Meet Greavard, the Ghost Dog Pokémon! 🐶🕯️ | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

Meet Greavard, the Ghost Dog Pokémon! 🐶🕯️ | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

Greavard is so affectionate that paying it any attention will make it so happy that it will follow you wherever you go. However, Greavard will slowly and inadvertently absorb the life-force of those around it.

Pre-order Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet today to get ready for an exciting adventure in Paldea! ❤️💜

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30 Responses

  1. temp6t says:

    Imagine getting a new pet dog not knowing it’s a Pokemon that will slowly absorb your life force

  2. i am made of anxiety says:

    ah!! so cool to see a ghost dog pokemon in this game. europe is filled with stories of spirit dogs and the like, and they’ve always been some of my favorite stories.

    • not here says:

      @lopiditty the dog resembles a type of breed that is super common here in Spain! It’s so damn cute omg

    • lopiditty says:

      It’s super cute! I kind of wish it was black to differentiate it from Litwick’s general feel but I suppose those kinds of ghost dogs are more common in Anglophone countries ^^;

  3. Junco says:

    I love the sound it makes! Exactly what I’d imagine a ghost puppo to sound like

  4. Hex Octarian says:

    Me after seeing Greavard (as a ghost trainer), I’m even more excited because it reminds me of one of my dogs that passed. I’ll name it Joy 👻💙

  5. sekkushi says:

    no ones talking about how good and relaxing this ost is, i really hope it’s the picnic one 😮

  6. GlitchxCity says:

    What a little spooky cutie!

  7. Timelord Acaelus says:

    Little spooky doggo! And given its size, it definitely has an evolution. Love it!

  8. TM 30 SHADOW BALL says:

    I loved it! It kinda looks like an old dog that I had since I was a child, unfortunately he died of old age in 2019. Greavard will definitely be in my team, my ghost doggy :’)

  9. Wumpa Island says:

    I have a feeling that we’re finally gonna get a Cerberus Pokemon with it’s final evolution, and maybe even a two-headed dog as a middle stage evo

  10. The_fox_that_became_a_wolf says:

    I am VERY curious to see this little guy’s evolution! It seems it will be awesome

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