Meet The Headphone

Meet The Headphone

Bragi, the Kickstarter-launched company behind The World’s First Wireless Smart Hearable is at it again, announcing its second product – The Headphone..

The Headphone marks the next chapter in Bragi’s vision of a world without wires. It signifies the company’s mission to inspire the future of sound and how we, as humans, interact with it.

The Headphone can be connected to any Bluetooth device, including the much-anticipated, (hotly rumored to be) headphone-jack free iPhone 7. Users can switch between music tracks, take phone calls in challenging environments with Versant™ advanced voice technology, activate Audio Transparency and deliver voice commands, all without having to look at a screen.

The Headphone will be available through the newly launched Bragi Shop ( for a special presale price of $119 until November 1.

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20 Responses

  1. Blastcake says:

    What’s the difference between the headphone and the dash?

  2. Will Fisher says:

    The song choice of “Lets get lost” is definitely not what I would have

  3. LeGoogle Chrome says:


  4. Axemantitan says:

    The song is called, “Lost” by Scavenger Hunt.

  5. RockStarWolf says:


    It’s trending!

    Go home YouTube, you’re drunk

  6. Jr K says:

    I’m betting anything that’s gonna be the new headphones that come with the
    iPhone 7

  7. David Jones says:

    Looks ugly as shit, dudes. Like my granny’s hearing aids but black in

  8. durga durga says:

    Who knew wearing a headphone that looks like you’re wearing a hearing aid
    looks cool now, especially with that hipster deep house music in the
    background. So cool

  9. Jacob Harris says:

    no thanks. I prefer using both ears to listen to music. I also prefer
    something that doesn’t look like shit.

  10. Irun Mon says:

    “Up to 6 hours” mean it’s way less than 6 hours, maybe only 4

  11. TheRealTrikein says:

    For people wearing headphones as a fashion statement. Mean while, I just
    want to watch porn without waking anyone up.

  12. TheSydrek says:

    Yeah can’t wait to do a wrong movement and having it fall out of my ear, or
    better yet if i’m on a bike and a car behind me ends up running over it.

  13. Zox Sonic says:

    the amount of times i lose things that small.

  14. noobasdfjkl says:

    Yo, I need the song that’s playing for this ad.

    Also, :45 was ridiculous. If your headphones aren’t good enough without
    showing some chick’s ass, I don’t want them.

  15. Kermit The Toad says:

    Back in my day we used Ipods to listen to music.

  16. RazorFoxie says:

    wireless headphones? Bitch please…

  17. Darleen the Queen of Beans says:

    Ray Bradbury disapproves.

  18. Tariqul Dipu says:

    you should wear a helmet while riding a bicycle and avoid using these
    headphones while driving or cycling. cause safety matters

  19. bdplaya says:

    Its not safe driving with headphones.

  20. MrCarter'sRods says:

    +1 for ear cancer