Meghan Markle Says Kate Middleton Made Her Cry Before Wedding

Meghan Markle Says Kate Middleton Made Her Cry Before Wedding

Meghan Markle is setting the record straight. The former “Suits” star spoke with Oprah Winfrey during a bombshell tell-all on CBS, where she addressed a past rumor that she made Kate Middleton cry prior to her wedding to Prince Harry. She said the situation was actually the opposite, and that it was actually Kate who made her cry and that her sister-in-law ended up apologizing.

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113 Responses

  1. Jessica Fasina says:

    Kate should of made a statement when Meghan was getting accused..can imagine how many of these other headline were actually ‘reversed’

    • dani says:

      @Antoinette this is a good example of why megan had only 1 family member attend her wedding lol. In her delusional mind she thinks people are jealous of her and she’s another Diana. That made me laugh in the interview

    • Raine macdonald says:

      Exactly! Bravo!

    • Marina M says:

      Kate made a suggestion about the flower girls wearing tights under their dress. Megan got very offended by the suggestion. Kate bought her flowers to apologise. It’s petty.

    • Antoinette says:

      @dani this is a political stunt 3 black left liberal wo(men) teaming up against a 94y old white conservative lady who has more class in her pinky than they have in their whole body!! Harry, Megan are telling you from day one what to do you no man never mind a prince!! Begin to have serious doubts if Prince Charles is your biological father??

    • Mary Mathis says:

      @Antoinette i don’t believe anything the racist daily mall says, if you see the videos you will see how well liked she was, how she well she was recieved, the british monarchy needs to disband.

  2. armlock bass says:

    royal reality show

    • Rosa Bär says:

      It’s really just the Harry and Meghan reality show. Nothing royal there

    • Ertre Ella says:

      hahahahaha. yes.

    • Joy House says:

      What did she think 🤔was going to happen 🤔 ? Racism is every where awake up 💥 The truth is the Queen Elizabeth not Racist the world is a cold place. People will say thing’s about her kid’s but they will have learn people are still outdated. Racism is pain for her but she still run off . She should of face the problem head on 😒 feminist will run

  3. CC Teo says:

    The Crown – Season 6

    • Dominique Ray says:

      😂 right

    • Travelwithchris says:

      exactly! ahaha I hope all of you have an amazing year!

    • KnowWhat says:

      @Jay Other immediate members of the royal family have been mentioned, but if you watched the season with Princess Diana, they left out a lot of stuff. When asked, producers said the focus of the show is on the Queen and they wouldn’t give other extended members of the royal family too much attention. In my opinion, I don’t think producers will go into much detail about Megan

    • Sean Jones says:

      @Genie Smith I’d be talking to the tabloids too if those royal cave dwellers had asked how dark my child’s skin would be.

  4. Alejandra Alonso says:

    I hope they don’t kill her

    • angela carbajal says:

      @MrPickledede Diana survived the car wreck and instead of helping the paid employees of the palace took pictures and let her bleed to death! Demonic and satanic. Look at the grounds the tunnel was built over and research what ties it had to the name Diana … anyone can look into the royal family and see how shady they are

    • Belinda Asante says:

      @Maggie Larson TRUTH

    • ST says:

      The french paps killed Diana anyways

    • will robinson says:

      @Roberta Basheer That wasn’t a nice thing to think out loud, never wish bad things on anyway especially a baby. I will pray for these people and the health of their baby.

    • angela carbajal says:

      @ST French paps ? Paid and hired ? Easily paid and hired by the Firm! I believe Diana in her own words ! She knew her husband planned her car accident! I stand with Princess Diana , Queen of Hearts !

  5. Yemima Hutapea says:

    Remember guys she said Kate apologized and brought her flowers.. so all good now

    • Kess A says:

      @Elle big whoop

    • Diana Vivaldi says:

      @Uti Suparmini Kate didn’t respect her when the media said the oppositive, Why Kate didn’t make a statement about the story when she clearly knew the media was dragging Meghan with a fake story?

    • H says:

      @Richie Rich I mean when somebody flips a situation and sends that story to the press and makes Kate a victim even though Meghan was the one that really cried…. somebody sent that story to the press and it doesnt seem unlikely it came from somebody in the RF… when allegations about William cheating on her appeared, no major outlet spoke about it except US media, and more “stories” about Meg leaked, almost to distract from that story…

    • Raine macdonald says:

      No, it is not “all good now” Kate was dishonest and she let Meghan be blamed!

    • grah55 says:

      @Treacle Treacle Ah yes, anyone who is ever offended is a narcissist. I see you just crawled out of that slime pool over there, do you need a towel?

  6. glenngouldification says:

    Bring back the Tudors !

  7. April’s ASMR says:

    Currently reading the comments of the US and British go at each other and I’m sitting here like…… 👁👄👁

  8. YLeilaF.A says:

    I find it so laughable how polarizing the comments are on people who they only superficially know.

    • Ross L says:

      @YouTube Comment Well no, someone has a reputation for a reason, and you make an informed opinion on that person based on that reputation, which is something you learn as a child. You ask where’s the proof? Well then where is the proof that Kate made her cry? Apart from Meghan’s claim, and by the way we have numerous reports of Meghan making people cry in the past. Projection is a powerful thing….

    • Sean Jones says:

      White woman hate that this black woman married someone who they think only white women should be allowed to marry. #facts

    • YouTube Comment says:

      @Ross L that is my point. There was no proof that Meghan made Kate cry but she still got dragged in the media for for it. When Megan says that it was actually Kate that made her cry, now all of the sudden it’s a lie. You do everything you can to dance around the fact that the media is trying to drag her through your mud regardless of what she does. She has a bad reputation because the media has been against her from the beginning even even though they had no proof that she actually did something wrong.

    • Ross L says:

      @YouTube Comment Define media? If you mean the tabloid press then yes I agree with you as they also effectively killed his mother and when the Daily Mail says it’s sources are “a palace insider”, there is no such person. But you can’t just say the British media are out on a search and destroy mission when her own family members have given interviews on what a terrible person she is. There must be some credence.

    • Ross L says:

      @Sean Jones pish

  9. Brair Rabbit says:

    At least she took our minds off of covid for a couple of hours.

  10. Dammit Jim says:

    Crying happens a lot leading up to a wedding within family members in my experience. That’s life.

    • Wise Amphibian says:

      That’s true. Dragging the whole affair back up years later in front of literally hundreds of millions of people, though? Long after the other person already apologised? That’s inexcusable.

    • Aditya Patnaik says:

      no one likes the royals anyway………..they are thieves

    • POO CRAYON says:

      *female members

    • Johny Johny says:

      Not if you are bullied for years about making someone cry when it’s the reverse. And that someone not setting the record straight, when they are busy setting the record straight on other things like bottom etc.

    • Raine macdonald says:

      Yes, that is life. But when someone is crucified over it by the media and the one who caused it stays silent, that is dishonest (Kate).

  11. Sra van says:

    i was so dumb to expect a “royal like” reason for the cry but what can be more dumber the given reason #flowergirldress

    • Lilly Patrick says:

      @Fis F. read your comment, maybe you were high when you wrote it. She did not even complain about Kate, she was asked about a “scandal” that was placed on her since 2018 by the media and the palace that knew the the truth but did not dare to clarify(They can clarify issues real quick whenever it has to do with Camilla and the rest) The same issue has been recently used to claim she is a bully because she made Kate cry. She is not even angry with Kate concerning the issue because they resolved it among themselves. But you are saying “everyone is always upsetting her?

    • No Nino says:

      @Fis F. That was in the headlines for 2 years! There’s an invention called a search engine, even though Google’s lacking.

    • H says:

      @Fis F. I’m sure just yesterday you were probably angry that Meg upset Kate over the same thing… except now we know the opposite was true you change your tune, lmaooo. Your comment makes no sense

    • Dona Indriyana says:


    • Valérie Baptista says:

      What makes it worse is that it was MEGHAN and HARRY’S wedding. How did Kate get all involved in that in the first place? Very much the serpentine person she is, she had no problem with Meghan taking the blows but when something else came up affecting her
      ‘ character’ , she got lawyered up REAL QUICK!

  12. CatACor says:

    I’m waiting for the interview with William 😹 let the dirty laundry fly

    • Golden Rose says:

      @Pls dont look at me Stop this behaviour according to Meghan who has been caught lying multiple times. And lets be real Meghan is the whitest black women i have ever seen, to the point i know white women who are darker than her. Not to mention the whole racist card is kinda waisted considering Harry even dressed up as a nazi for fun

      And how about the fact that he still whines about not getting money or security that got payed by taxpayers? He gave up his rights for those when he also gave up his duties.

    • Naz says:

      @Rach G nothing classier than living off tax payers money and not knowing a hard days work if it hit them in the face

    • Sean Jones says:

      William would never. Then he’d have to own up to wondering how dark Archie’s skin color would be. 😹

    • Sean Jones says:

      @elyrexo William and Kate are the Jared and Ivanka of England.

    • Velaair R says:

      @POO CRAYON the reason Meghan is speaking out is because of how badly the media portrays her and the royal family doesn’t do shit to set the record straight so she has to make it clear why she left and obviously y’all stupid enough to blindly follow the Queen who is know to be rude and the fact that her grandson speaks out show how much they mistreated them

  13. aries 44 says:

    Its not meghan bringing it up. Its the fact that the media made it seem like meghan was a monster making kate cry. Now that the opp is said to have happened ppl are rolling their eyes. Pick a side ppl.

  14. Chantal Lennox says:

    Sister in laws arguing over wedding details? Well that just makes the royal family sound like any ordinary family 🤣

    • J G says:

      @Richie Rich make excuses for someone you dont know

    • Francette JB says:

      @Richie Rich And she let the press release the lie she was bullied by Meghan. She is very mean. All the world see it at church when she, William and Sophie snubbed Meghan and Harry. No class at all.

    • Rosa Bär says:

      @FirstGear83 It was about her own daughter’s clothing/stockings, so yes! Kate has a saying in that. If you don’t know better, stay quiet.

    • Diligent .Phacts says:

      Mayb bcoz they’re? Idk y u man r glorifying the royal family expecting them to be perfect no ones life is perfect

    • Raine macdonald says:

      It’s not that it happened – things like that happen all the time – the thing is, the media made Megan out to be hateful, the royals did not refute it. Very dishonest of them and especially Kate!

  15. Sikwitit Ball Pythons says:

    This sounds like middle school

    • Bring on 2021 says:

      @NightOwl 10203 exactly. It was a show paid for by tax payers. If they didn’t want the royal life they could have decided that before they spent a sh*t load of tax payers money. People are literally relying on food banks and they had a show wedding using public money, what a joke.

      And if they want security of course they should have to pay for it themselves- being a royal is a job and they decided not to do the job. Why should they get security? Also she seems pretty angry they didn’t want to give her son a title, likes to blame it on ‘racism’ even though her kid is white.

      Again, she wants to have her cake and eat it.

    • HereDianna says:

      @NightOwl 10203 Oh please!!! How were they forced. After the wedding they were able to leave with their baby. They could have gotten married in Las Vegas in 2 min if they truely wanted to. The only one who was “forced” is William because he is going to be the King so he has to deal with things as long as he chooses to become the King. Plenty of Royal have chosen to leave their position even in the past including future kings, that’s how Queen Elizabeth became Queen. Prince Charles decided to marry a divorce for love so…. And Harry is very far from the throne so he does not even have the same pressure . The list is long after prince William. Some people in this world are truely forced to do things. That’s not the case for them.

    • ChanSquare says:

      @Bring on 2021 Playing victim mode is just low. You don’t bad mouth your family in front of the whole world, not even mention you married to a prince. What kind of person would do that? What does that say about you as a human being? I feel sorry for the Queen.

    • ChanSquare says:

      Like middle school?! No. I think you mean kindergarten.

    • Petr Slivinski says:

      @Bring on 2021
      Meghan doesn’t get anything! What her half sister has said about her is all coming true: she’s a family wrecker. She’s dangerous!!! Harry is on her puppet strings. He’s as much to blame. After all he has said “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets”! How absorb! He’s just as stupid and isn’t thinking clearly! He’s being brainwashed by the “Hollyweird” set: Clooney, Oprah, Perry, etc …

  16. Kasia Luna says:

    Woah the comments here are just as divided as the U.S Election. 😅

    • Valérie Baptista says:

      @Michael Norton seems your brain is all the up trump’s uhmm, so you don’t count as a viable ANYTHING! To you they maybe clowns but since you’re a sewer dweller, they’re still ceiling high above you.

    • A says:

      Didn’t the race baiting media win that argument too?

    • Travelwithchris says:

      ahahahhh facts

    • the bermudaaa says:

      @Michael Norton LMAOO

    • A says:

      @Valérie Baptista Ah, socialist women and their feelings based posts, so refreshing and informative. I bet you’re such a fun person to be around. Can I join your echo chamber? I promise to learn all the correct ideology. 🤣🤣🤣 calm down dear, it’s only a post!

  17. shahzebahmed1990 says:

    So they’re just like us. Family drama over stupid shit

  18. MrJohnyApplez says:

    £35 million wedding. Hurt feelings. Tax payer scratches head.

  19. Coli says:

    by the words of Peter Griffin: “Who the hell cares?!”

  20. Carissa Carissa says:

    She sounds like she’s trying to get a sweet spoken revenge on them all

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