Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

The official lyric video for Megan Thee Stallion’s “Girls in the Hood” – Out Now!
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69 Responses

  1. Bille says:

    Female rap is thriving! Megan, Nicki, Doja and City Girls! PERIOD

    • Shylee _14 says:

      Kenia Mejia But is Cardi black tho😗 last I checked she mixed but not with black it’s okay to be a fan of her but don’t be over here tryna talk bad on a BLACK WOMAN success who been running shit since the last decade plus‼️💯 Nicki not just a female rapper she’s a whole artist drop the beef cause you can’t compare the two if they are no where near the same.

    • Shylee _14 says:

      And Saweetie‼️💯🔥

    • Päriš Pierre says:

      Cardi is trash now her songs are getting old

    • Yourbrother_ Blkbear says:

      Doja is here to stay, y’all can stay mad🤣🤣🤣

    • full house cast says:

      Luh Trin >wont claim doja > dont forget cardi

  2. rousfox says:

    This really is Meghan’s year. Deserved.

  3. 女の赤ちゃん says:

    that naruto reference made me squeal at the ceiling

  4. Ranona UwU says:

    dear straight tiktok, 
    please don’t make a “dance” with this song
    Sincerly, everyone

  5. Starr Williams says:

    “””I DON’T TEXT QUICK, CAUSE I AIN’T THIRSTY””” 😩😂 lol #facts

  6. Teamari says:

    I’m late but that Nature reference was on point holy shit

  7. Sojoya Marshall says:

    She’s hot and she watches anime plus she’s smart as hell and she got mad skills I just can’t help but love her

  8. tyler Hopes tiktok glowups says:

    1:08 Imagine if this popped up on the movie you were watching 😂

  9. Hadja Kondeh says:

    I can’t even listen to this without saying “yuh get into it bish”

  10. Guradian Gamer says:

    😂She done shoutout all the weebs with that Sasuke bar.

  11. stacy kinyingi says:

    this whole song can be used as ig captions.

  12. Yumitears says:

    “Lookin for a Sasuke” meanwhile I was trying to be with Itachi 🤣

  13. Aramina Lynn says:

    This is the summer vibe we needed but didn’t deserve 😭

  14. Ava Cubit says:


  15. Heaven Small says:

    When she said “i dont text quick cause I ain’t thirsty ” I ain’t feel that 🤦‍♀️😥😂

  16. Asia Hurst says:

    I don’t think we was ready for this blessing named Megan Thee Stallion

  17. Jason Derolo says:

    “Yes, I got a man if I don’t like who’s asking” Loved that part lol

  18. 2k subs with one video Challenge says:

    This is your “I discovered this song before TikTok ruins it” Certificate.

  19. Presto* says:

    No one at all:
    Me randomly: AHHHH 👅

  20. Joe Boca says:

    “Ima Make him eat me out while I’m watchin ANIME” Here before a million.

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