Meanwhile… Wienermobile Drivers Wanted!

Meanwhile… Wienermobile Drivers Wanted!

Meanwhile… Oscar Mayer’s open call for Wienermobile drivers has Stephen contemplating a career change.

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71 Responses

  1. KingAmroth says:

    People love the Meanwhile

  2. Dustin Davis says:

    Haha the doublestuffed line was gold.

    • Musty Bryce says:

      +Greg Gammago Well evidence actually viscerally points in the direction of Catholic priests, you poor excuse for a human.

    • M McCoy says:

      +Greg Gammago
      Right, ’cause nothing says Good Christian like divorcing twice, multiple instances of adultery (with porn stars), constant lying, grabbing women by their privates or profiting off the American taxpayer.

      If you think anything he says in support of your beliefs is anything other than him pandering to you in order to pacify a part of his base then you have more problems than waiting for the invisible sky Daddy to answer your prayers.

    • brandon leong says:

      James Denny what sorcery is this?
      I have hope again

    • Marsh Wetland says:

      +christian bjerknes Exactly, the cookie comes as a double-stuff version (I’ve seen this here in canada) and the joke alludes to that – interpret what that could be at will. There are various ways to “double up” on sex and I’m not offended by any of them. NOt sure why people made the woo or boo sound there?? How that crosses a line.

    • jwoolman5 says:

      James Denny – I would say that I’m waiting for them to make All Stuff ( no cookie, just filling) but I’m not sure how that would be taken in this particular discussion.

  3. Patricia A says:

    Should have named the frogs Marshmallow and Lillypad

  4. TheReal008Zulu says:

    After the doublestuffed joke, I think we may see Colbert driving around a weinermobile.

  5. AFishBicycle says:

    Meanwhile… 17 investigations

  6. New Message says:

    A little double stuff, some hot doggers, and a slimy hookup…

    I feel like I’m on PornHub, not YouTube.

  7. 123haninhk says:

    They’ve been having ‘Meanwhile’ segment a lot nowadays because it’s popular on Youtube, yeah? I remember back then when they wouldn’t embrace Youtube at all because they didn’t understand social media.

    • MoonFairy929 says:

      123haninhk i was just thinking that i thought meanwhile was a Tuesday segment and that we already had one this week. If your assertion about youtube popularity is true, it’s interesting how the platforms must compete and work together.

    • alguien alguien says:

      +steveosworld it’s always entertaining tho
      It’s not my country the one getting fucked up….. So at the end is kind of funny

    • Hank Myers says:

      Well, I haven’t had tv for over a year so all my Colbert comes from Youtube.

    • justaguy12345 says:

      I dunno, they’ve always embraced Youtube with LSSC. Unless you mean back in the Report days. LSSC was probably the first late night show to upload THIS much of the show, free, to YouTube. But they have definitely improved in how they use social media, too!

    • Jan Edmunds says:

      Who’s “they”?

  8. socrappyicoulddie says:

    “Vehicular sausaging” is a phrase I never thought I’d hear

  9. Amethyst says:

    Double Stuffed, Hot Doggers & a Slimy Romance. God Damit Colbert I didn’t come here for you to tell me about Donald Trump’s sexual fantasies!

  10. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    That’s the kind of story we need right now…

  11. Dead Freight West says:

    Rolaids and a Sharpie… they would taste, and certainly smell better than Luvs Candy.

  12. mori1bund says:

    After watching this clip I wonder why I suddenly have a craving for a sandwich…

  13. Crazy Diamond says:

    Meanwhile is the new “The Word.”

  14. Benzaiten says:

    double stuffed with Stephen Colbert and Jon Steward? yes, please!

  15. fatine mahir says:

    cute when he laughs at his jokes.

  16. andrewszombie says:

    “and if you’re lucky… Double stuf” LMAOOO ?????

  17. Sketchorama says:

    No we didnt find the line! That was the best joke, vintage colbert. We need more jokes like that lol

    • revengefrommars says:

      Besides, if you don’t hit the line occasionally, how do you know where the line is? You’d be delivering safe, bland jokes all the time.

    • Wynstan'sMom says:

      Yes! and I thought the exact same thing. I posted my Jon Stewart comment before I read yours. Futurama or just a rubber band?
      says she who is just discovering Futurama and the joys of Jon and his favorite hobbit, Stephen.

  18. Luke Taylor says:

    *This* is why we love Stephen. Gotta love his dedication and bursts of cute laughter when he just can’t keep it together anymore.

  19. JJ says:

    I friggin love it when he cracks himself up!!

  20. Maclain says:

    Gotta say the double stuffed joke was funny, but when he threw the script and revealed they’d cut it out I died?!!!

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