Meet the Queens of All Stars 8! 🌟 | QUEEN RUVEAL | RuPaul’s Drag Race AS8 👠✨

Meet the Queens of All Stars 8! 🌟 | QUEEN RUVEAL | RuPaul’s Drag Race AS8 👠✨

Are you ready to play the Fame Games? 🎬 Get ready to Meet the Queens on a brand-new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8! Which Star will snatch the crown? #AllStars8 starts streaming MAY 12 on Paramount+. 💫

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33 Responses

  1. ASMR Glow says:

    OMG this cast lmao it’s gonna be all over the place I love it

    • umichgal1 says:

      @Ivy TheGreat iooppp

    • Dixie Rae says:

      More than anything I’m praying to the drag gods that they allow this amazingly talented group of Queens to set a natural pace for the show. I’ll be heartbroken if they make it obvious in the first two episodes who their winner is going to be and manipulate things accordingly. With this amount of talent this can be the best season yet. Only one question where the heck is Rock?

    • Aimee Grober says:

      ​@Poke Ledian I want Shannel back so bad. And Nina Flowers.

    • Poke Ledian says:

      YES!!! Even though I didn’t start watching drag race until end of Season 9(I was in highschool at the time) but I LOVE when they give recognition to the older season queens, like Jessica Wild and MBH. So cool to see how they’ve evolved and changed! Wish they would bring more All Star 1 girls back too!

    • Aimee Grober says:

      SO happy for MKD. And YESSICA WILD!!!

  2. Blackberry says:

    I love that Mrs. K Davis made a point that you dont have to stop drinking if its not a problem for you but if it is, she wants to show that you can still be FIERCE af

  3. Zuckern says:

    My jaw dropped seeing literally half of the cast and I am so happy to see this cast, I have a feeling that snatch game this season is going to be a riot 😂

  4. Faith 🍒 says:

    “in my defense they didn’t say i had to be a cheer leader on the application when i filled it out!”

  5. alldownhill01 says:

    Seeing Jaymes Mansfield already look so much more confident than her original season has me in all the feels! Cannot wait to see how well she does!

    • The.Office.Alliance says:

      Yes! I’m so glad to see her back. I hope she does well this time round. I love seeing queens AS glow up

    • Konstance says:

      Yes, watching her evolve on YouTube over the years has been so cool. I’ve been hoping she’d be on all stars, but didn’t really expect it!

  6. Kyra Bright says:

    NOW THIS is a an all star cast. The girls that we’ve been needing to see redeemed and get to truly show what they got.

  7. MJM says:

    Ok having Heidi as first girl in the workroom was such a good idea. Her genuine gasps whenever she sees a girl come in. But then again – this is unthinkable cast. I am so ready for this season.

    • Kylie says:

      @Alspice🧚‍♀️ This is the enthusiasm we so need in 2023!! 👏😃

    • Alspice🧚‍♀️ says:

      😂I gagged when I saw the Gap tooth purse 👛 !!!!!!!! Then I had a seizure at work
      Haha 😂I’m definitely taking premiere day off ❤

  8. Brianna Young says:

    I’m so glad they’re bringing girls from the older seasons! Not a lot of the new fans know much about them so they get to reintroduce themselves all over again. So happy for all of them <333

  9. Yuri Finch says:

    AS8 is going to be AMAZING. The cast is so full of fun personalities.

  10. KyuubiVamp says:

    Jimbo never fails to prove she’s my fave❤

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