Just a lil wassup. I just been chilling and getting slushees.

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  1. • Mari • says:

    *Its just starting to hit me that Nicole is a mom now*

  2. M. B. says:

    This girl the most energetic mom I ever seen. Her whole pregnancy she was bouncing around. I have so much love and respect for her. Baby healthy and so is she. I love them. 👑🧡👑🧡👑🧡

  3. Faye In The City says:

    I can’t believe you a whole MOMMA out here! Congrats, girl! He is so cute and I can’t wait to see his lil personality as he grows up!

  4. LongHairPrettyNails says:

    Aww…Messiah is adorable! Watching him do tummy time is the cutest thing. He’s so active. I can relate to y’all on so many levels. My baby girl is 2 months old. Having a new baby in the house is a wonderful feeling 🤗

  5. Owls are everything says:

    The face she’s making in the thumbnail.💀💀😭 I love her.

  6. Diaz says:

    The bird sounded like a cardinal and that’s a really good sign it’s like you have an angel watching over you 😭✨ I’m glad you and your family are doing great🙏

  7. Shahana says:

    “do i give him chicken nuggets and breastfeed him?”😭😭😭💀

  8. nyla dasme says:

    “Do I put the chicken nuggets in my breast milk” 😂

  9. BTS Lover says:

    She is literally giving us a whole toturial about what having a baby will be like. I love it!!!!

  10. Taurus 03 says:

    “He like to crawl, he likes to rap. …He was bathing himself.”


  11. {Helenasita} says:

    Even if she’s a teenager , mom , aunt , grand-mother ,… She still stays the same. 🌟

  12. NeNe ‘s Life says:

    Ik she ain’t just say he did his taxes.. 🤣 girl wtf

  13. Ka'Moryah Howell says:

    awe when he said “ don’t call yourself ugly “

  14. Doppio Vinegar says:

    For the whole breastfeeding thing , what my mom did was first start off with finishing breastfeeding then ofc introduced my brother to water and baby formula milk , then started with Gerber then from that little baby snacks (for example : puffs and little star shaped cereal etc) then she introduced him to chicken nuggets ofc cut because you don’t want him to choke and from there you start feeding them bigger and bigger amounts and sizes as they get older

    • Kay Young says:

      My brothers mom brwast fed for 2 weeks then stopped cuz he ate too much 😭🤚🏽 got him on formula and once he could sit up put the Gerber grain stuff and by the time he could sit and crawl stuff he was on apple sauce and stuff like that by the time he could walk he had simple solids like rice and shit

  15. Shamir Davis says:

    He looks like his daddy fasho, but it’s a light wash of Kayla in there too. Loving it!😍😇🙏🏽

  16. Asia Johnson says:

    “y’all we got birds in our chimney, crust in our ass and we got a new babyyyyy” 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 Welcome baby cousin and cousin you look good still just look tired , i’m available to babysit , love you too y’all stay blessed !

  17. Armani Brown says:

    “Yall we got birds in our chimney. Crust in our as* and we got a new baby” KAYLAAA 😭😭💀

  18. Cameron Arias says:

    Boys: Girls aren’t funny-
    Nicole Tv…

  19. Cocoa White says:

    When I seen him I literally gasp he is exactly what I imagined him to be. He is just adorable the cutest little boy. he is exactly how I pictured him. That black mass on your stomach is going to go away in about three more weeks. And he is a good baby because he know he is loved he feels secure meaning you are good parents

  20. andrea bennett says:

    He looks more like his father even more then when he was born.

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