Meet Bunny Our Rescue Greyhound

Meet Bunny Our Rescue Greyhound

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39 Responses

  1. Jessica Rose says:

    I have an abused rescue Shepard. One of the best things I taught him to overcome his fear was just to look at me. I taught him the command “here” — and he is trained to look at me when he hears that. It has helped SO MUCH with scary situations. Because he feels safe with me. And if something scary is happening, and I give the command “here” — he looks up at me, and not at the scary thing. And then he’s fine.

    • darkexcalibur87 says:

      I do the same thing with my girl! She is also an abused rescue, and you’re right, it makes a world of difference.

    • Linny says:


    • Kenzie Ball says:

      Oh my god thank you. I’m going to try this with my rescued Belgian Malinois.

    • Jessica Rose says:

      Kenzie Ball I started off by just saying “here!” In a high pitched voice and then giving a treat each time he looked at me. Then I let him go directly back to what he was doing. I would do this randomly throughout the day several times. By the 2nd day, he had it down. I kept up the training though, and I would do it in different environments as well. Environments with people…. without people… with kids around. It really really helped

    • kildetilhorisonten says:

      you’re going to make me cry

  2. EnigmaDrath says:

    Oh WOW. Never realized how tiny the Iggies were. It’s like Shadow of the Colossus on Jenna’s lawn XD

  3. Wavy Envy says:

    Marble looks like the type of kid to smoke a crayon

  4. Kaylia McHenry says:

    Marble looks like he should work at Starbucks at 17:53

  5. peachy max says:

    bunny reminds me of a baby deer , kinda like bambi

  6. Ping Quana Mia Plays says:

    What if Kermit is secretly teaching bunny how to speak in cry?

    Cermet : repeat an after me. *cries in hello*

    Bunny : *cries in henlo*

  7. Nicole Baker says:

    My dog farts when shes nervous too, it gets BAD when we go for a car ride LMAO

  8. Amanda Owens says:

    Jenna – “I have a basketball game tOmOrRoWwWwWwW”
    Bunny – NOOO

  9. bethy uwu says:

    when bunny climbs the stairs and sniffs the camera my heart goes !!!!!

  10. osorad says:

    Marbles look like “looking cute might run into the wall l8r idk” ????

  11. AmethystEyes says:

    She looks like Peach
    Cries like Kermit
    Is scared of things like Marbles
    She is the three of them combined!

  12. sprinkle some suga says:

    I need a 10 hour long video of her sleeping & smelling the iggies & that’s it

  13. i love you so fucking much says:

    jenna: shes a very smol greyhound.
    bunny: fully grown gurl uwu
    jenna: yes tiny

    everyone else:
    wait what

  14. sarah hopkins says:

    If the littles are iggies does that make bunny a biggie

  15. LOOΠΔburn says:

    I hope y ou all understood the massive “stay in your lane” vibes Jenna was putting out late in the video.

    • f says:

      LOOΠΔburn stan loona tho

    • Lush says:

      Yes! I think we’re okay though, Jenna’s fans have matured with her and it feels like the majority of us are in our 30s, experiencing the same 30 year old lady things as she is. I don’t often see those toxic yt comments here that seem too plaque other youtubers. Perhaps it’s because Jenna’s not afraid tell people ahead of time that she’s got it under control, no advice needed.

  16. Cira says:

    She protec
    She attac
    but most importantly
    she whines bac

  17. Sarah Gibbs says:

    I’m still waiting for “Julien doesn’t know we adopted a cat”

  18. nika chu says:

    Julien: are you ready for this bud?
    Marbles: ?️??️

  19. Aimee Claire says:

    Why does Marbles look like he fully comprehended you talking about her personal space and barking? ? Such a sincere look in his eyes. Thanks for adopting guys! ??

  20. ellentheawesome says:

    they literally have put more thought into caring for this dog already than people do for their children

    • Kimberly Wilson says:

      This is honestly so true. They both are just so pure, and amazing dog parents. I can’t wait to see more of Bunny and see how the process has been for her.

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