Meet Vantage | Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Vantage | Apex Legends Character Trailer

Meet Vantage, a sniper savant and a Legend who was raised to survive against all odds.

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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Production Company: Electronic Arts & Dark Burn Creative
Sound Design and Mix: Respawn Entertainment
All other categories: Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment

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41 Responses

  1. Rens says:

    “When you’re not hunting, you’re being hunted”
    Vantage never got the third party experience

  2. Jaaquan San Diego says:

    Okay, since they’ve done it in Season 13 and then now, I hope they keep getting people who know the new legends to introduce them. I think it’s a great connect to the characters.

  3. Serv00x says:

    Love how every trailer has the new legend killing the previous one with a finisher

  4. Julia Red says:

    I honestly thought that boost thing was her ultimate. She’s gonna be so freaking fun to play

  5. thekindsabercat says:

    “She always gets the lay of the land”
    Proceeds to wear her full Winter gear on a tropical island

    • Tom Henson says:

      Lay of the land has nothing to do with an outfit? lol

    • Retro Lex says:

      @thekindsabercat I believe all of the skins are cannon except the cross-over ones. Some characters like mirage and lifeline have a backstory to their legendary skins if you check it out. My guess is the coloured and animated skins are related to the apex games while the legendaries are backstoty based

    • Kash Bandi says:

      Well she’s fresh to the games and her mom did say she raised her in “The frozen lands”

    • Steppenwolf says:

      @thekindsabercat in earlier trailers they had legendary outfits, like caustic

    • GHOSTS KNIVES says:

      More like desert 💀

  6. KuzanJP says:

    “Survival often comes down to luck.”
    Truly an Apex experience.

    • Xen says:

      @Flare The one thing I’ll 100% agree on with you is the matchmaking, truly horrible. Currently taking a one month break from the game because of it.

    • Jacob Kern says:

      @Flare “Bad gunplay”
      Respawn gunplay is second only to Bungie gunplay. The rest of the stuff has some validity, but the one thing Respawn’s been consistently good at is making guns feel good to fire.

    • SPEEDer says:

      My dude just said worst gunplay in a shooter😂 just tell us you can’t play this game already it’s okay you won’t be the first or last😂

    • hEatr3d says:

      @Flare still better than fortnite

    • Hail Polilla says:

      @Flare you can always play another games buddy

  7. Rex Colt says:

    – 0:46 _To not reveal your position until you have the advantage_
    – 1:03 _to quickly reposition mid-fight before things go really sour_
    – 1:13 _waiting for the most convenient moment to start a fight_

    … Yeah, if only the average Apex player wasnt a knuckle head and understanded this

  8. Lessen says:

    The way she says “…Surviving’s not for everyone…!” at 0:24 is such a great delivery of that line. Her personality is this combination of childish naivety and empathy and good naturedness… and this really casual coldness about death since she grew up around so much death. Like, in one of the teaser images she talks about feeling bad for a trapped bird, and freeing it… and then shooting it and eating it after she’d let it fly around for a bit, just as a perfectly natural thing to do in that situation. She has this attitude that death is what’s expected and survival is… something to shoot for, but don’t feel too bad if you can’t survive. Everything dies! Often very suddenly!

  9. Snoggy says:

    *”When you’re not hunting you’re being third partied”. Truly an apex legends experience.

  10. Lynn Moorhead says:

    I rarely rush in to play a new legend, but I definitely plan to check her out in the Firing range… and probably some Arenas.

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