Meet Chloe Kim, the Snowboarder Who Makes the Halfpipe Look Easy | NYT – Winter Olympics

Meet Chloe Kim, the Snowboarder Who Makes the Halfpipe Look Easy | NYT – Winter Olympics

Chloe Kim was an emerging force in snowboarding when she qualified for the 2014 Olympics at age 13, and she continues to win.

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33 Responses

  1. SKILI says:

    She’s a legend???

  2. Hampdood84 says:

    Affirmative action for the Olympics now!

  3. diane gonzalez says:

    absolutely unreal…..beautiful… a continuous flow.

  4. diane gonzalez says:

    I actually had to watch it twice ?❤️❤️

  5. Sonic Praa says:

    Lol PipeRider

  6. Galaxy Thieves says:

    Shaun white also makes it look easy

  7. Steve says:

    if they make another snowboarder game, she will be my first pick

  8. Jay Bake gaming says:


  9. conceptcs says:

    Gold medal! Team USA, Team Chloe!

    • simhopp says:

      Kim literally means gold.
      Chinese character 金 Jin, pronounced geum in Korean, but not when used as surname.
      for family name, it is pronounced ghim, but usually transliterated as Kim.

  10. mike hunt says:

    And yet again the Asians win. Game over.

  11. Ryan .K says:

    2018 gold medalist

  12. Lukas Guderjahn says:

    Nice video except for the pink text on white background.

  13. Namoi Alraei says:

    Go Chloe yay

  14. dexxhunt says:

    Great job kiddo,Congratulations!So Cal STAND UP lol ??????

  15. jude con says:

    Go Chloe …congratulation on your win and represent La Palma, CA ????

  16. IamTheWarriorGirl says:

    Team USA! Best Gold ? Ever! Team Chloe Kim ?

  17. Mina Gurung says:

    Congratulations Chloe Kim for your gold medal…..

  18. Jeff Mao says:

    This makes me want to hit the slopes

  19. Natsumi Atsuko says:

    i misclicked on this video, and didn’t intend to watch it – i didn’t even know what i had clicked on.
    But as soon as i saw her snowboarding i couldn’t look away. I watched the whole thing.

    She’s incredible!!!

  20. SunJung Ha says:


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