Meet the new Sugar Pine 7.

Meet the new Sugar Pine 7.

While all his friends are gone, Steven takes it upon himself to spend time with new friends.

Peter –
Kassem –
Jordan –

Bicycle Repairman – Jonathan Stewart
Rupert – Aidan Dorn-Wallenstein
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44 Responses

  1. 0rang3z says:

    peter really reminds me of the sloth from the ice age movies

  2. CouchBros says:

    Lol the bit at the beginning with “Fuck Bruce Greene” thats so funny. Poor funhaus though. Bike repair apprentices hate them.

  3. Mauro H says:

    Holy crap guys, Stranger Things season 3 be lookin good
    The children have really grown up

  4. Samuel Ruiz says:

    With Sugar Pine 7, the anime crossovers are never over.

  5. juss me lol says:

    So what’s the deal with Alfredo and Jordan

  6. Telic says:

    Kassem G, Peter Gilroy, CaptainSparklez, Oh my!

  7. Sam Wheeler says:


  8. Sam Wheeler says:

    This is the only possible YouTube RED series I would ever pay for, but we all know YouTube is too busy sucking off sociopathic Vloggers like Logan Paul lmao.

  9. DaysPro says:

    Really good start! Just as a heads up, I’d suggest straying away from the 1 on 1 interviews that shows like the office and parks and rec does. In my opinion it kind of dilutes what Sugar Pine 7 is and how this style of alternative lifestyle vlogs/bits and story began

    • Sugar Pine 7 says:

      Thank you! The interviews were purely just for this opening episode. The rest of the season (or most of it) will be pretty much improv.

    • Bailey says:

      Sugar Pine 7 I enjoyed it. It’s okay for you guys to experiment

    • Morgan Freeman says:

      Sugar Pine 7 wouldn’t mind the interviews to pop up in some videos, it was a really good bit !

    • NewWorldOrgone says:

      DaysPro just as a heads up, they’ve been doing that for a long time. Not sure how u expect them to never point a camera at a person. And I’d prefer more of it, heads up

  10. Erwin Sta Cruz says:

    Whose freaking ready for *Taco Trip 2018*

  11. Alastair Snook says:

    Peter is definitely the lovechild of Cib and Parker

  12. Keltic Sage says:

    Kassem pissed away his makers millions already?

  13. James Cox says:

    *That guy and kid that own the bike shop.*

  14. Kevin Malone says:

    So good I watched twice

  15. Kevin Malone says:

    Now I wanna know what the original upload looked like lol

  16. MrSpragooe says:

    I must say I enjoy the bike shop owner’s acting.

  17. Angel Nightmare says:

    I hope Peter stays throughout this season lmao I’d love to see him with Cib haha

  18. tallasianchick says:

    I fucking love Peter Gilroy and Kassem G.

  19. Rea T says:

    I just want one one-off line from Jordan about Alfredo. Just one. Like “how is he”. Or “have u seen him he hasnt returned my calls”. I miss the boys together

  20. BOBBI JAY says:

    I love this new look. Everything looks and sounds better. Can’t wait for the full year 🙂

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