Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown – All Eyes On You (Official Video)

Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown – All Eyes On You (Official Video)

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20 Responses

  1. Angelica's Life❤ says:

    chris brown third wheeling

  2. scalo pierre says:

    Mais c’est terriible masta !!

  3. gentoogod123 says:

    Chris brown leaning on a wall or doing a roundhouse kick for no reason.
    Meek ripping off a 2pac or Biggie lyric. Check.
    Nicki singing about clothes and her vag while showing her cleavage. Check.
    These garbage ass rappers are so generic its horrible. I know the entire
    song and video before even hearing it.

  4. Kevin BTRFan says:

    Chris Brown le da este toque especial a la canaion que la hace genial!!!

  5. Jonathan Sweeting says:

    Meek ain’t as famous as Niki and Chris and He just got murdered by Drizzy
    but He held His own in the video. If I was Him I would marry Niki though
    cause if He loses Her He ain’t gonna have that sting anymore. Yea He was
    alright befor Her and came up the hard way but after recent events, that
    changes shit now.

  6. Rocket Reyez says:

    Chris Brown is gonna be the only light skin nigga taking Meeks side over
    Drake. lmao

  7. Susan Gikonyo says:

    All you niggas haters! Stfu and let him do hi thang !

  8. Tashia Warner says:

    I love this song 

  9. ebony johnson says:

    Pause at 2:23 here butt looks like its missing paint…but dont get it
    twisted i still love nicki lol

  10. titia minaj says:

    Frenchement j’ai mis j’aime pour my niki et chris brown le reste c’est nul

  11. Unboxcardiac says:

    The auto sync be real 

  12. Boshc69 says:

    they video was in Atlanta , fmoi _1donjuan 

  13. BDOUG DOUGLAS says:

    Anyone notice that Meek didn’t have Chris Brown anywhere near his girl? LOL

  14. Teo Tserke says:

    This is really good…Chris Brown..Amazing voice…Nicki and Meek have
    really nice rythm and they are really good rappers. Actually Nicki is Queen
    Of Rap 😉 This is the true guys 😉 If you don’t like this music just go out
    of here and shut up your f*cking mouths! Bye :*

  15. Chatty Patty says:

    2:43-2:46 baaaabbyyyyy

    Is it gay when Chris hit that note I felt some type of way

  16. Timur Badmaev says:


  17. Darthrevan says:

    Fuck this he copied notorious thugs by biggie, don’t copy a legend

  18. IC Ong says:

    Nip Slip at 3:58!

  19. Vedant Tiru says:

    Damnn they were gonna fuck at the end but meek didnt give her monster so
    she left

  20. tOou hAaMi says:

    drake back to back :-):-):-):-):-);-)