Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming.

Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.

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66 Responses

  1. 김수민 sookim says:

    I just watched this video! It was wonderful meeting you Steve! Thank you so much for letting me share my story. I truly enjoyed our conversation ?✨
    And thank you everyone for your support! It means alot❣️

    • mijadane says:

      Girl, you’re not perfect because nobody is. But you’re great because you’re you. It’s your beauty environment that’s toxic. Stay fab & move on.

    • Wilfrid Wong says:

      Hi there, you look healthy and beautiful. And above all, intelligent and love your parents. That should be the new beauty standard. Thanks for showing that to the world. <3 from Singapore 🙂

    • a tofu and a kookie says:


    • Diana 디아나 아두비리 says:

      You have a unique light inside of you and a true personality, don’t let anyone take it from you, let your light shine and change Korea and the world ?✨

    • shun shit says:

      sis I wanna hug you

  2. pinky kwan says:

    In korean standard. A walking chopsticks is sexy.

    • Ishdafish !! says:

      I mean biologically speaking, skinnier is better than fatter

    • 쵸. says:

      +BMO na   sorry i don’t speak English that well i can’t understand?

    • uwu uwu says:

      +Sophia Ulysse To the majority of people they aren’t. Surely someone somewhere will prefer a fat girl over a skinny one, but most people won’t.

      Same goes for men. I’ve never met a girl who said they preferred fat dudes over average weight/skinny guys.

      Why care so much about beauty standards? Being beautiful isn’t the most important quality on a human being. Why do people act like it is? Are you really that vain?

      Either you work hard to fit the beauty standards or you concentrate on other attributes, like intelligence, compassion and sense of humor.

      Whining about being ugly won’t make anyone pretty. Being delusional won’t change society’s preference, so either you bend to society, or you stop complaining about it and focus on something more useful, because, honestly, being beautiful isn’t very useful.

    • uwu uwu says:

      I’d take walking chopsticks over a walking bag of lard any day.

  3. Jungkook's Left Ear says:

    *For a fact I believe she’s the right chosen one for Miss Korea, not only does she have etiquette manners but the way she speaks maturely and intelligently of how real and genuine her responses are makes her a very wise person by dedicating her platform in a correct use. I love her so much! She’s doing a wonderful job reteaching the way people Define beauty!*

    • Meili Monk says:

      Jungkook’s Left Ear they’re trained to…

    • Chin Krisbe says:

      Might I ask… do they forbid people from joining the competition if they have ever had a facial surgery (big or small)? It seems to me every girls’ faces on the stages shown in this video are so unnatural?? sorry if I’m wrong

  4. ploxyzero says:

    130 lb for 5’8″ considered “overweight” lmao
    I hope the social pressure to be overly-skinny dropped a bit after she won her title

    • Endra Baskara says:

      If she weighed 70 kg, shes still okay, shes 58 and considered fat? Wtf korea?

    • Vixian says:

      i don’t get this obbsession with weight, i understand if you actually see fat on a person but a few more numbers on a scale doesn’t mean anything.

    • TalkingCheeseBurgerr says:

      Lmao 130-150 pounds is the healthy weight for someone that is 5’8″. It blows my mind that tall women purposely try to be lower than 115.

    • Ms. Chin BK says:

      I’m 5’9 and 167, they can suck my arse.

    • J Moore says:

      Balance between height and weight is correct not one weight suits all. Thin or heavy boned makes a difference too on perfect weight. These ideas may make girls become anorexic.

  5. Mara Ram says:

    she is very pretty, not the typical “doll-looking” pretty but kind of more mature looking, and she is smart and speaks great English. I would not doubt she is a fair winner.

    • Elijah Foster says:

      +2Dtardeds Being smart can either mean being born with a high IQ or learning a lot through life. To say that someone who knows more isn’t smarter than someone who knows less is a bit nonsensical.

    • Ven says:

      Kind Citizen she’s Korean American retard

    • superxbert says:

      English is her native tongue dude, she is supposed to speak “great” English, how that’s a qualifier of her intelligence is beyond me.

    • BMO na says:

      Why do Asians describe some pretty people “doll-like”? Is it because they look like they can’t be real because they look too perfect? I’m just curious. Also, how does being great at speaking English something that heightens IQ? Theres actually a study that concludes bilinguals having a harder time learning some things because of code switching, ECT. So her being smart because of her speaking good English doesn’t necessarily equal high IQ :/

    • KenBJ Shin says:

      +superxbert No dude, she’s fluent in Korean. English is her second language taught in the states for education purposes.

  6. Michael Bryne Sr says:

    I don’t know how any of you feel, but they picked the right girl to represent Korea, she’s perfect.

    • likely vids says:

      Michael Bryne Sr
      She’s humble, sweet, and very pretty. And she’s also smart with her words.

      They picked the right girl to represent Korea. ??

  7. Wavemaker says:

    I hope she makes it to the top 10 in the Miss Universe pageant so that she can change the standard beauty in South Korea. South Korean women will stop thinking that they have to be too skinny to be considered beautiful. That is actually not healthy.

    • I respect you as you are says:

      Heck, I hope she changes the standards for all young girls! The fact is that TV and models everywhere are pressuring girls to look a certain way when body shapes and sizes differ.

    • What's Up Ciana? says:

      I think she is the Korean representative to the Miss International pageant.

  8. Millicent McAlpin says:

    The bathroom part of the discussion made me sad because it sounds like there were cases of bulimia going on during the camp. At least they were being proactive, but it probably only made some girls sneakier

    • Millicent McAlpin says:

      I don’t know if she was trying to gloss over it to avoid getting too into depth because passing out randomly in the bathroom enough to go in pairs means something is up.

    • that’s an egg says:

      Millicent McAlpin 100% to do with ED’s, like you said, the fainting is truly a give away

    • PrettyNerd says:

      +Millicent McAlpin I think she had too.. I am sure the pageant officials monitor the things she says about the pageant or the contestants. I used to do the pageant circuit a long time ago and you had to be careful because everything you said in interviews or even in private represents the pageant/ you constantly have to be on your guard.. but I am pretty sure you are correct that bulimia was the issue and the root cause of the group bathroom breaks. Either way she is a lovely young woman,They should be proud to have such a pretty, well spoken person represent South Korea

    • I'm Tired says:

      Millicent McAlpin I was thinking they might have been forcing themselves to lose weight (forced vomiting) so some of them collapsed lol idk

    • Chin Krisbe says:

      +prebaeked I thought that too and checking the baggages for sharp knifes and all that…
      NOT FOR FOOD (just a grand way to say so that can check everything)

  9. Yasuhiro says:

    The bathroom issue makes a lot of sense to me.
    I’d think someone would pass out for being malnourished, considering how skinny they are expected to be, so it’s good that nobody is left alone.

    • Kelly Klem says:

      Yasuhiro true. Also I would expect people to purge in bathrooms so they don’t consume the calories they ate

    • rin 1996 says:

      I’d imagine it being stress coupled with being malnourished. I’d imagine most of them were really competitive and ambitious.

    • J Moore says:

      If you ate bad food and got diarrhea, then what? When you gotta go, you gotta go. They may have to wait 2 hours. Ugh.

  10. osh is my boo says:

    This is what we call, beauty with brain. Congratulations Miss, you deserve the title. Ignore all the negative comments, haters gonna hate!

  11. Red Donut says:

    12:40 can I just cry?? She’s so beautiful both inside and out. These are just such genuine words that I know will make a difference in Korea’s beauty standards. I’m really happy that she won ?

    • Life tobelived says:

      When she started crying I could just imagine her dad reading the comments and being mad and sad.

  12. KPetrova says:

    Korea needs to stop. This girl is gorgeous and sexy.
    We in the Philippines we’ll be happy to adopt Miss Korea 2018

    • Pia Fulache says:

      +That Thing You See At The Corner Of Your Eye Morena= dark skinned or tan filipina. Yeah there is an issue in colorism here, but most of the time we dont mind or it’s not a big deal (at least in my observation, but i could be wrong), i mean as far as i know there arent any complaints of Miss Philippines contestants or viral photos of filipinas being bashed for being morena. Most time of time they are praised for having a “morena beauty”. Although there are ads that promote skin whitening beauty products, some beauty products cater to those who are morena (like se dont ignore those who are morenas). We tend to see lighter skinned filipinos because they arent that common and most of filipinas are morenas, some people are colorists but dont cause a really huge issue (again, it’s just my observation and i could be wrong). I bet most of the colorists are morenas (some people have crab mentality) but who knows?

    • Pia Fulache says:

      +fancybaguette im also dark skinned too (well just little bit lighter cause my dad is a moreno and my mom is fair) but i guess people have different experiences. My community doesnt really mind morenas like whenever they posted the candidates of miss cdo morenas get equal praises to those who are fair skinned. Also i have my family telling me that i was lucky to inherit some of my mom’s fair skin (probably because of unfair beauty standards), but some of my family said it’s okay if i have my dad’s skin tone (because morena is still beautiful). And people commenting on morenas being ugly are being scolded (at least from where i live)

    • That Thing You See At The Corner Of Your Eye says:

      Oh, cool. I’m glad

    • Lilith Del Ray Maria says:

      please no..

  13. InMyCraftLoft PaperCrafting Tutorials says:

    Me thinking : people are probably popping weight lost pills in bathroom”

    Soo: people are passing out alone in the bathroom.

  14. llsa30 says:

    That’s the reason she was elected…. a smart cookie, brain is more important than the 106 pounds they are crying for… she’s gorgeous by the way?

    • Edward Kimani says:

      koreans are wierd. look at girls generations. theyre anorexic. new girls are like normal weight. famous people from like the 2000s and when kpop first got famous STILL maintain their anorexic ass weight Like HYuna for example. cause to them its normal! cause thats how they were forced to live their whole lives. ITS not normal. they look so skinny its scary and uncomfortabl.e. korea has this wierd thing about numbers they don’t look at people and bmi and looks anymore its wierd. im not korean this is an outside perspective. but they really quit on actual standards and just base everything on algorithms and numbers, whatever category on earth it is.

  15. Caro Card says:

    Fat where????? She’s STUNNING, what a delicate and beautiful young woman, I’m like ? Her answers are so smart too

  16. Joe Siu says:

    She’s really smart, the judges chose correct. She’s definitely not fat but she’s healthy

  17. duhneesy says:

    If she’s considered fat, then I’m morbidly obese

  18. Lendsey Johnson says:

    I’m glad you did this interview, Kim SooMin is well spoken, poised, and grounded. She deserved to win this and more.

  19. Kookie Lattae says:

    imagine thinking that a 5’8 woman is overweight at 130lbs when in reality she’s only five pounds away from being underweight for her height

    • Larry Chunk says:

      Which BMI scale?
      FYI the World Health Organization actually advises that Asians use a slightly different BMI scale because studies seem to indicate that their bodies are less tolerant of fat and are meant to be skinnier.


    The controversial in the title is because she really received massive hate message even forced to shutdown her ig
    But she’s really charming beautiful inside out ?

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