Meanwhile… This Puppy Has A Mustache

Meanwhile… This Puppy Has A Mustache

Meanwhile… A shelter dog in New York went viral this week because she has markings that look like a cute little mustache!

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75 Responses

  1. brainflash1 says:

    What? No love for Dali as Teddy Roosevelt leading the “Ruff” Riders up San Juan Hill?

  2. Pepper Moon says:

    Coors beer mostly water .. more like peeing in the shower ?

    • Réal Morrissette says:

      You drink a budweiser before the shower. 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour later you pee in a glass and you get a coors light for free.

    • AisuruMirai says:

      _All_ beers are mostly water. Otherwise, how would you drink them?

    • Jim Alley says:

      With a fork??

    • Mike Hegarty says:

      @Réal Morrissette I save money by not buying coos light anymore, instead I buy one can of coors, add once ounce of coors to 11 ounces of water, tada ! A 12 pack of coors light. ☺

    • Réal Morrissette says:

      @Mike Hegarty That is a quite substantial economy. The only drawback perhaps is the fact that after drinking the whole 12 pack you feel like a totally “straight” full water reservoir.

  3. Fluff McMuff says:

    Meanwhile, based on the contents of his words, Mitch McConnell appears to be one of those species of turtles that can breath out of its own ass.

  4. Andy B says:

    What about Salvador? Dog’s ACTUAL name is “Dali” and everything!

  5. varizza says:

    These meanwhile intros are getting wilder each time, and I love it.

    • fododude says:

      The intros cripple this bit.

    • Yawning Pheonix says:

      The intros are gold and I hope whoever writes them gets a bonus

    • Jay Zenitram says:

      I, OTOH, thank god for fast forward

    • Greg Fakerson says:

      varizza well the intro used to be good.

      “I spend so much time cutting prime cuts of meat for my monologue, that sometimes i need to use meat glue and pick up the bits off the slaughterhouse floor and paste them together for my segment….”


      “I spend so much time reviewing the quality articles of news in the major newspapers that are my monologue, that sometimes i forget to check the local papers. So i’ll go through and collect local papers from all over my state and drive them back to my house. then i’ll sit down with a nice cold shower coors, and start reading until i find something interesting. Then, i take my scissors and start cutting out words and letters. Then i take all those words and glue them to a piece of paper in a haphazard manner which i send to strangers inviting them to a cookout i’ll be having next week. Then, during the cookout, i’ll walk around and ask them about their day. After the cookout is over, i go to everyone’s house and pull the invitations out of the trash. then i take those invitations, cut the words back out and glue them into future newspapers. Those future newspapers will go out of business, allowing me to start my own newspaper with my next segment…”

      it’s like what the fuck? too long. too esoteric. not funny enough. They used to be quick and eloquent and funny. Now, like someone else said, the fast forward button handles it.

    • 357CLOUDY Black Feather says:

      Yeah, I’m still laughing about his “ass croutons” comment.

  6. Karajorma says:

    How did the Coors Light marketing team not see that jokes about the beer being watered down practically write themselves?

    • Nj Osborne says:

      Over The Spectrum
      Do ya think?

    • Dizzy Dalek says:

      The saddest part is Coor’s marketing still is so much better than their brewing.

    • Hannah BJ says:

      It’s also the beer for alcoholics. Sadly. My uncle would have these in his hand as he got out of the car to visit us. I thought it was funny when I was little. Until he died this year of alcoholism caused cancer. This ad infuriates me

    • John Butler says:

      I feel like this was purposefully designed to go viral on the popular subreddit /r/showerbeer, but mainstream america has no idea what that is, so we get reactions like this.

    • Maiden Laura says:

      EWWWW UGHHH Piss water

  7. anhsirkeesmav akittak says:

    Warning: Using product may result in divorce.

    • Shabab Haider says:

      Warning: Product use may be the result of a divorce XD

    • Amber Ambwee says:

      Warning: Using product in shower may result in lower social class status.

    • Daniel Davies says:

      You’ve not gone on a proper bender until you’ve been sat under a shower drinking champagne from the bottle telling the person racking up on the cistern to hurry up because you’re gonna spew

    • Daniel Davies says:

      Then gotten back into the shower and washed it all down with a cold can of fighting strength beer

  8. selfreference2 says:

    why does he have a rubber duck in a standing-only shower?

  9. Bruce Lortz says:

    Nice of Colbert to give a shoutout to Kate Sidley. I guess he hasn’t forgotten his roots as a writer.

  10. BdR76 says:

    2:57 “You’re going to catch some water in your mouth anyway, why not make it Cors Light?” xD LOL

  11. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    Spirit Airlines is trying our their premium food package — and when they say “fresh”, you have to catch it first!

    Food in water is nothing new — Deuce Bigalow’s pimp T.J. pioneered that move.

  12. Phil Stehle says:

    Dolly is a cutie,she’ll be in a furever home forever, no drinking in the shower ever ,slip ,fall, bang your head and end up like our current presidunce

    • Greg Fakerson says:

      Phil Stehle try taking a grammar course.

      i’m on your side, love doly, hate trump. but your writing is illegible.

    • Phil Stehle says:

      @Greg Fakerson play on words dipstick, this is a comment site , no grading required if you don’t get that then stay off the site buzzkill !!!!

  13. Red Hunteur says:

    Pabst Blue Ribbon: The official beer for drinking on the toilet.

  14. gurdeep chahal says:

    Batman was on his way to Chicago to fight crime

  15. Adrian Duran says:

    Like a bat out of Spirit Airlines, I mean Hell

  16. Nerd And Geek says:

    Dali as a can of Pringles, a ringmaster, and/or monopoly man

  17. over opinionated says:

    In the Shower He got Chilli on his Willie
    Seriously,,, DO NOT ATTEMPT
    BUT,, if you do,, pour cold Coors Beer on it

  18. Marius Matei says:

    That “chilly in the shower”, Hilarious, but Eew! ??

  19. Connie Crawford says:

    That Magnum shirt is my choice ! Aloha, pupper !

  20. C J says:

    1:55 Kate Sidley was so right to promote that collage, sometimes you should just run with your instincts!!

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