Meanwhile… Look Up At The Super Blood Wolf Moon

Meanwhile… Look Up At The Super Blood Wolf Moon

Sometimes it’s nice to check in on the news stories that won’t make it into Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire: 2010s Edition.’

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95 Responses

  1. OnceUponAPiano says:

    “Super Blood Wolf Moon”… I sense a new band name….

    • Bryansk Scion says:

      +Ry Sun There’s a local band called The Hall Monitors, why I don’t know.

    • J G says:

      yeah. that was the joke. did you just comment without watching the video or something?

    • hkistreet says:

      If Peter Steele would still be alive, then Super Blood Wolf Moon would be a great continuation to Type O Negative’s already fantastic song Wolf Moon

    • Kowasi says:

      +Ry Sun A weird name can be cool, attract people’s attention and may have hidden meaning. ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ sounds metal and perhaps a little campy. The right name will resonate with fans and sell the band.

    • Mark Daniel says:

      Wow very creative observation

  2. MusicBankTv says:

    Watching from our studio in Nairobi KENYA.

  3. ThE DuCk says:

    I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand
    Walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain
    He was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook’s
    Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein
    Werewolves of London
    — Warren Zevon

    • Chris Dyer says:

      You hear him howlin around your kitchen door
      You better not let him in
      Little old lady got mutilated late last night
      Werewolves of London again

    • Chris Dyer says:

      +TimeandMonotony every freaking goddamn line of that song is gold

    • Kowasi says:

      +Chris Dyer He was a heavyweight! Everything he wrote is gold to me…

    • Kowasi says:

      +Eric Hoberg You know, thinking about it, the Lee Ho Fook in Adelaide may have been inspired by Werewolves of London as a tribute to the man himself. Mr. Zevon toured Australia and was well received, so much so that he worked Australia into his album Mr. Bad Example. The title track features an American crook who finds his way to Adelaide ‘drinking Fosters in the shade’ and works his scams downunder too.

      From memory: “15 hours later I was down in Adelaide/ looking through the want-ads, sipping Fosters in the shade/ I opened up an agency/ somewhere down the line/ to hire aboriginals/ to work the opal mines/ but I attached their wages/ and took a whopping cut/ and whisked away their workman’s comp/ and pauperised the lot.”

      A restaurant in Adelaide naming itself for Lee Ho Fooks would merely be returning the favour to Mr. Z as he had already given a shout out to the town in Mr. Bad Example.

    • Wynstan'sMom says:

      +Kowasi Huzzah!

  4. Oskar Aanmoen says:

    Watching from Oslo, Norway! ??

  5. TheReal008Zulu says:

    I feel as if if the art restorer had bought his cat the fancy tuna it likes, the painting would still be intact.

  6. Luke Taylor says:

    Gotta love the Flight Attention section and its ever-slowing graphic.

  7. TheCstar07 says:

    I wonder if those Saudi men also stopped wanting “wifely duties” fulfilled when they secretly divorce their wives?

  8. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    No wonder Trump likes the Saudis! He could proclaim he’s divorced from Melania, go and meet Karen or Stormy, and proclaim he’s married again, all without telling his on and off wife — and technically it’s not adultery.

  9. Aditya Waghmare says:

    ‘The Super Blood Wolf Moon’
    *Trump will show his True Demonic form*

  10. Action Hiro says:

    Super Blood Wolf Moon
    Caused Trump to turn a darker shade of Orange and also causes him to lie much more often

  11. mercedes gomez says:

    Meanwhile Trump is crapping his pants with the NYT latest article, perhaps he’ll keep the shutdown going so he can slow down the work of the FBI

    • Sairvous says:

      That may actually be one of the reasons he did it.

    • Sairvous says:

      +MacyLouWho There are plenty of cheaters that have prospered though. Look at all the crooked businessmen that seem to own everything. There is little chance you become a billionaire without cheating or stepping on someone. Unless you inherited the money or got extremely lucky and became a celebrity. There is also winning the lottery I suppose.

    • Donna Vorce says:

      That’s the rumor. It’d be a LOT easier for Cadet B.S. and the entire nation of voters and citizens if he’d simply defect to Russia. I know, I know, but they say when you dream, dream big.

    • Mark Madlock says:

      worse than that, this is just the 1st stage of the permanent shutdown of America. we are surrounded as we speak.

    • MrBobman1966 says:

      The NYT??? ROFLMAO!!! get a grip conchita…

  12. Patricia A says:

    I love this segment. Perfect description of cats’ dgaf attitude 3:16

  13. NorthernLightsOG says:

    Meanwhile, Im on the shitter literally right now. Producing Trump quality product…?

  14. Alex Landherr says:

    Does the cookbook include instructions for using excessive force when removing your guests?

  15. Benzaiten says:

    is this a ploy so the airline can pay it’s flight attendants significantly less because tips will become part of their income? like waiters who are paid with scrap money and have to rely on tips. what a shameful move.

    • E K says:

      They are already getting low pay. If you look at what flight attendants make hourly/the average per year it may look livable but in actuality you’re only paid for flight hours (aka when the plane is in air) so check-in, boarding, deboarding, delays, etc are unpaid. Therefore while some fa s make around $20 an hour (less for regional airlines), they’re usually working 14 hour days and getting paid for 7. Also the average salary shown is deceiving because it takes into account the older ladies who are paid waaay more (pay is based on seniority). The flights you are given are seniority based as well, therefore the high-time, productive trips are hard to get when you’re more junior. Plus airline bases are typically in very expensive cities, like NYC, LAX, SFO, etc. That’s why the majority of fa’s have a side hustle, and also live in crash pads- basically an apartment with a bunch of bunk beds shoved in.

    • Twilight Gardens presentations says:

      Benzaiten crush the struggling laborer, let’s limit regulation

    • Derek Spencer says:

      Waiter wages have a long history in the US, but yes that’s what they have become by relying on tips. It’s good for the business, not so good for the employee.
      And by not tipping, you’re not forcing the employee to pay more, they can easily avoid that. You can only make the business feel bad by not using them next time.

    • JA Schilling says:

      No, not at all. They just keep them instead of pooling them. They get good tips in First and Business Class, last time Steward got about $300.00 from Business travelers. Now they just keep it; as stated, before this all tips were pooled by crew.

    • JA Schilling says:

      +AzureVI Umm…no. They get a very good salary.

  16. Jack Mellor says:

    What do you mean no one will host the Oscars, Academy?


  17. Red 13 says:

    “…to which the place of purchase said ‘please dont!’…”?

    • Enviro Mental says:

      Sent all used condoms to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 c/o Donald I. M. Trump (I. M. for I’m a Moron)

  18. Nylak Otter says:

    Don’t mock my blood moon. I will be camping and enjoying it with my dog on a small island in a lake like a hippie dippy with a kayak.

  19. Tzisorey Tigerwuf says:

    I’ll give the Frontier flight attendants a tip – don’t work for Frontier.

  20. dave williams says:

    Saudi Arabia, besties with ‘Murica, because at the end of the day, both countries could really give a flying fook about human rights and common decency.

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