Meghan Markle Engaged To Prince Harry | The View

Meghan Markle Engaged To Prince Harry | The View

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67 Responses

  1. Selomino Maria says:

    lol Why Meghan look jealous smh

    • You Tried It! says:

      because she is being overshadowed. she got married last week but no-one cares.

    • Hanna Honda says:

      Selomino Maria she just hates everyone, but that’s my opinion

    • m mar says:

      PLAIN AND SIMPLE…ITS JUST AN UGLY MISMATCH…NO ONE WANT THIS!!! except for maybe BLACKS!!!…which is no surprise coz they want to get in with the whites so bad its not even a shame…really!!! they don’t care what it costs them!!!
      Whopee could barely hold herself back from one step of a HUGE GRIN!!!
      Wish she could be this calm when it comes to TRUMP or other racist issues!!!

    • Leelo Haskin says:

      m mar and what is this marriage going to cost blacks?

  2. Ashlee Richardson says:

    It’s nice to see things slowly starting to change over there in the royal headquarters! More intermixing in the future? I hope so! #loveislove

  3. UK youtube says:

    move over mccain, its all about MEGHAN MARKLE TODAY!

  4. Life Conscious Me says:

    Why isn’t the view talking about slavery in Libya?????

  5. Megan Woodard says:

    McCain’s dismissal of Diana is SO disrespectful, really?

    • Unapologetically Sassy says:

      I love Princess Diana she was the People’s Princess!!!

    • Jenelle Morgan says:

      Are you American? Must be, this attitude of it doesn’t happen in America or to a American it doesn’t exist or count. For those of us in Europe & those who are part of the Commonwealth, there has already been a “big deal” wedding,that of Prince William & Princess Catherine,the births of their children was also a “big deal”.

    • Megan Woodard says:

      I am an American, but I also respect Diana’s memory and I admire Will and Harry very much and am very happy they have that loving and caring side of them that made Diana the wonderful woman she was <3.

    • N'NAMDI A says:

      Jenelle Morgan
      Americans think that the world evolved around them and that their version of reality is the only one that matters. Not all…. But most. An American can identified simply by the way they carry themselves. Especially when they are in other people’s countries…. Which makes them an easy target. Obviously not all of them…. But a pretty large number of them are like that.

    • Simone Umba says:

      Yeah, so rude to Diana

  6. bngltinkerbell says:

    Congrats! So happy for them! Love Megan in the Suits.

  7. Michael A says:

    She’s not the first American Royal – Grace Kelly lol

  8. LilianO says:

    Yes we can.

  9. Olivia Lively says:

    So happy for Megan!!!! (Markle that is) I don’t like what that other Megan said about not caring about The Royal family, I love William and Harry so I do care, mostly because of what they went through with their mother. Also, they both are making sure they pick who they love to marry, which says a lot about them as human beings, I’m actually proud of them. I think Megan Markel is the best thing for Harry, I’m sorry I think he’d get bored with a cookie cutter blond aristocratic like the ones he used to date, just my opinion

  10. Kristi McCall Conley says:

    Megan McCain couldn’t pretend to be interested for politeness sake?!
    Geez, so rude!
    Please, get rid of her, she has no manners!

  11. Giselle Guerrero says:


    • MsAquablue says:

      Giselle Guerrero Right along with the ugly jealous step sister..who hates her.

    • Florrie * says:

      Giselle, indeed.

      I believe that over a third of the worlds population (2 billion people plus) tuned in and watched William and Kate get married.

      It’s not a ‘little’ thing, and people from all walks of life, all races, all creeds and all religions are interested. When Harry gets married that number might go up, especially because his wife to be is biracial, which is a first for the British Royal Family.

      Meghan McCain comes across as being jealous.

  12. Kitty Jauregui-Hansen says:

    I’m a black Brit and usually I don’t really care about the Royal Family. I don’t hate them, but I don’t care. This time yeah, I’m pretty happy to see that a black / biracial girl is going to be in the family. It represents some kind of progress, as well as: love.

    • Hara M says:

      Kitty- Lmao, yeah I do like his causes and him as a person; he does seem to interact well with others; I liked when he went to Jamaica a few years ago and he met Usain Bolt and I heard last week Will is friends with Stormzy!lmao! I don’t know how true that is but I do like the work harry and Will have done. Ino good point, though I do think Charles will make a great King one day, though many wouldn’t agree!

    • Hara M says:

      Tia J- I get what you are saying, but in England there’s no way she would be considered black when Meghan quite clearly is mixed race, so we don’t have the confusion here. So if there was someone like Rachel Dolezal, a white woman pretending to be black, over in the UK, people would have seen right through her nonsense and wouldn’t have entertained her. That’s the problem America has with the one drop rule.

    • Kitty Jauregui-Hansen says:

      +Hara M good or bad king, Charles wouldn’t last very long. Sorry to be morbid lol. Elizabeth II has stayed around so long that she hasn’t left him much time. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Will is friends with Stormzy because Stormzy has a very diverse audience. Still, it would be funny to watch Will dancing to Big For Your Boots 😂

    • John Host says:

      Kitty Jauregui-Hansen I’m from the north, Durham.

    • John Host says:

      Hara M No actually they’re not. As for race, Henry’s mother Princess Diana actually had a black boyfriend but the wrong kinda black for you, he was Indian.

  13. Millsy Kooksy says:

    Shout out to biracial gals everywhere!!!!!

  14. Millsy Kooksy says:

    Meghan McCain is bitchy

  15. yinka ogunti says:

    Someone is jealous… hehe..Meghan Mcain, no one asked you to marry a mere commoner. Hahahahah. Joke

  16. Janette Eden says:

    Meghan just doesn’t have any manners!

    • MsAquablue says:

      Janette Eden So you know this how??Meghan is a millionaire who dont know if you exist your silly words means nothing to her. She is still loved.

  17. KempireRadio says:

    I am sorry Meghan … we are the same age and Diana was pretty huge during my lifetime. Ignorance is clearly on display today.

    • Lloyd Christmas says:

      Who is Diana? Ross?

    • Niki91 says:

      Lloyd Christmas Really??? Diana the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.

    • Phillygrl says:

      KempireRadio always with her. I don’t know why the view keeps her.

    • RoyalMasterpiece says:

      Right. Princess Catherine is the best for Prince William and they have beautiful children!

    • Pickle Rick says:

      I’m younger than her and I loved Diana as a little girl and my husband and I stayed up all night to watch William and Kate get married. I’m kind of surprised by her reaction to be honest. “I’m American so I don’t have to care about this…” So? I’m American and I love this stuff! Kind of a gross response. And she threw in it’s the only interesting thing in thirty years? I just think that’s a really dumb thing to say.

  18. TheAmeliaCharlotte says:

    Rude Megan!!! Just cus you are American doesn’t mean you should be ignorant towards other countries!!!

  19. Ema Star says:

    Meghan McCain stop hating girl ..

  20. Thembysyleh Phillip says:

    I honestly can’t stand that woman I swear.

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