Meanwhile… Russia’s Newest Spy Is A Whale

Meanwhile… Russia’s Newest Spy Is A Whale

Meanwhile… Russia’s latest spy has a blowhole.

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76 Responses

  1. Nathan Sharp says:

    This is my favorite segment after the opening monologue. It’s as good as The Word from The Colbert Report.

    • Matt Erbst says:

      Not really!
      The Word was great, but this Colbert guy is a tool shilling for Biden, who is a conservative.

    • Theaikro says:

      +Matt Erbst corporate dem have these shows on payroll

    • socrappyicoulddie says:

      +Matt Erbst lol Bernie fans thought he was a Hillary shill, Hillary fans thought he was a Bernie shill, etc. He’s gonna make fun of every candidate and suddenly he’s a shill for another person

  2. gemini star says:

    Yes I follow that gynecologist on Twitter. She’s a straight talker and hilarious.

  3. chico americano says:

    No, don’t put that in there! ?

  4. Vipul Yash says:

    Russia realised that whale is a much better spy than trump.

  5. New Message says:

    Oh… when they said “trained whale”, I thought they meant the one in the White House…

  6. Brian brush says:

    Whales have been proven to be Intelligent.
    So already better then trump.

  7. Brian brush says:

    Russia. Please hack us and make the WHALE President!

  8. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    That’s because the Beluga Whale is not as professional as the Russian Seal Team Six.

    PS I’m looking forward to a future segment for the ladies called “Yes! Do Put That In There!”.

    • Justin Enright says:

      Or 1 called Putin it there baised on Russia’s “fake news” that reporters eventually buy into to make a story like pizza gate, the pee pee tapes and that the US created aids to kill Africans and gays I bet they love fb

    • Ross Parlette says:

      I think he fell back on repeating garlic and didn’t say what was really going to be the last joke item not to put there.

    • Ian Werden says:

      Russia is a toilet!

  9. Ash00 says:

    It appears the “cougars love a sale” line was lost on some viewers…

  10. Joseph Clemente says:

    “Don’t Put That In There” is my absolute favorite new segment. Stephen’s delivery is PERFECT for this. Our American dad having to explain rudimentary self-harm prevention.

  11. silverpurkat says:

    69…. it’s very challenging and produces more questions than answers. ?

  12. steve harding says:

    The garlic in the v jay makes perfect sense. Keeps the vampires away during that time of the month.

  13. Adam Gardiner says:

    Whales have complex language skills and nuanced social interactions. Orange jelly fish has neither. Russian Spy whale for 2020!

    MAWA! Make A,Erica Whale Again.

  14. vdiitd says:

    Never knew Russia had an actual Seal team 6 ?

  15. Ry Sun says:

    Russia’s newest weapon … Sharks with fricking lasers on their heads

    • Planetfall says:

      “Sir, well there was too much red tape…”
      _The Dr eyes the button panel_
      “We can do wales with Radios…”
      _Finger slides towards the button_
      “It’s basically the same thing!”
      _Presses button_
      “No wait pls! AAAAhhhhhhhh!”

    • btfication says:

      This is an american trained whale from St.Petersburg, Florida

    • 42 jade says:

      +btfication yes, the only part of the u.s. with a higher rate of russians than the current white house infestation ?

  16. Dfuher D says:

    Good news – the whale is free of its harness. According to the Norwegian fishermen, the whale was very friendly and tame and seemed used to ppl. It kept rubbing up against their boats, in what they assumed was an effort to get out of the harness. So after a couple of days 1 of the fishermen pulled on his survival suit and jumped in. He got 1 of the 2 clasps open, and they then tied a line on the harness, so the next time the whale swam away from the boat, it hauled the harness off itself. Hopefully it will be able to survive and be free.

    • Rebecca Panayi-Sjotun says:

      +not likely Not necessarily. Most places don’t hunt beluga whales apart from some indigenous native people in places like Russia & the Arctic.
      In Norway where it was found they don’t hunt belugas so if it stays in that area it will likely be fine. ?

    • not likely says:

      +Rebecca Panayi-Sjotun

      Perhaps….but the sucess rate for re-habbing whales that have been in contact with humans is pretty bleak

      “Springer” (west coast orca) had a very strict protacol to prevent imprinting…took a lot of work to keep the “lookie-loos” away from her

      She bonded with her pod…produced offspring

      I don’t know of any other happy endings

      Just lonely….and eventually dead whales

    • Botond Zalai-Ruzsics says:

      Whale done. That’s how you get the camera in Norway ?

    • Fnord says:

      This isn’t a uniquely Russian thing. The US does the same thing with dolphins.

    • Victoria Delaney says:

      Thank you

  17. Grete Bremseth says:

    A Norwegian fisherman put on a survivalsuit, jumped in the sea and got the beluga whale out of that harness! You’re welcome! ♡

    • Tessa Veldhorst says:

      Good to know, poor whale!

    • Grete Bremseth says:

      Lennell Walton Far too cold for me! 😉 I think people wanted to know that someone took action, and freed it from the straps.. and he did! Knew some nitpicker would react to it, but the beluga is free, that’s what matters! ♡

    • Deb long says:

      +Lennell Walton She was giving you information, that perhaps you didn’t know. Your welcome.

    • steelersguy74 says:

      I’m surprised he didn’t try to eat the beluga.

    • Grete Bremseth says:

      steelersguy74 If it tasted good, we might have! Eaten it that is! It is not going ecxtingt, not on the “red list”. But they as far as I know, taste horrible. .we are not Jeremy Clarckson! “Would you like some grated Puffin on top of your seal flipper?”Lol! 😀

  18. S l says:

    Not allowing $69 final bets …… christ we’ve gone absolutely mad. Theyll be banning raunchy Crocs with fanny packs next.

  19. A S says:

    My gosh that whale is adorable and friendly ?

  20. Kuumba Creations says:

    “Juvenile cougar” well there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one

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