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Zach is a sought after Pop-Culture/Music Commentator who shares his keep it real, straight no chaser view, on all things Pop Culture. Zach has been featured and has worked on multiple platforms including Netflix, Tinder, Hello Ross, Gram Norton with Lady Gaga, Beyonce’s Formation Tour, MTV Awards, PRIDE, and VH1 Honors. Zach is currently developing his show “That’s a Bop!,” where the first episodes were released this year featuring rising artist Lizzo, MNEK, Little Mix, and Iggy Azalea. He was also cast for the newest season of “Dear White People.” Zach has over 75 million total views on Youtube, and over 2 million impressions weekly on Instagram, and expanding his influence fast!

On Zach’s Youtube Channel, you will find the latest and greatest in Pop Culture from around the world! Reaction videos of Music Artists including Nicki Minaj, Kash Doll, Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Lizzo, Iggy Azalea, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Normani, Ludmilla, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Anitta, Megan Thee Stallion, Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Becky G, Lady Gaga, and Many More!


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71 Responses

  1. CaseyLamah says:

    “BLACK thank Gawd I’m blaaaack I WON’T take it baaaack!” – Christi Show

  2. Miss Thang says:

    In my opinion Nicki was Queen CERTIFIED when Bey let her hop on Feeling Myself. Megan is on her way to Queen status 👏🏽🐝

  3. Miss Eauxtis says:

    The visuals for this are gonna be just as iconic and to be honest…I’m bald in advance.

  4. Cameron Cooper says:

    Zach: Black women…
    friend: mhmm!

    I felt that one

  5. Alex Cone says:

    I’ll never forget seeing this man in a Heflawless video and thinking “oh he cool, what does he do?” And now he’s one of my favorite music critics. Look at God.

  6. King Azariah says:

    Stop trying Nicki. Beyoncé asked HER to be on the Flawless Remix and offered to do something in return for her album. ie ‘Feeling Myself’. She didn’t get that love? A whole special guest on the Paris OTR show, then performed Feeling Myself on the Tidal event, AND then gave Nicki a video for Feeling Myself. You really just tried it. This is why the barbz are forever at your neck. Megan has a feature, that’s it. Definitely a big thing but let’s not bring Nicki into unless you’re speaking straight facts.

    • shakanuh bailey says:

      King Azariah you know he be only tryna stan Nicki so he don’t get hell for supporting every other rap female but her so he likes her just enough to pretend to be a stan it’s nothing wrong for not being as fond of her but don’t throw shade anytime you can lol I be seeing the fake love somtimes I still love him though lol but he know what he be doing

    • Christian Johnson says:

      I think he was just saying that Nicki didn’t get “this bey” you know different people bring out different personalities in you. Megan is getting a full rapper Bey and them both being from Texas they are just having fun adding Texas flavor lol

    • Lynnox Davis says:

      @Christian Johnson Exactly! What he said was the truth! She did not get this energy from Beyonce and that’s OKAY. As he said Flawless is still iconic, but this song…. this song just brings a whole another different energy that we all needed right now.

    • ishmale thompson says:

      @Lynnox Davis Sis Beyonce literally made a little song calling Nicki the rap queen. She ALSO rapped under Nicki in the last part of Feeling Myself which has a VIDEO, has a LIVE PERFORMANCE, and is a million times better than Savage Remix. Calm down.

  7. Daniel Lappin says:

    Beyoncé: *breathes*
    Love these reactions SO MUCH 💕💕💕

  8. Jourdon Patron says:



  9. cportlips says:

    (I really wish Nicki name was not brought up ..this clip is all over Twitter and looks hella messy) Beyonce reached out to Nicki for Flawless – invited her to Paris on tour THEN excepted the invitation to Feeling Myself where Beyonce arranged them to rent a house and party together for Coachella and shot a video. Also making a 3rd song but could not release it because the sample did not clear. They are business partners in Tidal and friends almost a decade. Let’s PLEASE not make this about who got more from Beyonce. Can we just be thankful for the two collaborations coming from these 4 creative talented black woman. PLEASE

  10. Ja'Brea Bennett says:

    Beyonce literally makes history EVERY TIME she does ANYTHING

  11. Mikayla Hunter says:

    HE CLEARLY SAID “Feeling myself was iconic! This feels different because they’re both from Houston” it’s his opinion. He brought it up bc it was another iconic collab with Beyoncé. 🙄 Anyways, I loved this Zach you’re totally right about this being uplifting! 💕✨

    • Trim Two says:

      Girl he tried to downplay flawless, plus he ignored feeling myself …. imagine how tired we are

    • The Illmatic Asthmatic says:

      Thank you! Like damn. It always has to be some fucking drama.

    • london on the track says:

      Mikayla Hunter GIRLLLLL not the point. Why tf he had to shade nicki. stop acting dumb.

    • Mikayla Hunter says:

      london on the track I love the hypocrisy! Imagine being on a comment talking about uplifting and you calling me dumb bc I have a view other than yours! 😂 it’s still HIS OPINION! If you ain’t want it WHY DID YOU WATCH?!

    • Flameable says:

      Jahquell Waller THANK YOU! Everybody in the comments arguing like hell rn… like damn I get Zach should watch what he says sometimes and how he says some stuff but still PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO SPEAK THEY OPINION.

  12. King Zoza says:

    Love u Zach But BEY asked Nicki to be on Flawless Nicki didn’t ask or beg for it, meg got this coz of her relationship with ROC NATION. No shade to Meg either. But leave NICKI ALONE

  13. Sean Browne says:

    once he hears Doja x nicki he’s gonna flip his SHIT

  14. Wala Naghmouchi says:

    zack you brought Nicki’s name down just to uplift someone else and then you said i’m not comparing !!!

  15. Jamar Mitchell says:

    “When we come together, we shake the world” Bissshhh where is the lie?😘😘

  16. Miss Nokweh says:

    She did give more on this song as opposed to “Feeling Myself” I personally think because Nicki didn’t need alot of Bey on the song (already established and has bars for days) unlike Meghan is still upcoming and her presence is not as strong as Nicki. ❤️ But the track is good 👏👏👏but Feeling Myself is and will always be ICONIC.

    • April D says:

      Miss Nokweh Miss Nokweh you do know this a remix ? The original already out and doing well before this so it’s ok that she wasn’t over this song .

    • Shayne McCatty says:

      i think the difference is, feeling myself was a nicki song that she asked bey to be on. savage remix is a beyonce led roc nation production (a well deserved one for megan)

      also times are different from 5-6 years ago and beyonce has gotten alot more artiscally expressive post self titled era

    • TwentySomething’s By Diamond B. says:

      Shayne McCatty um.,…. she asked bey to be in after bey asked her to do the flawless remix. Two performances in Paris, one Coachella in comic video that’s still exclusive to this day but had the most hype around… lazy comparison

  17. Tod Dore says:

    We’ve heard the Stallion and the Bee. Now let’s get ready for the Cat and the Barbie

  18. Zizzy Antonie says:

    Black women are so powerful. It’s beautiful

    Can’t wait for Doja Cat and Nicki to drop. Yessssss tis the season of Queens!

  19. swish godd says:

    you lost me at “Nicki didn’t get this kind of love” … she had a whole NEW song that no one heard with B mutiple performance with B and they were almost everywhere together. Don’t do Nicki like that .

    • Shayne McCatty says:

      nicki got two songs a remix and a new song both on albums. nicki had multiple moments with beyonce. this is a charity remix single (there is nothing wrong with this) but he shouldn’t have tried to downside nicki’s TWO collabs to make his point.

  20. Ayberk Özdemir says:

    Why are you always comparing people? Like damn, give it up. Both flawless, Feeling Myself and Savage is three iconic songs. What are you talking about “you ain’t got this type of love” ??? She took Nicki out to Paris to perform, she gave Nicki a diamond chain where “flawless” were written, BEYONCÉ asked Nicki to be on the flawless remix. If this doesn’t show Beyonce’s admiration for Nicki’s talent I don’t know what will. STOP COMPARING TALENTED PEOPLE TO CREATE FIGHTS AND JEALOUSY

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