MEET THE QUEENS OF SEASON 15! 🚘 | RuPaul’s Drag Race 👠✨

MEET THE QUEENS OF SEASON 15! 🚘 | RuPaul’s Drag Race 👠✨

Start your engines, racers! 🏁 Willow Pill introduces the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15, premiering FRIDAY JAN 6 on its new home, @MTV   👑 

00:00:00 RuVeal
00:13:20 Amethyst
00:16:17 Anetra
00:19:25 Aura Mayari 
00:22:13 Irene Dubois
00:25:24 Jax
00:28:41 Loosey LaDuca
00:31:55 Luxx Noir London
00:35:14 Malaysia Babydoll Foxx
00:38:33 Marcia Marcia Marcia
00:41:34 Mistress Isabelle Brooks
00:44:45 Princess Poppy
00:47:56 Robin Fierce
00:50:52 Salina Estitties
00:53:42 Sasha Colby
00:57:06 Spice
00:59:41 Sugar

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39 Responses

  1. Marcos :] says:

    im literally rooting for everyone but shasha is going to MOTHER this girls

  2. Blog das calopsitas says:

    Every season have 2 things:
    1. a comedy queen who fails in snatch game
    2. a pageant queen who is funny

  3. I says:

    Loosey Laduca: “Being a construction worker has nothing to do with my drag”

    Also Loosey Laduca: *pulls out giant bedazzled wrench”

  4. Talyn has time says:

    With drag coming under fire lately by certain unsavories, this season comes in just in time! Proud of all these girls and all the drag queens that light up our world with color, humor, and talent!

    • Rosetta Drone says:

      @weebsarecancer well, no. Yes, drag has been relegated to counter culture, but in the US, drag has not been under fire like it has been in the last 2-3 years because of coordinated hate campaigns calling them “gr00mers” and other nonsense to get right wingers frothed up and violent.. So, appreciate your attempt at condescension, but it’s not quite working.

    • Rosetta Drone says:

      Yes! Anyone who spends their days hating on the magic of drag queens is a person who is badly in need of joy (and a life, tbh)

    • weebsarecancer says:

      Drag’s been coming under fire for centuries, sis. Grats on your likes though.

    • Jamie Brown says:

      @Daniel Okat 🤌🏾✨ chefs kiss✨🤌🏾

    • Daniel Okat says:

      And it’s premiering on insurrection day 😍😍

  5. paintingwithpj says:

    casting Sasha Colby is almost unfair for these other 15 girls 🤣 she’s about to dominate

  6. William says:

    Luxx and Sasha have such a calm energy about them. It’s like, they’re entertaining but there’s just no stress. I can tell they’re gonna be fun to watch

  7. Dixie Rae says:

    Was it me or did it seem that we saw very little of Willow this year. Let me know if I missed something. It seems the season ended and now I’m seeing her for the first time. She looks beautiful as always.

  8. Jessica Laurel says:

    Amethyst is charming and funny af. Anetra is beautiful and seems really genuine. Aura has a sickening paint and I think she’ll be a really energetic performer. Irene is my personal favorite because I love her inspirations, personality and her look was incredible. Jax is a little cutie and she’ll clearly be an amazing and energetic performer with her background in cheeerleading. Lucy seems like a good time gal and I love that she’s a construction worker by day! Luxx is confident and beautiful. Malaysia is polished, funny and I love her attitude and she’s the drag daughter of Lashauwn Beyond, iconic! Marcia has a really clean and fun aesthetic and I’m excited to see more of the looks she makes. Mistress Isabel is going to be a force on this show, I love her old school style. Poppy is not what I expected and I’m super excited to see more. Robin is beautiful and seems really bright and positive. Salina Estitties is silly and I think Rupaul will love her energy. Sasha is the one, she will gag you all and she will win the season. Spice is so beautiful and I adore her look. Sugar is also beautiful and she has a cute personality. I could have said negative things about several queens, but it was easy to just be positive instead. Let’s all be positive and keep negative comments to ourselves this season. You don’t know these people in real life, you probably don’t do drag, if you are really a fan of drag and drag artists then do what they ask and stop being toxic online. I’m so excited for this season, let’s all enjoy it without the hateful judgy comments.

    • Kent Huang says:

      I’m just concerned that Sugar and Spice will rely on each other too much and not be able to be individual queens rather than a consistent pair.

    • KellyGreenGables says:

      Love this comment. There’s a video where Trixie and Kandy Muse were talking about how people watch Drag Race always want to tell the queens how to do drag…but could probably never do it themselves. Really hoping that none one this season has to deal with any hate. They all seem really cute and interesting.

    • lukxx. says:

      we love the all around positivity!

  9. Luis Simmonds says:

    Everyone rooting for Sasha immediately. Wow.
    Imagine getting casted on this season and having to face Sasha Colby…

  10. HeyitsGabe D says:

    Yall don’t sleep on Anetra!! She can literally perform the house down!! Can’t wait to see her on this season

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