Media Fawns Over Trump’s New Tone: A Closer Look

Media Fawns Over Trump’s New Tone: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s restrained first speech to Congress and the media’s reaction to the possibility of a more presidential Trump.
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Media Fawns Over Trump’s New Tone: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. cr7Bueso Trejo1997 says:


  2. ColossalSquid says:

    The American subculture that put Trump in the White House is the same subculture that opposes gay rights, the same subculture that opposed civil rights in the 60s, the same subculture that opposed women’s suffrage, the same subculture that opposed abolition. For two and a half centuries, it has been the task of liberal America to drag these backwards, religious morons kicking and screaming into modernity.

  3. Storm VII says:

    Gorilla? Seth get your eyes checked, that’s obviously an orangutan in the limo.

  4. Don Blazar 亀 says:

    They are acting like that because they are actually watching an ape in a cage.

  5. Adam Laski says:

    How does the Presidential limo not have tinted windows… My neighbors Civic is more private than that

  6. Pamela Homeyer says:

    He didn’t know the water was donated by Flint Michigan.

  7. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Trump is still the same racist fascist. That was from the TelePrompTer

  8. Mele Dog says:

    My mother is a malignant narcissist, and I’m am struck by how many traits she shares with Trump. They can never be trusted.

  9. Dave SOLEMI says:


  10. Deebo Molina says:

    Trump is the shitty boyfriend that decides to dress up for a wedding only to go home and abuse his girlfriend…America

  11. Eric Silva says:

    They medicated Trump and hired him a writer. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

  12. kcthewanderer says:

    No mention of that sly little move from “we need to protect victims of crime” to “I’m creating a new Homeland Security division called V.O.I.C.E. – the Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement”? That’s the line that made my skin crawl.

  13. marie sia says:

    Uhm no, talking “properly” with a different tone does not make him presidential. WTH.

  14. Bruno Gava Tramontina says:

    Trump set the bar so low that now to become President of the United States all you have to do is to act normal. Not be normal, just act normal. And rich, of course.

  15. Mr. NerdyGamer says:

    Every time Trump says something I want to fact check it. Something I shouldn’t have to do.

  16. Flexta McSignals says:

    Are we just going to ignore VOICE?

  17. Christine D. says:

    People are so easily impressed since the bar was so fucking low. The guy is a peice of trash.

  18. BladeWinters says:

    The bar is so low, so embarrassingly low

  19. Avenger says:

    I’m disappointed that they aren’t talking about his new program VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement). Where its intention is to literally publicize, advertise and seek out crimes done by immigrants.
    Does anyone remember when we last saw this? Oh yeah, they did that to the Jews.

    Nazi Germany did the exact same thing and published articles called “The Criminal Jew”.

  20. Why you gotta go there says:

    Only Trump supporters man. Only Trump supporters can take that Yemen raid and turn it positive.

    – Navy seal died
    – Resulted in the death of 30 innocent civilians(women and children)
    – Didn’t even result in the death of the Target they were after

    Yet all over the internet his supporters have been going “This is how a real leader handles things! God bless you Mr. President trump and your love for our soldiers.”

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