Medical Devices: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Medical Devices: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the medical device industry, which is a huge business with a hugely troubling lack of regulation.

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63 Responses

  1. Keithdrew 6 says:

    Skips for the squeamish:
    8:28 (skip at 8:06)

    • Custos says:

      …..good god. Always amazing how sensitive people can be. You’ve eaten a steak before, right? Ever seen hamberger that’s gone off? This is just a brief few images of little rotten long pig. Here’s some real nightmare fuel

    • Ratkie Graves says:

      +Elizabeth Taliaferro They werent really that graphic? They showed black stuff in a tube. Thats the only one he skipped the opossum on. Also i think the point is that it IS horrifying. We should all know how horrifying it is. If you have to look at something horrifying for a second to understand the gravity of the situation then so be it.

    • Elizabeth Taliaferro says:

      Okami Kotori thank you. A phobia if a phobia and it doesn’t matter if you arnt grossed out by it- I was, and I felt okay o watch because a trigger warning was promised.

    • Elizabeth Taliaferro says:

      Tyler Burney exactly.

    • Elizabeth Taliaferro says:

      Ratkie Graves I understand your point, but if I don’t want to see graphic gore then I have a right to. If I can tell it is coming up I click way from a video. In this. I was told there would be warnings before. That’s not okay. And to your other point. You don’t have to see it in graphic detail to be concerned or wanting to learn more. I don’t want to see a gun shot but I can sympathize with victims. To that point isn’t fair at all.

  2. MrMac3232 says:

    My boy John just trolled me not even 5 minutes into the episode. What an absolute lad.

    • João Maia says:

      +Spooky Boyy why so much hate? I think the top comment, because it ends with “an absoluta lad”, is probb coming from an english person. Jesus i really dont understand the point you were trying to make. What did he say that was so wrong? Have a good one

    • Jimmy Scrambles says:

      +Spooky Boyy you’re 12, aren’t you?

    • Mikie Swart says:

      Jimmy Scrambles or fucking retarded

    • Trig__ says:

      +Spooky Boyy It’s funny cuz you’re so mad over nothing and nothing you do or say is gonna stop people making fun of you. Enjoy your hole and keep on diggin!

    • ISHD ISHDINA says:

      He lives by the “Remember to be insulted today ” rule.. What an absolutte turd

  3. EPrimeify says:

    Plot twist: Momz In The Hood is gonna show up at the end.

    Edit: Awwwww.

  4. Siobhan Dietz says:

    There’s a Netflix documentary called “The Bleeding Edge” about this. This show actually used clips from the documentary

    • Tommy Maroney says:

      Thanks! I’m going to watch it

    • James Johnson says:

      Thanks; so much of this episode was déjà vu but I couldn’t figure out why.

    • Opal Shade says:

      Thanks for the recommendation, just finished watching it. It’s creepy, scary, but also rage-inducing that the industry is allowed so much power over political decisions that would be in favor of the people, but against the interest of the companies

    • Robert Marske says:

      My daughter worked on that production….and as a physician, she taught me things that I had no idea of concerning the medical device approval process.

  5. Abbreviated Reviews says:

    I can’t believe you’d tease me with Momz in da Hood. I’ve never been more excited in my life.

  6. isabella ericson says:

    “The Bleeding Edge”, is a great documentary on Netflix about medical devices.

    • Diego Rivera says:

      Mr. Oliver thank you so much for breaking the silence on the botched Medical Device industry horrors. There are massive coverups and harassment programs that involve courts and police to keep this knowledge from the public. Many employees are under extra legal harassment, threats of litigation and criminal persecution for trying to protect patients. For example, those hip replacements by Depuy Synthes J&J, a client of a very shady consulting company, British Cambridge Consultants(snapped up by French Altran after former parent’s Arthur D Little exec’s got caught embezzling in the Enron era). Ongoing problems with titanium hips it are being covered up by the corrupt Boston courts and police who interfered with court hearings to protect Cambridge Consultants executives from having to perjure themselves in court. While railroading whistleblowers who spoke out about safety issues and were systematically retaliated by managers, then HR, then courts, then cops. There are serious questions about Depuys titanium hip implant strain sensor biocompatibility and efficacy that engineers were too frightened to speak about. Insulins injector studies compromised? Following this, Medrobotics fired a former CC engineer who forced them to invest in years of development to ensure patient safety over quick bucks for a throat-snake robot. (CC relayed threats to sue Medrobotics for “poaching” if this former CC engineer does not stop speaking about toxic CC retaliatory culture).
      Citizens Arrest for David Bradshaw, general manager of Cambridge Consultants for perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice! Bradshaws lie, patients die. If these Boston courts covered up Vatican’s crimes against the most vulnerable, what’s a few abused engineers? We swear an oath to protect public safety and wear an Iron Ring made from a collapsed bridge’s girders as a reminder. On ides of March in 2018 a bridge collapsed in Florida just as they were railroading engineers in Boston. Frightened calls from project engineers warning of structural problems were briefly played on the news. And yes, when Boeng turned into a money factory, some bright exec thought an if statement can correct a stalling 737. How many whistleblowers did Boeng supress? Unite to Fight the corporate blight. Democracy in the Workplace, NOW!
      Learn more about corporate power abuse and what We The People can do to counter it:
      Thank you for breaking the silence Mr Oliver. Keep speaking truth to power, cause they won’t let us.

    • OneironauticalOne says:

      It was, all three highlighted devices, hips, mesh, IUD were covered in it verbatim. They must have been out of ideas..

  7. Roger Mischke says:

    Are you being turned into an oppossum? If so, call the nearest RSPCA.

  8. Jennifer says:

    John Oliver has replaced replaced PSA’s with something more informative and more entertaining.

  9. Dave Shelles says:

    This video didn’t make me pregnant so…
    X Excellent

    • Santi Decunto says:

      Just wait a few weeks bruh

    • Steward of Autumn says:

      Lol if you feel burning down below that may be a side effect of watching this program. If you have ever experienced painful swelling, itchy crotch,hernias, ‘does bruno Mars is gay?’, apocalyptic visions, bad presidents, and a belief that the world will end please you could be entitled to a lawsuit..

      Please call this number 1800 US TRUCK, that’s 100 US TRUCK. For more information….

    • Brandin Bertucci says:


    • Melissa 0984 says:

      Didn’t get it

    • Arachnofiend says:

      That was such a ridiculous argument; these women would be able to avoid pregnancy if they were blasted with radiation, that doesn’t mean it was a helpful procedure for them.

  10. Alissa Check says:

    Eating breakfast and a new John Oliver video pops up.
    *Oh boy can’t wait to enjoy this video with my Cheerios.*

  11. JohnMichael Molinares says:

    “Great video y’all;
    Intrathecal pain pump recipient November 2012”

  12. Courtney Hammett says:

    Coolest trigger warning ever

  13. Rin Tao says:

    I’m pretty sure a mole person screaming in the subway tunnels is more informative than Info Wars.

  14. duchesswannabe says:

    Welcome to the new episode of “Murica! What else is wrong with it?”

  15. John Chessant says:

    The 19 laugh/angry reacts on that baby picture lmao… poor Greg 🙁

  16. vvsvlogs says:

    I’m Momz In Da Hood’s biggest fan.

    You can’t do this to me, Johnathan.

  17. Stefan Kielberg says:

    Unbelievable he didn’t put the Opossum sign up before showing the Zane picture. Feelscheatedman

  18. Nifemi Adetunji says:

    I just watched an episode of The Resident about this! Great segment, as always!

  19. Jordan Stefanski says:

    I would listen To a lot more damning public service announcements if it was Jane Krakowski starring in every one

  20. Kevin Benoit says:

    Me: “my watchdog ate my face”
    Them: “But there are no burglars in your yard”
    Me: “… You’ve got me there”

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