Meek Mill – Trauma (Official Video)

Meek Mill – Trauma (Official Video)


Directed by: Will Ngo

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72 Responses

  1. Elvis Perez says:

    LIKE If Meek Mill’s “CHAMPIONS” Album , BETTER Than 6ix9ine STOOPID Album ? …..

  2. Bloods, Crips, and Essay's (the webseries) says:

    When them drugs gatta hold on ya Momma.. And the judge gotta hold of ya Father.. Go to school..Bullet holes in ya locker ✊?

  3. Jeremy Stark says:

    If your Head is bobbing, looking at comments Like I am…?

  4. loopooq hall says:

    Why dislike this? Must be that judge and her constituents

  5. MusicBankTv says:

    Loud in our NAIROBI studios . S/o from KENYA

  6. Christina Molina says:

    Can’t believe y’all doubted this man..

  7. GroovyBearTV says:

    I’ve always said Meek & Ross got best beats.This beat sounds like royalty ???

  8. Emeka Amukpume says:

    Meek ain’t got a bad project..watching a black woman take my freedom almost made me hate my keep real rap Alive dawg..????????????????????

  9. aaliyah z says:

    “they shot the boy 20 times when they could’ve told him just freeze, could’ve put him in the cop car but they let him just bleed” ???

  10. NyRapScene says:

    RIP PRODIGY … he just had to get away ?

  11. Nia says:

    “Watching a black woman take my freedom .. almost made me hate my people” that part gets me every time

  12. 9jaFanx says:

    *if you love Meek more than i do hit like*

  13. 9jaFanx says:

    *Type 247 if you’re an active fan*

  14. Sinner Bones says:

    14k likes n less than 80 dislikes… Meek flow n rhyme scheme is on another level bro. Fr ??

  15. Danielle Brown says:

    I bet those 73 people who dislike this wake up every morning feeling evil ??

  16. bills mafia says:

    Last of a dying breed ?? meek should of been spittin in the 90s, these 2k babies don’t deserve Meek #realrap

    • Thias176 says:

      +Tahsym Richburg said nobody ever. Man Meek got washed by Drake he aint never gonna ses Cole eye to eye

    • Kick Down Doors says:

      +Thias176 lmaoooo Cole is the most inconsistent “GOAT” of all time. He’s release some trash ass projects and songs.

    • Thias176 says:

      +Kick Down Doors name one trash project by Cole. The man has 3 classics album in 4 releases and thats not even counting mixtapes. And 4 your eyez only was a lot better than the masses like to say just a lot more personnal. Dude produce his own shit to. One per generation type of artist. Closest thing we ever had to Nas

    • Kick Down Doors says:

      +Thias176 3 classics? Lmaoooo get that man’s dick out your mouth.
      It’s chilled bro, you win. I can’t be arguing on YouTube with dickriders

    • bills mafia says:

      They’re both great artists different styles, but both great. Why compare them? lol just enjoy the good music they give us. Not many real ones left

  17. Tell u Tv says:

    Greatest rapper alive now ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  18. ghostblack305music says:

    Meek Mill killing the game, he came back more focused and wiser Bars are sick! Ross said he wasn’t finished.

  19. Johnny Dunn says:

    Championships top album of the year no doubt???

  20. SirKeith Vincent says:

    Imagine If this was Meek Mill featuring Mobb Deep and Prodigy was still living. It would still be lit ???.

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