Megan Thee Stallion – Cobra [Official Video]

Megan Thee Stallion – Cobra [Official Video]

The official video for Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cobra” – OUT NOW!

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19 Responses

  1. Hollis The Maverick says:

    U can tell she REALLY was ready to evolve as an artist and a person by choosing this as a single. The production value the musicality—-all of this was next level. Definitely not the content I was expecting and I love that about it. Truly showing like a Cobra she can shed and become anew in whatever way she decides. You delivered Meg.

    • Domo says:

      Exactly!!!!!!!!!! Bc ppl always say all she talks about is her body. Sex etc and they haven’t listened to any of her projects. This is a bold move I’m proud of her


      ​@angelicaterry3367 In what way does she sound the same? The production is different, the cadence pattern is different, her speed and add-lips are the same but these are her signature aspects.

    • The Cancelled Owl says:

      Song great symbolism…..okay Eve

    • From My Perspective; says:

      Yes!!! She fn ATTE! New flows! New bars! Speaking on REAL FN SHIT!!!! Meg FN ATE!!🥵🥵 this single is everything

  2. Precious Monday says:

    Can we just appreciate Megan for putting in so much effort in her music videos…the visuals, the choreography,the beats and the lyrics everything is on point

  3. Mash Art says:

    And that’s how you make a comeback 🔥 The beat is fresh, the lyrics hit hard, the visuals are top-tier.. and of course Megan’s rap is really on another level. I’m proud and excited for you!

  4. Steeze365Daily says:

    This song, the lyrics, the visuals all gave me chills. We’ve been waiting for you to tell your story through your art, and you delivered beyond expectations. You’ve been through so much, and still continues to shine. The fact that it seemed like you had everything, but had nothing at all b/c the people around you were the most toxic. I’ve never wanted a celebrity to win as much as I want you to. This was beautiful & you deserve the world Meg ❤️💐

  5. Precious Monday says:

    The visuals, the lyrics,the choreography,the beats,the story telling is amazing<3
    Despite no label backing SHE DID THAT!!!

  6. Precious Monday says:

    She never fails…

  7. MK W says:

    This was much needed. That guitar break?!? The choreo!! The lyricism and authenticity. Great job Meg, seriously. Losing both parents, living the young fast life and enduring something so horrific that garner so much press and opinions IS hard for anyone. Glad she made it out.

    • Krystle Estrada says:

      they say I’m crazy I know it😂

    • Summer says:

      I’m having the same thoughts. Not only a good beat, but the heavy guitar riffs are nice. You feel it in her lyrics what she’s battling mentally.

      “Yes, I’m very depressed. How can somebody so blessed wanna slit their wrist?”….
      “Damn I’ve got problems. Never thought a b*ch like me would ever hit rock bottom.”….
      “Why is you speaking on me at my lowest? When you acted like you didn’t notice.”
      “He say I’m crazy, don’t I know it, ah!”

  8. Aalyah Y. says:

    We’re so proud of you girl!! The visuals and sound is everything, THEE mf stallion is back and here to stay.

  9. philanesia Wiley says:

    This was Deep!! She did an amazing job putting her emotions on display and the music and choreography shows her growth as an entertainer. Let’s go Houston Hottie 🤟🏽🚀

  10. Tia The MUA says:

    This was exactly what we needed, Meg has evolved as an artist. Speaking on her recent challenges in life , her ability to shed light, shed tears, shed her skin and embrace her own inner struggles says a lot about her. Depression is real , anxiety is real, I’m proud of her resilience! LETS GO BABY BACK OUTSIDE, Back IN MOTION ! 💯🥳🐍❤️🐎

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