

    • Eric Andrews says:

      Unless it is perhaps an original negative of Deep Throat, yes, that does seem excessive.

    • Hirnlego999 says:

      Those two boxes were probably a collection of fleshlights. Gotta catch ’em all.

    • gzerox2 says:

      Technically he claims many are no longer in circulation and thus were collectibles.

    • Caterfree10 says:

      There’s this thing called supporting sex workers. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Paying for porn helps do that.

      May not have been on his mind, specifically, but that is the end result. Plus, if the workers aren’t paid, guess who isn’t getting new porn? :p

  17. JiaSwan says:

    Both a liquid and a solid…so the researchers discovered cats?

  18. skyeplus says:

    Blood in Hematogen is no secret. It’s advertised as a medical food supplement and it’s a common knowledge it contains blood. (It was invented in Switzerland btw)

  19. Eli Dames says:

    Reeses peanut butter clots for real made my stomach turn ?

  20. MeganKoumori says:

    His name was Charlie and he had almost 30 grand worth of porn? Let me guess, his father’s name is Martin and his brother is Emilio.

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