Meet Loba – Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Loba – Apex Legends Character Trailer

The best thief in the Outlands, Loba uses her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport where she wants and take what she pleases.

When she was nine years old, Loba Andrade witnessed her parents’ murders at the hands of the simulacrum Revenant. Left to her own devices, Loba used her natural knack for thievery to claw her way into a high society life. With Revenant’s reemergence at the Apex Games, she’s determined to use her unique skills to claim her revenge. And whatever loot she can get her hands on.

Loba has a keen eye for valuables — so keen she can see top-tier loot through walls. She uses her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport out of dangerous situations or enter lucrative ones. And she can even pull valuable loot to her Black Market Boutique, allowing her squad to load up on all the best gear.

Ready to steal the show?

Learn more about Loba’s story:

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83 Responses

  1. SekushiRicky says:


    Revenant: I’m not thanking you!!!

  2. sʟᴏᴘシ says:

    Loba players: find every ultimate accelerator

  3. siippz says:

    Everybody else: Ok she seems fun nice and fun abilities


  4. kucingputih says:

    “Girl, you’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.”

  5. Game Reaper says:

    “Is it just me who thinks that Loba is a little bit too OP?”

    Me: Remember Crypto and Reventant?

    Jiba liba Fam!
    All im saying is that we should try out the legend first before saying she’s OP and all, and who knows she might get nerfed the next day of the launch.

    Im just using Crypto and Revenant as an example, cuz a lot of people think they were OP too…
    (Before the Buff)
    Then when they used them… Yeah… Crap.

    Straight to D Tier.

    • yadayadayad says:

      @DarkForce852 not the word to describe Crypto I’d use but he’s a nightmare with coordination

    • Chris Martin says:

      @Black Bimma agreed. I am exceed to yeet her dash, if nothing else.
      I think the loot abilities will be minimally useful if they can’t open death boxes

    • 생기Alixmoon says:

      idk, as a crypto main you have to know how to use cryoto, or in this case, crypto and rev

    • Hunter Wolfe says:

      Game Reaper Honestly i hope she is OP on launch. Call me crazy but in a hero shooter people want a character to feel powerful. Based on the legends weve been getting i think its for the better, apex needs hype for season 5. Nerf her eventually ofcourse but make her strong.

    • Santo Bernabel says:

      Game Reaper crypto is NOT d tier

  6. VI says:

    can’t wait to miss my shot and teleport off the map

  7. James Wohltman says:

    Passive ability – enemies are distracted by her thiccness

  8. Steven Acosta says:

    0:19 Im sorry isn’t that lifelines running animation..?

  9. Xilly says:

    *finds gold shield* Yess

    Loba: *YOINK*

  10. Baby Cow says:

    SHE THICCCA than a snicka…that’s been put in the freezer lmaooo

  11. Its _moneyyy says:

    0:55 Golden R-99?I can already hear Zlybrad shaking

  12. Perplex Kxd says:

    This week on Apex Legends :
    Player 1 : Loba
    Player 2 : Disconnects
    Player 3 : Disconnects

  13. Yamee says:

    As if the random weren’t bad enough with loot

  14. Tyler Martinez says:

    Bruh imagine your about to get some gold tier armor and that randomly disappears

  15. AntonMacG says:

    Looks like Wattson has finally been out-thiccened

  16. XxNathan2908xX YT says:

    0:58 who puts 3 gold weapons nearby each other and in one place?

  17. Quakles3d1 says:


    Rule 34 Artists: “my time has come”

  18. The Real Bluecheesies says:

    Apex Legends: Let’s sexualise Loba with the thicccness

    Cyberpunk: Hold my genitals.

  19. Daniel says:

    Loba: You took everything from me
    Revenant: hammerpoint here

  20. Sublimis says:

    “lets make a character that gives you the best loot in the game”

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