Medicaid’s Last Stand | June 28, 2017 Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Medicaid’s Last Stand | June 28, 2017 Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

We finally got to see the text of the BCRA and unfortunately gross incompetence is the one thing not being defunded.

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20 Responses

  1. tyrred says:

    First? Samantha Bee I want to have your baby!

  2. Adam Byrnes says:

    I’ve never been this early…I feel so accomplished 😂

  3. Cyanasarus Rex says:

    Love you sam! This is my favorite show and I always look forward to these uploads!

  4. Star Hunter says:

    I’ll die if this passes. Just for rich people to get more money. HOW IS THAT CONSIDERED OK?!

  5. William Edward says:

    I now think of Kellyanne Conway as some kind of lovecraftian monster. Thanks, Sam.

  6. Jowana Bueser says:

    Imagine dating a young Paul Ryan. He takes you out for dinner and talks about gutting Medicaid while waiting for dessert. And you get Ayn Rand books instead of roses.

  7. Drew Is Cookie says:

    Samantha keeping it💯👍👍😬

  8. amy says:

    trumpcarelessness is the latest medical condition with US

  9. Taco1011 says:

    The situation in the United States with healthcare is a warning to the world of the dangers of partisanship. In Canada, when two parties can’t agree on something, they try to work together to overcome those differences and make an agreement that works for everyone. You will never, EVER, EVER see that in the United States. Because Democrat Politicians can’t stand Republicans, and Republican politicians can’t stand Democrats.

  10. Stephen Cody says:

    Taking $800 billion isn’t a cut,it’s just a reduction.Yeah riiiight.

  11. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    Keep up with the arrests of those Physically challenged innocents people protesting the lost of their wellbeing rights reserved as human beings. The GOP’S CARTELS are the now the true SODOMITES, and WINTER IS COMING AND THE POOR WILL SOON RISE .

  12. amanda miller says:
    only way to beat these cocksuckas!!!!

  13. Wesley Crabajales says:

    Still waiting for all the winnings to begin.

  14. Julio Cesar Granados Muñoz says:

    Me encanta el programa! <3

  15. Kelli Barnhouse says:

    She is so funny, but this death care
    so the Rich does not pay any tax and received taxes back they already paid!!
    Killing 22or more
    Millions of Americans is, NOT OK!!
    Money for Murdering American!!

    Republicans are the enemy of the American people!!

  16. The Silent Avenger says:

    Dear ‘Muricans.

    Your country is like a rich third world country. Congrats.

    A person from an actual third world country except everyone has free healthcare here.

  17. Shubham Bhushan says:

    I want to smash Paul Ryan’s face in with a hammer.

  18. Maremons says:

    We’re going to build a wall (read: tax cut for rich people) and we’re going to make Mexico (read: the American healthcare system) pay for it.

  19. longtail4711 says:

    Turns out when Repubelickin’s were screaming about “death panels” it was actually them hollering an idea to one another.

  20. Mr Clasher - Clash of Clans & Pokemon GO says:

    Hoping to break 100k amazing subscribers goal this year which I know will not be easy /:

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