Meet My 1 Day Old Kittens!

Meet My 1 Day Old Kittens!

Meet my 1 day old kittens! OMG what should we name them all?!
Watch the birth video here:
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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog YouTube channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!

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52 Responses

  1. Joey Graceffa Vlogs says:

    What should we name them?!

  2. Dominyka Sadauskaitė says:

    You can go to kittenlady’s chanel, she has everything you need to know, how to take care of kittens. 💕

  3. Iconic Orangutan says:

    Watching her give birth, seeing the kittens. *too much amazing things that I can’t handle! I love y’all!*

  4. XxLilShadowxX Heart says:

    Joey: Oh she’s so gentle
    Me: well, wait until they are 7 months old. My cat is 7 months old and she attacks everything that moves, even my dogs tail

  5. Winnie Pooh says:

    Did you know that when a cat blinks at you slowly, means that she loves you!

  6. Yes, Epic says:

    Just wait until they’re a few weeks old… I have a kitten, he’s a mad lad

  7. Merle Højmark says:

    Joey: He looks like a panther!
    Daniel: He looks like a little naked rat!

  8. Lady Nuri says:

    please get mama spayed whenever the kittens are weaned. there are too many strays and too many sitting in shelters.

  9. Yuu 369 says:

    BY THE WAY: is not that she a dwarf, she just never fully developed cause of the pregnancy and the stray life. I also rescued a pregnant stray cat and she never got big 🥺 forever a smol bean

    • jaisa black says:

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! SMALLISH BEANS!!!

    • Abby Hennem says:


    • Sherlyn Jaimes says:

      @Shei Sutty Sakura was a stray, but then the nice lady took her in but she realized she couldn’t provide what she and her kittens needed so that’s when she to find someone who could provide for the Sakura and the kitties

    • Hanako- San says:

      Shei Sutty Sakura was a stray. She was rescued from an abandoned house along with another pregnant cat.

    • Sufia Hussain says:

      My cat gave birth at 7th months. And she is a small baby. I’m assuming the pregnancy hormones interfered with her growing ones

  10. Lunacat 26 says:

    The kittens that has white paws and a white stripe down the nose look like kitten versions of one of my cats Socks! 😍💖🧦😊 I also have another cat called Mittens!

  11. Nikisha odingo says:

    Joey: why are they like the smallest little things
    Me: umm they were literally just born

    Btw no hate just a joke

  12. Fox says:

    Joey: They are all different…cats!
    me: I would hope so…

  13. Katelyn Winship says:

    You should name them after crystals: Gypsy sapphire opal amethyst etc;

  14. Olivia S says:

    Idk what food you’re feeding her but while she’s nursing it’s a great idea to feed her kitten food. I think it’s because kitten food is higher in fat and calories so it’ll help her produce more nutritious milk

  15. Evelynn Gordley says:

    you should name them after Zodiac signs like the first one should be named Gemini because she is two faced

  16. Ryelee Sandrea says:

    Just a little tip Joey, when they open their eyes, don’t hold them away from your chest always hold them close against ur chest, your heart beat resembles their mother. (I would know I have 11 cats atm)

  17. Golden Bravos says:

    The one Daniel called a naked rat, y’all should name Remy from the movie ratatouille 😂

  18. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    You can go to Kittenlady’s chanel, she has everything you need to know, how to take care of kittens. 💕

  19. Skye Jamieson says:

    Does anyone know If the video was recorded right after the birthing one to know if he will talk about the not touching the cat and kittens (when the cat was giving birth)? X

  20. Van Kat says:

    Joey, I love cats… as much as you do! But, PLEASE give mom & her babies some space … you’re to involved in the natural process (mom knows what she’s doing!) And, stop touching the new kittens!!!

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