Meek Mill Snaps At Fan Holding Up Drake Sign Nicki Minaj Leaves In A Rush!!!

Meek Mill Snaps At Fan Holding Up Drake Sign Nicki Minaj Leaves In A Rush!!!

Meek Mill Snaps At Fan Holding Up Drake Sign At Fools Gold Day Off In Ney York And Nicki Minaj Leaves In A Rush After!!!

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20 Responses

  1. Franky a says:

    drake still better than him

  2. Lorenzo312 says:

    ya know, drake winnin. meek got bodied on a track. drake +1. meek cryin
    like a baby on twitter, meek -1. weeknd got 300k off ovoxo name
    recognition. drake +1. lil snupe shot dead. meek -5. drake got that sprite
    endorsement. drake +1. meek gets that sour bitch who embarassed herself at
    vmas. meek -1. drake get anyone to he want including that loudmouf ho.
    drake +1. meek gotta watch that anaconda lapdance every day and cry.

  3. Cheef Beef says:

    that nigg meek mill deformed

  4. MazaBLaze says:

    The boy Meek is out of pocket right now. He just need to stop.

  5. FadedxIllusionz says:

    lmao Meek is begging for another diss from Drake

  6. Patrone Shotz says:

    So many racist people on youtube its Ridiculous! smh

  7. Brandon K says:

    Classy guy!

  8. Pain4Gains says:

    Lmaoo. Where was this toughness on your diss to Drake? You weren’t gonna do
    shit, you were gonna post it on twitter like a little bitch that a Drake
    fan held up a Drake sign. “Standing next to a shooter now.” Stfu pussy.
    Come 1 on 1 without any of your homies around and “shooters.” You aren’t a
    fucking gangster pussy. Drake eats you bitch. You’re a no name, i didn’t
    even hear of you until Drake was featured on your song. Talking like a
    gangster when you only a stupid rapper. Matter a fact, just go do some drug
    dealing shit, you aren’t good at rap anyway. You are a dweed, boy.

  9. Hashed Prod. says:

    Damn, even the insults were whack af

  10. Chillouttunez X says:

    Why does he stand and walk like he is going to tip over?

  11. keystar96 says:

    Meek be looking like he be wearing his old 6th grade pants.

  12. Tricky Sebastian says:

    fuck meek mill

  13. Noah Distasio says:

    meek is such a pussy

  14. Batler Gaming says:

    Realistically drake doesn’t actually write his own songs. Other than that
    why is he liked as an artist? All rappers voices are the same I mean
    they’re just speaking words. And I’m not either drake or meek fan

  15. lolzorrice says:

    Lol what a tool, intimidate the people who pay for tickets to see you. Guy
    has to act like a butthurt child who didn’t get his candy bar.

  16. King Myles says:

    “Trying to pick on me like I’m a fucking dweeb or something.”LMAO that shit
    funny as hell

  17. Almighty G says:

    This hoe ass nigga musta fucked up his back while fucking nicki minaj or
    smth cus he walk like he shit himself

  18. Spencer Boyle says:

    This is dumb as fuck.

  19. TherpThad says:

    Oh man Oh man…. Not again

  20. jonnyhatter35 says:

    This “Meek Mill” fellow is what comedy legend Chris Rock would refer to as
    “a nigger.”