Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé Win Best Rap Song | 2021 GRAMMY Awards Show Acceptance Speech

Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé Win Best Rap Song | 2021 GRAMMY Awards Show Acceptance Speech

Watch Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé’s speech for Best Rap Song for Savage at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards. 
2021 GRAMMY Awards Show: Complete Winners & Nominees List

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72 Responses

  1. Rhaenyra I Targaryen says:

    Miss Bey out here lookin like a billion dollars. 😭😭😭

  2. A C says:

    Megan’s speech: “Thank you Beyoncé, and I would also like to thank Queen Bey, I’m only here because of Beyoncé and did I mention that I love Beyonce?!?” 😭❤️

    • Chocolate UrFav says:


    • cece_ 60925 says:

      @Chocolate UrFav she literally did.. she said and i quote “the first person i wanna thank is God because without him none of us would be here”, she congratulated all the nominees too… THEN she thanked Beyonce and talked about how she was and is her role model??? y’all really some hating ass mfs in these comments. yikes. all it took was watching the video…

    • Michelle Ohakwe says:

      @Chocolate UrFav if you watched she thanked God first

    • Chocolate UrFav says:

      I cringed, I heard it.

    • Michelle Ohakwe says:

      @Chocolate UrFav so stop being one those haters online, spread positivity damn

  3. GeorgeDelaveris says:

    “Beyonce has made history with 28 Grammys”
    Beyonce: 😀

  4. Homer Southerland says:

    That dude just pulled a Kanye / Taylor swift moment back out…

  5. Esther Joy says:

    Megan was like ” wait what is happening?” ” where am I?” ” me?”

  6. drew6846 says:

    I love how Beyonce was like, girl, this your moment.

  7. Sydney Kong says:


  8. Angelic TroubleMaker says:


  9. TY QWERTY says:

    The ending was just so awkward … he thought he was doing something 😹😹

  10. Igor Henrique says:

    Beyoncé was like “chillle lemme come back to my seat this is Megan’s moment”

  11. William Liggons says:

    They should have waited to announce the Beyoncé achievement ! They could have simply did it coming back from commercial right before getting into a next award or part of the show. Very bad timing.

  12. K M says:

    I kinda wish Megan should’ve been nominated alone with this song.

    • Andrea Antoinette Jones says:

      @Chris C I feel what you saying as far as Grammy worthy but she would have won some awards like the whole style that she had on Savage nobody had that flow at the time male female no nothing so it was really catchy and it really stayed on the charts for a long time they stayed playing it on the radio they still playing it on the radio so I definitely do believe that she deserved the nomination

    • Chris C says:

      @ALiVe megan been pulling more than roddy and lil baby? The same lil baby who’s album went 4x platinum????? The same roddy who had a #1 on billboard for 38 weeks straight? Record is 8x platinum????? Meanwhile megan’s album can’t even go platinum? Sitting at gold? Are you kidding me rn? You’ve just proven how invalid your argument is

    • Terrell TM says:

      @Chris C you know black women can’t hate on other black. Megan won period so instead of trying to discredit her lift her up. But u rite this isn’t a “black women” thing it’s a “your a hater” thing.

    • Nisha Frinchell says:

      @ALiVe nahh Megan knew what she was doing by submitting the one with Beyoncé

    • Andrea Antoinette Jones says:

      @Chris C if you talk about my girl Doja cat I have to agree with you that Doja is extremely talented but I have to disagree as far as feeling like she should have took the award / Megan my thing is like this with Doja she’s a very hot female rapper but one thing about this industry is when they put their eyes on somebody that’s who they are going to push and they put their eyes on Megan long before people started to really really realize what Doja really had to bring to the table so that means she was kind of forced to stay in the back and let them push Megan as hard as they were pushing her and the tracks that they give you the song the people they give you to work with is all carefully orchestrated to where they can kind of make your Vibe however they want it to be honest Pimp C said before he died he said you need to make sure you come out the way that you want people to Remember You Megan came out big ol freak so now when people look for music for her they’re going to have that big ole freak mentality in mind when they are doing music for her when they’re writing songs for her when they’re shopping for Beats when they’re doing choreography when they’re shopping record deals to get her new gigs and you got to admit that big ole freak entertainment is more entertaining to people then sweet little cute Doja cat that can flow yes you can flow is she cute she look good but it’s all entertainment and she don’t have that big ole freak crew yeah she got a body she got good dancers but the aura around her performances is not the same Aura around cardi B and Megan the stallion people want to have a good time so it’s not that you can’t be another artist and have a different type of aura about yourself and still be successful and be nominated but you cannot expect to be the People’s Choice with cardi and Megan are the ones that are actually entertaining people the way that they want to be entertained people also aren’t ready for a black and white girl to be at the top yet we still are evolving racially as a population and what the masses will accept has a lot to do with who is nominated because you have to understand Megan is a black female hip-hop originated with black people so it’s going to be easier for a black female that’s rapping to be accepted by the masses over a black female with a white mother or a white father being accepted as one of the best female artist Soul Megan because she is brown skin she she looks like symbolism for black women in general to be able to relate to so she’s going to be nominated all across the board but then you got this cute little light skin female who’s half white and half black and she can Flo her delivery is different they not going to be as quick to accept her because that’s still new and fresh to the industry you see her say yeah we done had people of all different ethnicities all throughout rap history but in this generation we have had a little Kim’s the Foxy Brown the Nicki Minaj and now you have the Megan the stallion and it’s like all the other girls who are mixed-race are going to have it just a little bit harder to be accepted in hip-hop and they coming in trying to change the game but Megan is coming in sort of embracing the game for what it is and just playing the part that she needs to play is really just a numbers game it’s going to be about who bringing in the most money you got to think about it if people be like all Doja Car performing over at Club such-and-such and such a Megan the stallion is performing a club such and such people have that idea who performance that I want to go to a lot of people probably be like oh the s*** I want to check out Doja too but if they concert happening at the same exact time old people got to make a decision on Who concert is going to go to everybody finna try to be up in the building with Megan the stallion it is going to be crickets it Dojo concert because Megan got all that booty and p**** on the stage sorry it is what it is

  13. hailey says:

    megan is like: “is this really happening?” loll i love her sm 😩

  14. Girl Just Gaming says:

    Idk why, but this made me feel awkward to watch. You can tell Megan was nervous about all the attention and with Bey next to here lol

    • A P says:

      I thought her speech was quite authentic, no? I love her laugh

    • oo oo says:

      @A P Agreed, the fact that she was nervous made it authentic. I really hate this expectation that people should be “cool, clam and collected” 24/7 and when somebody fails to meet that social expectation it’s dubbed “cringe”.

    • A P says:

      @oo oo Oh as a Finn we are all socially awkward 😄 I’m used to it and embrace it

    • marachi h says:

      well obviously she’s nervous shes right next so somebody she admires and I think anybody would be a little nervous at an award show

    • A P says:

      @marachi h but didn’t she already work together with her, and get to know her?

  15. mint choco says:

    Megan won the grammys: 🙂
    Megan noticed she’s accepting with Beyonce: 😍💀😆😂🤣😘🥰

  16. Marsha Blakely says:

    Jay Z looking like, uh man, don’t make this about my wife like Kanye did w/ the tied Grammys stuff. This Megan night. And Beyonce was looking like the same

  17. Cam’Ron Bailey says:

    I know Beyounce was in her head like “why you tell them that I don’t give a fuck Twitter will handle it”.

  18. Erick reyes says:

    host: Beyonce is the most awarded grammy recipient male or female ever

    Beyonce face: BITCH WHUT?…

  19. Tory Quiett says:

    You can tell bee and jay really didn’t wanna be there, especially Jay…he literally looked pissed.

  20. SoldierforChrist says:

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16

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