Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown – All Eyes On You (Official Audio)

Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown – All Eyes On You (Official Audio)

“Dreams Worth More Than Money”, in stores June 29th !

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19 Responses

  1. Mitrelle Strong says:

    Nikki & Meek Verses Are inspired By Biggie’s Verse In Notorious Thugs 

  2. Brian Leonard says:

    This song is fire

  3. Pedro L says:

    Nicki bodied that shit, Meek was ok

  4. Ty Moore says:

    this song crazy 

  5. Ashley Blair says:

    Who else in love with this song!

  6. Os Idiotas says:

    Que perfeição essa música… <3

  7. SLAY SLAY says:

    Omfg this few cute but I wonder how sb feel lmfao

  8. Minorock93 says:

    +G. Ruiz dernier reveal avant l’album gros , t’en penses quoi ? chris brown
    trop Rnb le man

  9. Demetri Dwight Hubbard says:

    I really like this song & its really cool to see couples do songs together
    & Chris Brown just put the cherry on top for this song & this is a really
    great look for Meek & Nicki

  10. Kristina Masters says:

    My Boo kill n it as always

  11. Jason Drax says:

    +ADXo xo chris aint trippin he has alot of bangers under his belt and
    artists are desperate to have him on their tracks. And plus without chris
    this is a fucking LAME SONG

  12. babymilllo says:

    This is everything…

  13. Gabrielle Thomas (Gabby) says:

    She slay every verse that comes out her face

  14. Alis Mary Martinez says:

    Amazing!! #TheQueenOfRap #TeamBreezy

  15. Lamar Young says:

    From my point of view .Nicki fucked over safaree how you end a 12 yr
    relationship and start a new relatuinshiop months later… really. She been

  16. Latino Swaqqrd says:

    This Biatch Got Gansta Rap Skills

  17. mondizzle quinones says:

    This song is beast fire

  18. Robby Conn says:


  19. Laquise Johnson says:

    They make a cute couple