Meek Mill – Mandela Freestyle

Meek Mill – Mandela Freestyle

Meek Mill –
Mandela Freestyle

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29 Responses

  1. David Yang says:

    “Can you believe it in the land of the free im fighting for freedom” – meek mill

    Sheeeeshhhhh 😤😤😤🐐🐐🐐

  2. Debo Gaming says:

    When Meek Spits Like This, Meek Spits At His Best. Period.

  3. Ndabenhle Mchunu says:

    Wow!!!! Dude you’re from America and here in RSA we’d admire you as one of the TOP American rappers but with this project. No words can describe the way I feel about our country now cz clearly the world is watching… Thank you broh; you can laugh about it but it really feels good to be recognised by an American if you’re an African.

    We love Meek Mill. I’m buying this freestyle now.

  4. Deante Humphrey says:

    I don’t care what nobody’s says,this black man right here can rap. His music on a different level of pain.

  5. Mtam Onenyembezi says:

    S/O Meek, Mandela Freestyle… South Africa 🇿🇦 stand up.

  6. Khronos Beats says:

    Always with the heat!!! 🚀😤🍟

  7. Radiant * says:

    The Lox and this man are the reasons why I still get crazy hype off of rap✊”The system’s broke and we cant fix it take it to the chop shop”Talk that shit Meek

  8. Hercules Tailor-made says:

    “They say we guilty till we innocent ”
    That’s true G, I’m with you, ” I refuse to be the product of my environment “

  9. Izzy OE says:

    “You can label me as a rapper cause I’m different kid, and the only difference is I’m really making differences”.
    Talk yo shit Meek🗣💯
    #DreamChasers #SurvivalOfTheFitest

  10. Khalid Reed says:

    This “pause” flow that he’s using now is putting him on a new level 🔥🔥

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